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  1. Yep, just got the email. Last year I bought three controllers (to bring my total to 5), and I'm very tempted to buy a couple more. My arches this year were great, and would love to add at least ONE more color to each of them - which would require 24 more channels! But then I also want to do mini trees this year, and if I do a set of 6 (two under each arch) I'd still need 2 controllers at a minimum because I'd do 3 colors per tree, for a total of 18 channels. Man, I need to win the lottery. Although if I won the lottery I'd probably start from scratch and invest in pixels. *lol*
  2. I have three arches. Each length of PVC pipe is about 9 feet long, with 6 inches at each end that are bare and get staked into the ground with rebar. Each individual arch has 8 channels on it, each section approximately one foot in length along the PVC. Each one-foot section is a single individual string of 100 white lights, tightly wrapped around the PVC pipe. I bought the arches from another member a couple years ago and just used them for the first time this year with great success. My husband said they were his favorite part of our display this year. Unfortunately, I don't have any video of my arches at work. I never got around to filming my yard this year.
  3. I think that is AMAZING!! Truly fantastic and so much fun.
  4. Yes, we make our own cords. This year alone I made 1500 feet of new cords. It's really easy and so much cheaper than buying from your local big box. This is the first year we were not super diligent about waterproofing. Despite tons of rain, we did not have any breakers trip during the season, unlike years past. Well we did have one breaker trip, but it was on a spotlight timer that sits outside our house 24/7/365 and that we've had for at least 5-6 years. Completely unrelated to the show itself. That's not to say that waterproofing shouldn't be done - I think it can be important. But this year we just never got around to it and our show was fine (and our area had the 8th rainiest December on record this year).
  5. We were going to wait and shut down our show on January 1, but the weather guys are calling for 10 days of rain with the only break being this Saturday. So we're going to break everything down on Saturday. It's just a few days early, but it's still sad that it has to come to an end. We had a good year - no vandalism to our display (a change of pace for us - I guess the kids in our neighborhood are finally growing up), and even with the copious amounts of rain we got, we had almost no issues with lights going out. On the repair side, I have one window wreath that needs new lights put on it once it comes down. But that's it - we had NO major issues to contend with this year! My boss came by the house over the weekend and really enjoyed walking around the yard seeing how everything was put together and the massive number of extension cords running into the garage. *lol* All in all it was a successful season and I'm looking forward to beginning work on 2019. We're going to make some mini-trees this year (I already have the lights and tomato cages), and I also hope to add at least two singing faces for 2019.
  6. A couple seasons ago I bought three 8-channel arches from a fellow LOR forum member. Was only able to add them to the show this year and I got a LOT of compliments on them, and my husband said they are his new favorite thing in the light show. Right now they are only white - my plan is to add red and green so that each arch is 24 channels, allowing even more wow factor next year.
  7. Thanks for the tips and advice everyone. In the end, I found a 12V 1 amp cord last night and plugged it in - sure enough, when the timer shut off last night at 11:30, the Mini box turned off as well and the lights outside stopped running. My external timer is what runs my show - I don't build the show on the SD Card to have time on and time off. MiniDirectors don't offer that functionality.
  8. Mine are all stacked (not mounted) in the garage - we have a billion cords that go under our garage door, but we spread them out so we don't have a significant gap of any kind. I'm telling you, you bigwig guys that do major displays would be HORRIFIED by how unorganized my stuff is. *lol* And I only have 72-80 channels!
  9. Weird that the Gen3 wouldn't have shipped with one of those automatically. I'm sure I have a 12V wall plug somewhere in my "cord drawer" at home. I'll have to take a look. I have ONE plug in my timer that is not being used. If I can find one I'll see if this solves the problem. Thanks, Speedster!
  10. I cannot figure out the solution to my problem that I'm having. Equipment: Five 16 channel controllers FM transmitter Gen3 Mini Show Director Setup: Gen3 mini is connected into FM transmitter for audio. Gen3 mini is NOT plugged in at all. The only cords/plugs being used are the audio going from mini into FM transmitter, and R485 from Unit A into the port on the back of the mini. The controllers are daisy chained via R485 from Unit A through Unit E. How the program runs: I use an external TIMER to turn on and turn off my show. It's only a six plug timer, so I have Units A and B plugged in there as well as the FM Transmitter, which somehow also powers up the Gen3 mini. Units C through E are plugged directly into wall outlets at all times. The issue: When my timer clicks the show off at 11:30 p.m. at night, the FM transmitter, the Gen3 Mini, and units A and B are turned off completely. However, I've noticed that the program still continues running on Units C through E which are still plugged in. But I don't see how that is possible when the Gen3 mini is theoretically OFF because it gets its power from the FM Transmitter which is plugged directly into the timer, which has clicked the show OFF. The result is that every night at 11:30 p.m. I have to go into my garage and unplug Units C through E in order to get the show to stop running outside. My question: How is it possible that the Gen3 mini is CONSTANTLY running when there is no visible power source for the unit - the 12V port is NOT being used and literally the only things in the box are the cat 5 cable and the small cord that clicks into the "audio" port on the FM transmitter? And how is it possible that once Units A and B are turned off, that the daisy chain between those units and Units C through E continue to run the show? Solution? I know the solution is to get a second timer to plug in those three units, and set it to go on and off at the same time as the other timer, thus shutting down EVERYTHING at once. I understand that Cat5 cable probably still has "juice" running even when the power on the controller is turned off, therefore the program is able to go to the other controllers, which are still on since they are plugged in directly to the wall versus a timer. so yes, I'll be getting another timer. But I'm still confused as to how the Gen3 mini is still operable when that is MOST DEFINITELY not being powered.
  11. Sadly, I do not have a 7 bedroom house with a finished basement. I don't even have a basement - we're on a slab. We keep all our stuff in our storage shed, which is huge so we've got plenty of space. But every year we battle with which cords to use where, although I do have my light show cords LABELED at least, which helps. It's all the other cords that are a mess. *lol*
  12. My last post was incorrect. As I said in another thread, I miscalculated. I THOUGHT I bought 1000', but it turns out I only bought 500 feet. But even that was not enough - I purchased another 2000 feet to make additional cords needed for this year's display. So the FINAL answer will be: 2500 feet.
  13. I was just telling my husband over the weekend that I need to attend a lighting convention so I can pick the brain of how some of you guys have your stuff set up and stored each year. If only to figure out a way to make our set up more clean and our storage more organized. When does registration open for the 2019 shindig in Daytona?
  14. We do it all over T'giving weekend. This year we lost a day because of rain, so we did it in three days. Probably about 16-18 hours of total work time. But that's only a partial display. If we had set out ALL of our lighted animals, it probably would have taken closer to 20-21 hours. Not bad, all things considered.
  15. I wish I saw this post before I ordered some wire on Monday!!!
  16. To be fair and forgiving to myself - I wasn't originally going to include the arches this year. But even excluding I was short 500 feet for the spiral tree (I'd have been fine if I had originally bought the 1000 ft of line like I thought I did in August). Either way, order has been placed here on LOR and I HOPE HOPE HOPE it arrives by Thursday. If yes, I'll make the cords on Thursday night and plug everything in Friday morning on my day off.
  17. So back in the summer sale I thought I bought 1000 ft of SPT-1 to make extension cords. Turns out, I only bought 500 ft. But that's not the worst of it. My husband and I realized last night that we need an additional 2,000 FEET OF SPT-1! How on EARTH could I miscalculate so badly? Even if I had gotten the 1000 ft in August, I'd still need another 1500 feet of line. Fortunately, we were able to go live with our show despite being short - but instead of dancing arches they are all connected into one set of non-blinking arches. And my spiral tree is running 16 channels right now, not 24. So the display still looks FINE, but it's not at 100%. So aggravated with myself.
  18. I thought I read here on the forums somewhere earlier this week that HolidaySequences.com was going to have a sale on sequences this weekend? I put a reminder on my calendar to go buy a sequence I've been looking for, but when I load up the page there's no notice of a sale going on at all. Anyone know when their sale actually starts? Or did I get my info completely wrong?
  19. I bought 1000 ft to make cords this year, and I'm hoping that's enough. I've added 16 channels to my spiral tree and will be making cords for those tomorrow.
  20. We have a double shed in which we store our stuff. I keep the controllers in the garage, but everything else goes in the shed. All the cords and "chewable" things go in totes with lids and we've not had any issues.
  21. This is what I ended up doing. I saved a copy of my entire 2018 folder and called it "2018 sequences - 8 channel arches" and then went back into the original folder and worked through the songs, removing the 6 channels and then reprogrammed the arches stuff in all of the songs. Fortunately, it did not take that long - a few hours.
  22. So this morning my husband and I pulled out everything we're using in the display this year. One new feature is a set of 3 arches that I bought off another LOR person here at this forum, which I bought a couple years ago. Back in the spring my husband and I pulled out a pole to see how many channels it has, and we counted 8. So I programmed my entire show assuming each pole has 8 channels. Pulled out the stuff this morning only to discover that NO, the poles all have 6 channels each. I'm now having to scramble and redo all of my arches programming for my entire program. However, I'm wondering if there is a way to simply HIDE a couple channels from each pole in the sequencer rather than delete the channels, in case I ever re-wrap the poles and decide to go with 8 channels (which will JUST FIT on these poles that I have). I'd like to keep the current programming intact should that day come. However, I don't see an option to "hide" the 7th and 8th channel in the sequencer program so that they remain in the sequence, but just are not visible on the screen. Is that not something that is available?
  23. My husband and I wrap a super old boombox from the 1990s in a black plastic bag that we hide behind our shrubs, and have it set to the station we use for our transmitter. When the show timer clicks on, the stereo is just loud enough that someone on the sidewalk can hear the music, but not so loud that my neighbors can hear it from inside their homes. We've done that since we started having a musical show, and it works well for us.
  24. I might enjoy that too. jaynee @ yahoo dot com
  25. I know it's a long shot - the only person that posted about this song posted in 2015. But does ANYONE have a sequence for this song? My kids desperately want it in this year's program and I'm not sure I'd have time to sequence anything original - would love to know if someone has a sequence I can cherrypick from to put into a sequence for my house. I currently have 80 channels although I'm only using 72 this year (need more props!). I should add this is NOT for singing faces - I do not have singing faces in my show (someday!). This is just a regular sequence I'm looking for, but that maybe has a couple props that light up based on the vocals.
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