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  1. Jaynee

    Techno Christmas sequences

    I might enjoy that too. jaynee @ yahoo dot com
  2. I know it's a long shot - the only person that posted about this song posted in 2015. But does ANYONE have a sequence for this song? My kids desperately want it in this year's program and I'm not sure I'd have time to sequence anything original - would love to know if someone has a sequence I can cherrypick from to put into a sequence for my house. I currently have 80 channels although I'm only using 72 this year (need more props!). I should add this is NOT for singing faces - I do not have singing faces in my show (someday!). This is just a regular sequence I'm looking for, but that maybe has a couple props that light up based on the vocals.
  3. Jaynee

    Outdoor Speakers

    We have an old 1980s boombox that we tune to our station and have plugged into the same timer that turns on the decorations and LOR boxes. We have the boombox wrapped in a giant trashbag so that the music can still be heard but rain can't get in. We put the boombox behind our huge hedgerow in front of our house, where it stays the 5-6 weeks we run the Christmas show. Never had an issue with water getting in the bag because of the way we have it wrapped.
  4. Jaynee

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    Thanksgiving day for the outside, with hopes to be done that Sunday. Then we have a week to set up the inside in preparation for our big first-of-season Christmas party that we host every year.
  5. Jaynee

    My 2018 song list

    So excited! Programming is BACK ON. I know I'll be able to get a controller in the summer sale! I recently did a freelance job and submitted my invoice - they sent me TWICE the amount I quoted with a note saying thank you for all my work and that they felt I should be paid more!!! That additional $$ will cover most of the cost of the controller!!!
  6. Jaynee

    My 2018 song list

    If you do, then when I finally have enough controllers to do faces (which is a goal), then I'll want to borrow/buy them from you!!
  7. Jaynee

    My 2018 song list

    Ugh...programming sort of came to a halt last night. I thought my three new (to me) arches were six channels each - but they are actually 8 channels each - and I don't have the six extra channels I need! He told me to program as though they were four channels each, but I'm loathe to have to reprogram them AGAIN once I have the full 24 channels I need next year. So I've told my husband I want to see what the pricing is on the summer sale and possibly pick up another controller, even though we can't really afford one since I bought two in the spring sale already. But I don't want to program anythine since I won't know until late August whether I'm programming 4 channels each or 8 channels each. ARG!!!
  8. Jaynee

    SHow Music

    I just realized I never answered the original question! My must haves are: Do You Hear What I Hear by Spiraling the "Take it Russ" sequence from the movie Christmas Vacation
  9. Jaynee

    My 2018 song list

    I know! Since I got home from work tonight I've been updating my visualizer with all the new props I'll be using this year, as well as moving some controller assignments around so everything is grouped more effectively. Now comes the hard part: programming.
  10. Jaynee

    My 2018 song list

    I think I've finally figured out my 2018 song list for this year's show. I deliberately picked a lot of short songs so that the entire show clocks in at about an hour, but has a lot of songs. But MAN do I have a lot of work to do because I haven't even STARTED yet and it's almost August!!! Fortunately, I've only got 64 channels compared to some of you folks, and half of these only need UPDATES to add in the two new controllers (the rest of the song programming will likely remain the same). I think it's a nice mix of singing, instrumental and a few comedy bits. Stuff for kids (Frozen, Polar Express, Alvin & Chipmunks) and adults alike: Pixar Intro UPDATE 0:00:30 CLIP Santa I Just Want You - Haley Reinhart BRAND NEW 0:01:20 VOCAL Christmas Treat - guys from Saturday Night Live UPDATE 0:02:15 VOCAL/COMEDY I Miss You, Christmas - Train BRAND NEW 0:02:13 VOCAL Jingle Bells - Michael W. Smith UPDATE 0:02:17 VOCAL Run Run Rudolph - Kelly Clarkson BRAND NEW 0:02:28 VOCAL A Mad Russian's Christmas - TSO UPDATE 0:04:42 INSTRUMENTAL 12 Days of Xmas - Bob & Doug Mackenzie BRAND NEW 0:04:45 VOCAL/COMEDY Bring on the Snow - Melanie Fontana BRAND NEW 0:02:01 VOCAL Hot Chocolate - The Polar Express UPDATE 0:02:31 VOCAL Jing Jing a Ling - The Andrews Sisters BRAND NEW 0:02:55 VOCAL Greensleeves - Mannheim Steamroller & Elyse Davis BRAND NEW 0:04:04 VOCAL Christmas Don't Be Late - Alvin & The Chipmunks UPDATE 0:03:01 VOCAL/COMEDY Take It Russ - "Christmas Vacation" clip UPDATE? 0:00:30 CLIP/COMEDY Merry Christmas to You - Sidewalk Prophets BRAND NEW 0:03:02 VOCAL Merry Xmas Everyone - Ladyhawke BRAND NEW 0:03:02 VOCAL Wizards in Winter - TSO UPDATE 0:03:05 INSTRUMENTAL Christmastime Again - MercyMe BRAND NEW 0:03:12 VOCAL Do You Hear What I Hear - Spiraling UPDATE 0:03:15 VOCAL Christmastime - The Evans Family BRAND NEW 0:03:20 VOCAL "Frozen Medley" UPDATE 0:03:45 VOCAL Man with the Bag - Kellie Pickler UPDATE 0:02:32 VOCAL Boughs of Holly - TSO UPDATE 0:04:25 INSTRUMENTAL TOTAL SHOWTIME 1:05:10
  11. Jaynee

    SHow Music

    I usually have about an hour's worth of programming that repeats several times each night. I've only done programming two years - in my second year I tweaked half the first year's songs and the other half were new. This year I'll tweak half the old songs (because I'm adding more elements) and will attempt to add 5-6 new songs. I'm currently listening to Christmas music in the hopes of finding those 5-6 new songs.
  12. Jaynee

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    I got them from Home Depot online last week - they are incans, not LEDs. The listing said they were six-packs on sale for $3.75, but all the reviews said they only received one string. But the price was reasonable, so I ordered 10 blue, 10 green, 10 red and 2 warm white. Cost about $130. I ended up receiving 10 six-packs each of blue, green and red, and 12 strings of warm white! And it wasn't 204 light strings - it was 192. I accidentally counted 24 white strings in my head, but it was only 12.
  13. Jaynee

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Next year if I'm able to pick up 2 more controllers I plan on making a couple singing faces to put on my garage. And now that I accidentally purchased 204 strings of lights (instead of the 32 I thought I was buying), I have plenty of lights to make them!
  14. Jaynee

    No motivation yet - help!

    UPDATE on my lights order... On Saturday UPS rings my doorbell and asks me to open my garage door. He then proceeds to bring 30 boxes into my garage. I was flabbergasted and confused. When I placed my order, all the reviews and questions commented that despite the listing saying the item was a 6-pack of lights, it was actually a single strand. Armed with that info, I ordered 10 blue, 10 green, 10 red and 2 white (to have on hand in case my spiral tree needed some strings replaced this year). More than enough to upgrade my 8-string spiral tree to have four colors and have some strings left over as necessary. I paid ~$128. But what was delivered was 10 six-packs of blue, 10 six-packs of green, 10 six-packs of red and 24 strings of white. So instead of 32 strings, I got 204 strings of lights for $128!! So now I have more than enough to not only upgrade my spiral tree, but also create a couple more elements if I have the time. Of course, I don't have enough channels to use them all, but at least I have enough lights to last me for quite a while!
  15. Jaynee

    No motivation yet - help!

    I don't string mine together - the ones I bought yesterday will be used on the spiral tree and each string has it's own channel. In fact, nothing in my display is strung together - I'm fortunate with my set up that each channel has ONE thing plugged in - one set of net flights, or one string of lights, or one star, etc. And as I said in my other post just now, our bill only goes up $40-50 in December, so it's not a big deal.