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  1. Jaynee

    No motivation yet - help!

    This is what I do. I have downloaded over 100 sequences from free sites and on offer from LOR users here, and use them strictly to get ideas on HOW to sequence something. Even when I had only 16 channels, I downloaded 128 channel sequences if only to see the options that were out there that could be adapted to what I was doing. When I moved to 32 channels, I did the same, and will do that this time with the additional 32 channels I bought this year. My song list doesn't change, but what I do with the song does. =)
  2. Jaynee

    No motivation yet - help!

    Well, at least I'm not alone! A friend of mine last night posted on FB, "Only 229 days 'til Christmas!" Which means only ~200 days to program... I think tonight has to be the night to get started. I have nothing on my calendar after work other than convincing my daughter to mow the lawn.
  3. It's almost June and I have yet to log into LOR to begin sequencing for this year. Each night I get from work home and think, "I NEED TO START!" and then I do everything BUT go into my home office and begin looking through things. And this year I need to get cracking because I'm programming for two new controllers in my display!!! Inspire me - tell me what new songs you are doing, what new equipment you are adding this year, or what you are building...
  4. Jaynee

    100 percent LOR

    I'm new to the game so I only have 4 CTB16PCs (two of which I bought in the recent spring sale). I have three arches I bought from a fellow LOR person in 2017 that I will finally program for and use this year.
  5. Jaynee

    2018 Spring Sale

    I use Yahoo mail and I get the emails, but I've also added LOR to my whitelist in my settings to make sure I don't miss them.
  6. Jaynee

    Assistance with Design

    And the other side of the house, in the same area, there are no lights (far left edge from the missing garage line in the picture above)
  7. Jaynee

    2018 Spring Sale

    Will do. Thanks!
  8. Jaynee

    2018 Spring Sale

    Hmmm...do I need to submit a ticket? I ordered a CMB 16 - just one. and then after it went through I thought, "Well, let me see if I can get another one before they sell out (despite not really having the $$ for one)." And that order went through. So I have two orders. I got emails saying they were shipped (separately) and then the notice came that the shipping was cancelled for both. I assume LOR caught that they were for one person and decided to combine them, even though I never got a follow-up email with another shipping confirmation number. I'm so excited that I'll have 64 channels this year!
  9. I used the white plastic lattice - I knew they would last longer in the winter weather than wood. I think I bought 4 sheets - but I honestly don't remember. You can see them in my display here starting at 1:57:
  10. It was all freehand. I bought several 6'x8' lattice panels at the local big box, had a friend cut them - each tree has three sides. I did two different heights - 2 at 5' and 2 at 7' (I think). Once cut I laid them out flat on the ground and used white duct tape to connect three of them together and to tape the plastic sheeting on the inside. No hinges, although I'm sure you could do that if you wanted. My duct tape has survived two years and shows no sign of wear/tear. The star toppers just rest inside the top and the plug/cord that dangles down holds them in place with no problem. To stake them, we do two things - we used long metal stakes in the ground through each side at the bottom, but then we also run fishing line from the top and tied to the metal stake. Only in a really bad wind have we had one fall down. When the season is over, we take off the duct tape on the "back" side (which is not duct taped the whole way) and then straighten them out to put them in storage.
  11. They were very easy to make - I did all four in one day. the inside is lined with thick plastic sheeting used for covering floors. I almost got something thicker, but the 5 mil (or is it 7 mil?) plastic sheeting was suitable for my needs. I used white duct tape to connect the three pieces to make the tree - completely invisible on the white lattice. I left one side partially untaped at the bottom so I could access the RGB when needed. The great thing is these store completely flat once the season is over.
  12. I made trees using lattice last year and use dumb RGB floods in those:
  13. Jaynee

    House Shopping

    My next house will be a ranch home if only so I can reach the roof and put part of my display up there. And it will be on a cul-de-sac. Our next door neighbors just listed their house - had over a dozen showings yesterday. My friends were joking with me on FB, saying, "But do they know about CHRISTMAS?" They weren't sure if my decorations would be seen as a perk or a detriment. *lol*
  14. Jaynee

    2018 Spring Sale

    Hoping I get a tax refund this year so that I can pick up at least one controller.