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  1. 2018 Spring Sale

    Hoping I get a tax refund this year so that I can pick up at least one controller.
  2. How do you keep it fresh?

    We keep it fresh by adding a few new elements every year, whether it's new lighted animals (next year we'll have 8-10 new ones to display since we bought some last year and this year but DIDN'T put out our lighted animals this year) or a new element in the light show (our second year we added stars on the house in the programming as well as (I think) 3-4 new songs but this year we did a minimal display with all new songs). I'm hoping now that my husband and I are both in shiny new jobs that I'll be able to afford to purchase a couple more controllers so that I can make my spiral tree have more than just white lights, and so that I can put out the arches I bought from a fellow LOR forum member last year. 2020 is my goal year for finally having all the components purchased to have singing trees on our garage.
  3. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Like others, I have a mix of both, and don't feel vocals detract in any way.
  4. Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    I don't attribute it to our display, but this year I've noticed an uptick in people in my 'hood putting up lights this year. But we had a lot of turnover in the neighborhood - lots of new folks have moved in. It's mostly those houses that are decorating, which is a nice change of pace. My next door neighbors used to never decorate the outside, but over the past 2-3 years have brought out very modest decorations - some garland around their front door, twinkle lights on a couple bushes. This year the wife admitted to me that her husband got on the roof to try and put lights around their garage roofline a few weeks ago, and failed. Apparently when he got down he swore he'd never try again. I told her to tell him not to give up - he can ask for our help next year if he wants to try again. What's awesome is that some of the new neighbors have told me they like our display and dancing lights a lot - and yet they have NO IDEA what they'll experience next year when we do the full thing instead of the 30% we have going this year. My teen daughter's friends have declared our house to be "boring" this year and have demanded we go full force AND MORE next year to make up for it.
  5. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Went to the show last night. WOW is all I can say. That stage was incredible, and the light show out of this world. Our seats were really great. The screen mapping was the most fantastic thing I've ever seen (my church does screen mapping, so I'm familiar with it on a small scale). The tech guys for TSO are obviously REALLY REALLY talented. So glad I got tickets! Well worth it!
  6. Middle schoolers, amirite?

    We added to our security after the very first incident. We now have SUPER BRIGHT motion lights that cover the entire yard and sidewalk, and security cameras shooting at multiple angles We also have a sign alerting folks that we have camera surveillance in place. This year we've already received reports of inflatables being slashed elsewhere in town. Hoping that doesn't happen to us as well. If it does, then I think we'll be done, or move to a non-HOA area where we can set up a very high chain link fence with barbed wire along the top as part of our Christmas decor. *lol*
  7. *sigh* I wish I had money to burn so that I could do pixels. Brichi - this display is FANTASTIC!
  8. So as I've said in other threads, we were going to be dark this year but we ended up putting up a minimal version of our display - 3/4ths of the musical light show and 10 inflatables. Nothing else. We did it for a few reasons, just ONE of which is the fact that teenagers have vandalized our display several years in a row and it gets old very quickly to have to recover/fix broken things or search for missing things that were discarded elsewhere in the neighborhood. The main reason is that it is a lot of work to set up our display and we just didn't feel like doing the backbreaking work this year after doing it several years straight. I posted a note on our neighborhood page alerting parents of young children (for whom we decorate) that we were taking a break this year, in part because of vandalism, but that we'd be back next year with an even bigger and better display. My son was riding the bus home from school the next day and overheard a girl sneer, "That house didn't put up their stuff this year because they are afraid of us." Yeah, sure. We're afraid of immature teenagers who think it's fun to destroy/steal someone else's property. Okay. Next year, let's see who's afraid when we submit our security camera footage to the police and press charges once they determine who trespassed and damaged our property. It certainly won't be ME. I hate middle schoolers (although not mine). *lol* Anyway, I just had to vent a bit. I'm done now. I've been able to reprogram 9 clips/songs since we decided to do a partial display, and hope to do at least one more song tonight. It's not my best work, but it's something. Our show goes live tomorrow night.
  9. Outdoor speakers

    We just use an old boombox from my husband's bachelor days. We set it to the radio station we use, and have it plugged into our timer that starts the whole light show. We put it in a black plastic bag to keep it dry and put it behind some holly bush shrubs. Has worked fine the past two years and if someone steals it, who cares? That thing is over 20 years old!
  10. Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    I keep mine in the garage and just run very, very long extension cords under the garage door to the various components. It helps that my entire property is only 1/4 an acre.
  11. Candy canes? Anything different?

    How do you keep people from driving away as you approach their car? I bought 200 candy canes last year to give away on Christmas Eve, and yet EVERYTIME I began walking up to a car with my bowl in hand, they'd drive away. I was left with 198 candy canes at the end of the night... (I ate the other 2).
  12. Simple show builder not copying sequences to SD card

    As dibblejr implied, I've also had issues using SSB with certain SD cards. In the end, I usually use HU and only high quality SD cards to create and load my shows.
  13. Christmas 16 channel sequences

    The best place to post sequence requests is here: http://forums.lightorama.com/forum/19-sequence-sharing/
  14. Being original.

    I do! I will add the caveat that I have downloaded a lot of free sequences if only to get ideas on *how* to format and program visuals I like. But the actual finished sequences are still all mine. If I do manage to get a show up this year, it'll be 100% original and only 3-4 songs because we're not using all of our stuff - we're going minimal, and I only just decided to set something up!
  15. I have mostly incans and my light keeper pro has been invaluable - saved many a string for me over the years!