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  1. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    We don't have a walkthrough display, but we do have a lot of walkers that pass our display, so we've set up a small stereo (a very, very old boombox from the 1990s) outside so that people can very softly hear the music as long as no cars are driving by (but it's not so loud that our neighbors can hear it from inside their houses (we've tested that)). We have the FM transmitter in the garage, and the boombox set to that station. We put the stereo in a black heavy duty trash bag so that it doesn't get wet if it rains, and we hide it behind our big holly bush (which makes it painful to "install" it every year!). The stereo is plugged directly in to our timer that turns on the whole LOR system, so when the show is over for the night, the radio gets turned off automatically as well. Has worked like a charm the past two years doing it.
  2. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    You got it!
  3. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Woo hoo!!! Are you around this weekend? I can come by 12:30 p.m. or so on Saturday.
  4. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    If you have 8 sets, I'll take them.
  5. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Nope - too short for the tree. PM me and remind me of the pricing on all your M6s - it's possible I can talk my husband into letting me get them for the mini trees I was hoping to make at some point in the future.
  6. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Did I ever ask you the length of your green and red light strings? My spiral tree uses 20' long strings of white - so I'd need the same length in the green and red (8 strings total of each color). M6 would be the preferable size. C6 would be too big.
  7. What to do with bullet pixels

    Oh my word - that is AMAZING!!! Oh that I made a huge salary and had all the time in the world to make things like this...simply fantastic!
  8. Google Drive vs Dropbox

    We use Google drive. My husband and I each have our own free 15 GB (mine's full) with our individual email accounts, but we also pay $10 a month for 1TB of storage under a shared family email account we set up. Well worth it as we have a LOT stored on there and haven't even cracked the surface of availability there. We also use their two-factor authentication, which is a nice safety measure.
  9. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    I'll PM you my number.
  10. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Do you have pictures of them by any chance, so I can show my husband before I say yes? Also, may be interested in the three wireframe stars if you have pictures/prices of those as well.
  11. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Which area of NC are you - near Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville or Wilmington? May be interested in the four belagio poles and/or the 3 arches, depending on pricing and where in NC you are located (I'm outside Charlotte).

    Thanks. I've also seen videos where people spray painted their tomato cages with a rubberized paint - wonder if that would be a good option as well?

    So, going back to the mini tree discussion. I had hoped to one day make mini trees - I have about 10 tomato cages in my shed for that very purpose (just never got around to making them yet). What if I were to wrap the tomato cage wire in fabric to keep them from being in direct contact with the lights? Would that avoid potential GFCI trips?
  14. Davis Family Christmas 2017 Preview

    The youtube link did not work for me - I get a 500 Server Error.
  15. Definitely dark in 2017

    Nope. I haven't opened up my LOR programming since we initially made the decision to sell the house, nor since we decided NOT to sell the house. I've not looked at buying anything this year, which in and of itself is a big change from previous years even before I got involved with doing a light show. We are most definitely not doing a show this year.