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  1. I have 4 CBT16 controllers hooked up to my mini director. I had no problem getting the props to work in S4 but with the conversion to S5 the lights are not coming on. Not sure what I may have done wrong. I figure it is something simple but has me puzzled. I also plan to add 2 pixie 16s and one pixie 8 but don't want to until I get this figured out. Lights work great on my visualizer in the S5 program. As a side note when I load to the SD Card the Building your sd card stops at writing to sd card before it completes the load but the box saying sd card was successful created but the building sd card stays hung up on writing sequence file to SD card. However even if I run from my laptop the lights still fail to go on Thanks
  2. will play around with it thanks and I do have S4. using standard CBT16 controller
  3. I have built my first 16 channel spiral tree using LED lights and a dedicated controller. Is it possible to make the channels for that controller faster than the others to allow the spiral tree to go at a faster rate /
  4. now the pixie 8 works (4th in the chain) but the 3rd controller going on and off. Will be checking the jacks tomorrow as it appears....not sure yet...that if I hold the cat 5 cable at a certain angle it all works. Need more testing before I am sure.
  5. Okay I shortened the length of the cable and that helps. Thinking now it might be the jacks as on the 3rd as with the pixie plugged in and is working, the 3rd will work then stop for a bit then go back to working. Will play with it more tomorrow
  6. JR Tried and does not help. When I do the reset the lights respond just the way it says. Checked all the port and they match up. If I take the pixie 8 and put it as the 3rd controller in the chain the pixie 8 works just fine and runs perfectly. But now the previous controller 3 no longer works. For some reason, regardless of how I set it up, controllers 1 to 3 will work fine but the 4th controller does not get a strong enough signal. It is almost like the signal does not have enough strength to go to all 4 controllers.
  7. If I make the 4th unit the 3rd unit it works just fine but now the previous 3rd unit that was working but is now the 4th won't work.
  8. I have switched jacks around, have bought new cat5e cables and no matter what set up I create the 4th controller regardless of the unit won't receive the signal at a strength to operate the lights. If I change current unit 4 to unit 1 and unit 1 to 4 it does not matter. What ever unit is number 4 it won't run the lights. Even using the exact setup from last year that worked it isn't this year.
  9. My current set up is 3 CTPC 16 channel controllers (units 1 through 3) and one pixie 8. My last year set up which worked fine was Showtime director to unit 1 to unit 2 to unit 3 to pixie 8. Set it up this year and pixie 8 was not receiving signal. Replaced the CAT 5 cables with no change. As a test I rearranged cables and went director to pixie 8 to unit 1, unit 2 and unit 3, Pixie 8 now worked, but unit 3 did light blinking was apparently not receiving a strong enough signal. No matter how I set up my cables one controller not receiving signal. Thanks
  10. my pixie 8 was working great last year but having problems this year. It is the 4th controller in my chain. Currently the red light is blinking rapidly
  11. Please disregard as working with the help desk we discovered it was the controller.
  12. Further clarification. Appears the problem is software as the HU states does not recognize port 4. Check in the computer states port 4 is active and ok.......Correction, I have connected to another computer and the network. Still get a blinking red light. Was working just great then it just started Thanks Joe
  13. Further clarification. Appears the problem is software as the HU states does not recognize port 4. Check in the computer states port 4 is active and ok. Joe
  14. Unfortunately another question. The red light just started blinking red and hardware utility no longer recognizing. I have checked all connections and my software is v4.3.18 advanced. It was working just fine a little earlier.
  15. Alan Just wanted you to know have them all working. Thank you Thank you Thank you Joe
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