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  1. It would be extremely helpful if there were a 1 click way to return to the beginning of the sequence. That would be handy in both S5 and SS. Scott
  2. Likewise, this one is probably me... I still can't get my arches to play. They work in the preview, but apparently there is nothing on the card. The arches are CCPs -two strings per controller, one string per arch. The SS4 version with 2 arches works. I created the preview from scratch and created the SS sequence using the insert function. I have a group for the arches. However, I had to sequence the arches one at a time. SS didn't behave well trying to program the group. Maybe someone can see what I missed. Thanks Scott
  3. MP3 Showbuild error

    I went through the process of assigning the network and units to the preview, even though everything showed correctly. That seems to have taken care of the two controllers. The three CCP controllers power up, but don't respond to the show. Since one CCP controller worked last year when programmed by SS4 and SS. So, I'm left with the conclusion that there is something I missed when programming in SS5 and SS or I need to update the firmware for the Show Director. I'm inclined to think it's in the programming. What did I miss? Thanks Scott
  4. Did you find a solution? I have been unable to check/update the firmware on my mini director. Thanks
  5. MP3 Showbuild error

    I should have mentioned. I did check the channels. In the preview, all of the channels are LOR Regular Network and units 01 or 02..
  6. MP3 Showbuild error

    Good Morning, I'm hoping someone knows what I'm missing. When building the show and attempting to save it to the SD card, I receive the following error (Screen shot attached) "Warning: The sequence (2017 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.play.lms) has no Light-O-Rama controller events, or there were no events on the REGular LOR Network. If you are creating a card for a Generation 3 or later director, have atl least the ADVANCED version of the software, and are using one or more DMX universes, this is OK. Otherwise, you should open this file in the Sequence Editor and ensure you have correctly set up your channels." My Mini Show Director is NOT a gen3. I have 1 network with 2 CB16 controllers and 3 CCP controllers. Before switching to SS5, I had one CB16 controller and one CCP controller. With SS4 the system worked. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks Scott
  7. Prop Warnings - Sharing circuits

    Thanks Matt!
  8. Prop Warnings - Sharing circuits

    Is there an update or work around for this? Thanks
  9. That is the method I used last year in S4 to incorporate my CCP arches into the show. So far, I can not find a way to make it work. I tried copying from Superstar into the instance of superstar which opened the I used the S5 Command for inserting a sequence. That sort of worked. I could copy and paste from one instance of SS to another. However, it doesn’t Play correctly.