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  1. I am looking to see if anyone has the Capitol Kings-Carol of the Bells Dubstep Sequence to share. Thanks, Mike aumann1968@yahoo.com
  2. aumann1968

    Lightning Sequence

    James, If you are still sharing this I would like a copy. Thanks, aumann1968@yahoo.com Mike
  3. aumann1968

    Mad Grab Deliveriy

    Thanks for all of the responses! It showed up today and I am ready to start on this years show.
  4. aumann1968

    Mad Grab Deliveriy

  5. aumann1968

    Mad Grab Deliveriy

    How long does the standard delivery take for the Mad Grab sale items? I see some buyers have mentionedreceiving the orders but I don't even have a tracking number to see if products are being shipped yet. Anxious for the new controllers to arrive.
  6. aumann1968

    Christmas dubstep

    James, I would like a copy as well, if still sharing. Thanks Mike aumann1968@yahoo.com
  7. aumann1968

    Light 'em Up, Fall Out Boy

    If you are still sharing I would love a copy. Thank you! aumann1968@yahoo.com
  8. aumann1968

    First Of The Year Dubstep

    Still sharing? Would love a copy!! Thanks aumann1968@yahoo.com
  9. Anyone sharing any dub step, Christmas or other sequences? Would love to add one to my show. I am new to light o rama this year and currently running 32 channels. Thanks,