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  1. Please let us know how you got up and running. This will help someone else if they have the same problem as you had. Thanks Tom
  2. Tvweather62 the song is on the LOR TSO package. It is called "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) " . Lots of people have trouble finding it. Have fun with your display! Tom
  3. My daughter lives in Frisco TX. I might have to get the motor home ready for a road trip, to see her and bring back anything I might buy while I am there. Tom
  4. My green LOR cables are not CCA . But I did buy some cables for a very good price from the internet that ended up being CCA which the seller did not specify. They all failed during the show. I decided to make my own after that. The LOR cable I got from them I have not used. Yes they are a better company than that to sell us CCA cables.
  5. There is a lot of CCA cat 5 cable that is going around that I made the mistake of buying. It is Copper Coated Aluminum which does not hold up to our use, but they do sell the stuff rather cheap. I make my own cords also, which is cheaper and I can custom make the length I need. I make it a point to buy good quality cable so now no more failures unless the animals eat it. Tom
  6. Here is the new KIA commercial:
  7. I have got that error before when I went to the recent sequence section in the sequence editor to open a file. When that happens I just look for the file in the existing sequence section and open the sequence wherever I might have it stored. I then go back to the recent sequence section and remove the bad link from the list so it does not happen again. Tom
  8. Is this the guy you are talking about? http://www.kentucky.com/living/article50887870.html and here is his video: Tom
  9. This is the way I do mine, much easier to replace sections especially when the deer and elk come out. They sure love eating the lights off the top of the arches. Tom
  10. I use Dropbox to store and transfer my stuff back and forth. Tom
  11. I have been watching the forums for about 3 years now and have noticed a dramatic increase in people asking for sequences. I get messages all the time from people who want my sequences. I don't mind helping but it is really hard to spend 20 hrs on a sequence just to give it away. People don't even use Google when looking for sequences. I program all my own because I enjoy it. I have looked at other sequences when I first got involved in LOR just to see how to make different effects, but have never used any in my show. It is going to be interesting to see the new videos this year of the displays that people get sequences and not make them fit their channel config. I feel the same but some of these people have been asking for the same sequences for over 3 months now, could have taken some time and sequenced it themselves by now. Tom
  12. I don't know about their website but I did find a good deal on some EDM transmitters if you are interested. Look here: https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/garage-sale/products/edm-fm-transmitter-edm-tx-lcd-ep-new-lab-use-open-box
  13. You will need the music to play the sequence. Once you get the music you can open the sequence and click Edit then scroll to media file and find it in your computer. Tom
  14. There is a few here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=A06E47B36B96F0D6!106&cid=A06E47B36B96F0D6 Tom
  15. Depends on the artist you want, lots of people did this song. You can look here for sequences : http://www.highcountrylights.com/links/free-sequences.html. Also at the bottom of this page there is 2 versions: http://www.landolights.com/main/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,54/func,select/id,17/orderby,2/page,13/ Good luck with your search.
  16. Download the free software and learn as much as you can on how to sequence. This will give you plenty of time to make you own sequences to your liking and learn to create a show in the visualizer to determine how many controllers it will take to make what you want. I started my first year 2016 with 4 controllers which I found very quickly that was not enough. I am always wanting to build new props. Right now I have 8 and already planning to buy more for next years show. Be forewarned that this is a very addicting hobby and can get expensive very quickly. LOL. Do a lot of shopping around to find good deals. And remember you never have enough extension cords and SPT wire. Have fun with your adventure!
  17. LOR has a sale in April that has good prices on controllers but it is limited stock so first come first serve. They sell out quick so be prepared and make sure you sign up for email notices to get the sales info.
  18. Looks great. I just acquired a 33 ft mega tree tower last week that was used as a mega tree back in the 1980's. It is homemade from thick walled EMT tubing and 1/4" steel rods and plates for gussets. It is very light weight but very strong. I don't think I will have it up this year since I have not made the concrete base for it yet., nor do I have the lights and controllers either. Please post more pictures, I will be watching your progress., even some lesson's learned shots would be great. LOL. Tom
  19. That looks great! Posting daytime pics and the plans would be awesome!
  20. You can test them in the hardware utility or you can download a free filler sequence from LOR here. http://www1.lightorama.com/free-filler/
  21. I don't use any blowmolds in my display but I buy all my wire frame clips here: http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=386
  22. I am sorry but I don't know how they go together. I just remembered this video and thought it might help. Hopefully someone else has these and might know how they go together. You might try asking on Planet Christmas forum site, I saw where someone there had bought one. Good luck Tom
  23. You could contact them for better instructions. I found a video of Darryl putting together the rings on a pole but not sure if it will help you. The video does not start until about the 9 minute mark.
  24. Here is a few sequences if it helps: https://sites.google.com/site/listentoourlights/sequencing
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