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  1. There is a big get together in Mesquite this year. I am hoping to attend. Tom https://www.christmasexpo.com/
  2. In sequence editor under play tab is the control lights and control visualizer checked? Under edit tab, preferences, Visualizer preferences is that info listed in there match the com port setting info in the Visualizer? I had a similar issue which after checking the basic trouble shooting it turned out I had to reload drivers for my com port and it worked. Just some suggestions. Tom
  3. I like those shirts as well. I would really like the stein to use as a coffee cup when I spend my hours sequencing. I would buy one if it really was Dan that designed it. Tom
  4. The site said the designs were by Dan Baldwin, so maybe he sells them on the side. Tom
  5. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.cafepress.com/+,24939198?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=pla-google&utm_campaign=617280371-d-c&utm_content=26271329530-adid-88603650730&utm_term=pla-73027503250-pid-24939198&gclid=CjwKCAjwypjVBRANEiwAJAxlIpbid6LZRcr-TDz1FKQ3JDrVlBbIUE-tl2vnuikloL0EWOu47KCJcBoChcgQAvD_BwE Tom
  6. Glad to see they are renovating that theater. I worked in the shipyard for 23 years and walked by it a lot. Great job on the sign. Tom
  7. After going to the LOR YouTube page, all videos are listed there. LOR website does not show them all. If you can't find yours try their You Tube page. Here is their YouTube page : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbaZk3ISdLGoG7ZqjH5KGQ/videos Tom Here is my video:
  8. It is there joopers7. You have to type in the number under search to find it. Mine is 052 Smith, but it only comes up if you search for it also. Why would LOR list them like they did? No one would see it unless they knew your number. How strange. Tom http://www1.lightorama.com/christmas-videos/
  9. I built the 9 foot version that Jerry shows in his video. 1 1/2 turns, 70 ct, 17 ft long C6 strings. I glued the rings together but I used screws for the uprights so it can be taken apart for storage. I also used fish tank tubing on the screws that hold the lights. Nicer than black tape to protect lights. Tom Jerry's video:
  10. Last year it was April 7. Here is the link to sign up if you have not already done so:http://www1.lightorama.com/email-signup/ Tom
  11. This year I am moving things around. I will be adding about 5 new songs. I will be adding a second show to be played after Christmas with some old rock songs and some new. I am trying to get things together so I can put up a 36 ft spiral tree. I have the tower and star but not the controllers or lights yet. Still trying to work through some things like how to make the strands go around the tree and look even without the use of an aerial lift. Since I have a 2 1/2 acre front yard I try to add something new every year without going broke. Tom
  12. Great job! The song is called " I heard the bells on Christmas day" by Casting Crowns. I did this song also.
  13. My first year [2016] I used my Samsung J3 phone just holding it while the temperature outside was 17 degrees, not fun. 2017 I bought a drone and filmed it from sitting in my van with the heat on, much better. I can't get my whole display in one view either. Tom
  14. Well it depends on personal preference, I don't really like the look of pixels so my choice would be the CTB16PC. I did enter the contest there and on the LOR site as well. I am adding 4 more controllers this year so a free one would be nice. Tom
  15. Looks great. Nice mix of pixels and ac lights. Tom
  16. It depends on if the video was posted directly on here or if it was posted from another source [ Youtube, Vimeo]. Tom
  17. I have a very large front yard about 2 acres and lots of extension cords and spt-1 wire. I use 4 trash cans. 45 gallon size that stay in my shed. When they are full I can't move them. I try to only buy spt wire now to cut down on storage. Tom
  18. Here is the sale flyer from last April. http://store.lightorama.com/secretsale.html Tom
  19. There is one in April. Have your order ready because it sells out quick sometimes. Sign up to receive an email notice of when the sales are. Here: http://www1.lightorama.com/email-signup/ Tom
  20. Looks good. What drone are you using? I use a phantom 3. It works pretty good. All my 2017 videos were done with it. I guess practice makes perfect people say. Good work Tom
  21. I know exactly how you feel. This is just one of the reasons I got involved in Christmas lights and Lightorama. I had a very active lifestyle until my first heart attack, 6 years ago. Then I bounced back from that only to have an accident at work which left me permanently disabled. I have had 5 more heart attacks since my first and started collecting stents. I needed something to work my brain so Lightorama was my choice. I enjoy sequencing a lot. There is so much to the software that I want to learn. Building my display is physically challenging but I do it. It just takes me longer than most to put up. I am considering taking some of your classes but I am not sure which ones to start with. Thanks Tom
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