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  1. JR is right . You don't give us much info to help you. Here is the documentation on the Pixie 16: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Pixie_Man_Web.pdf Tom
  2. Not sure if it will help, but when I was using 3.12 the first year was fine then I started getting errors on everything plus I was getting the Chinese characters problems too. I upgraded to a newer version and my problems went away. Also I found that when I just hit restart on my computer it would not completely shutdown. I had to shutdown completely for things to update. Again, not sure if these things would help you. Tom
  3. It all depends on which Pentatonix song you are trying to upload. I have had YouTube flag "Mary Did you Know" but I have it on Vimeo. Vimeo has blocked some also. I have "Little Drummer Boy" on YouTube with no problem. Like I said just depends on the song. Tom
  4. TBS99

    new to LOR

    Ask here, there is lots of them http://forums.lightorama.com/forum/19-sequence-sharing/, Also there is some here : http://www.highcountrylights.com/links/free-sequences.html. Tom
  5. I start about a week before Halloween setting up for Christmas. I don't do Halloween because in the country we don't get trick-or-treaters. Being disabled it takes me a long time to set up everything by Dec 1. Tom
  6. TBS99

    spiral tree

    He did share it. It was under the picture he posted. Spiral_Tree_64Channel_4Color.lpf Tom
  7. I have a DJI P3 and as far as I know none of them will record sound. You just have to add the music later. These drones don't do well in cold weather. I have to keep the batteries warm in the car while recording or mine won't fly well. My drone has no issues with my any electrical interference. I used mine last year in 18 degree weather but I had to swap batteries and warm up the drone every 10 minutes. I noticed problems trying to run the full 25 minutes in that cold. Tom
  8. Put my info there when I joined this forum in 2015. Tom
  9. When I first started a couple of years ago I started with the advanced license. I knew my controllers would reproduce like rabbits so I did not want to be limited. As far as sequencing goes, I spend on average 15 to 18 hours per song. I feel the sequence should show some artistic ability. Unless you run a commercial display the CTB16PC residential controllers are all you need. I try to add a new element each year and at least 2 to 3 new songs. Keep your display enjoyable to you. If it becomes more like a job than a hobby then it is time to take a break one season and bring back the joy. Welcome to the insanity, addiction, or hobby. Tom
  10. I am permanently disabled, not just physically but mentally also according to my friends when it comes to Christmas lighting ?. When I first started a few years ago, I was doing the same. I would spend hours sequencing until I started to get burned out. I found that I do my sequencing every morning, all year long for about an 1 1/2 hours before everyone gets up. I don't get burned out and before I know it I get a lot done. Tom
  11. Don’t feel bad I was slow to start this year with changes. I am adding 3 more controllers. Also adding 4 new songs: Siberian Sleigh Ride - TSO Carol of Bells - Callann Lane Shake up Christmas – Train Do you Hear what I Hear – Riccardo Polidoro The only prop I am trying to add is a 36 spiral tree that I am making from an antenna tower. Still working on a foundation for it and lights I will use. I am not sure if it will get done this year or not. I find as far as sequencing goes, I am too tired in the evening so I get up an hour to an hour and a half before everyone else does in the morning and work on them. No distractions, just head phones and coffee. Tom
  12. I have a desktop running Windows 10 and a Laptop running Windows 7 which I use Dropbox to switch back and forth to open sequences. Both have the same software versions. All my music is converted to MP3 128kbps with a constant bit rate. I program on both machines and have no timings issues or any problems going back and forth. This is a quote from LOR FAQ page: " Make sure your audio file is an .MP3 digitized at 128Kbps and at a constant bit rate (CPR). Some music files are digitized at a higher bit rate that doesn’t sit well with us." Hopefully this will help. Tom
  13. Is your music set to a constant bit rate of 128kbps? I have heard of some people saying they had similar problems with variable bit rate music. Use Audacity to set the music to constant bit rate. Hope this helps. Tom
  14. I just tried and the sequence editor won't let me open up 2 of them to do dual monitors. I usually just have sequence editor on one and the visualizer on the other. Maybe someone else knows a trick to make it happen. Tom
  15. I use Yahoo mail also. I have been getting the emails the last 4 years with no problems. Tom
  16. This would be great or a list by state would also be helpful. I agree about putting your location and software license level in your profile. I have seen so many posts where people need help and when trying to help the first or second question is always what license level they have . Tom
  17. Here is a great place to learn all about pixels and nodes. Lots of good information in their manual. Tom https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/auschristmaslighting-101-manual.1889/
  18. I do my programming a lot like beeiilll said. You have lots of time left. There more you learn about sequencing the easier it gets. I started out with 64 channels my first year, now I have grown to 112 so far this year. The year is not over yet so that number may grow more. It is an addiction. I find that I spend about 1 1/2 hours in the morning before everyone gets up is the best time for me to do my sequencing. I do this everyday. I have about 3-4 songs that are in various stages. If I get stuck on one I switch to another. Don't expect to get a song done over night. You have to make this enjoyable and have patience. Tom
  19. You forgot one thing. Will it be Pacific Standard time or Eastern Standard Time , or Central Standard Time where you live when the sale starts. Tom
  20. Here is Kevin's YouTube video. Very impressive wiring. Tom
  21. Happy Easter to you James, and also the rest of the LOR members out there! Tom
  22. There is a big get together in Mesquite this year. I am hoping to attend. Tom https://www.christmasexpo.com/
  23. In sequence editor under play tab is the control lights and control visualizer checked? Under edit tab, preferences, Visualizer preferences is that info listed in there match the com port setting info in the Visualizer? I had a similar issue which after checking the basic trouble shooting it turned out I had to reload drivers for my com port and it worked. Just some suggestions. Tom
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