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  1. Best method to video display

    My first year [2016] I used my Samsung J3 phone just holding it while the temperature outside was 17 degrees, not fun. 2017 I bought a drone and filmed it from sitting in my van with the heat on, much better. I can't get my whole display in one view either. Tom
  2. Playing Devil's Advocate

    Well it depends on personal preference, I don't really like the look of pixels so my choice would be the CTB16PC. I did enter the contest there and on the LOR site as well. I am adding 4 more controllers this year so a free one would be nice. Tom
  3. Lights on Koji - 2017

    Looks great. Nice mix of pixels and ac lights. Tom
  4. Links to video

    It depends on if the video was posted directly on here or if it was posted from another source [ Youtube, Vimeo]. Tom
  5. Extension cord storage ideas

    I have a very large front yard about 2 acres and lots of extension cords and spt-1 wire. I use 4 trash cans. 45 gallon size that stay in my shed. When they are full I can't move them. I try to only buy spt wire now to cut down on storage. Tom
  6. LOR after christmas sale

    Here is the sale flyer from last April. http://store.lightorama.com/secretsale.html Tom
  7. LOR after christmas sale

    There is one in April. Have your order ready because it sells out quick sometimes. Sign up to receive an email notice of when the sales are. Here: http://www1.lightorama.com/email-signup/ Tom
  8. Wizards in Winter from Drone

    Looks good. What drone are you using? I use a phantom 3. It works pretty good. All my 2017 videos were done with it. I guess practice makes perfect people say. Good work Tom
  9. I know exactly how you feel. This is just one of the reasons I got involved in Christmas lights and Lightorama. I had a very active lifestyle until my first heart attack, 6 years ago. Then I bounced back from that only to have an accident at work which left me permanently disabled. I have had 5 more heart attacks since my first and started collecting stents. I needed something to work my brain so Lightorama was my choice. I enjoy sequencing a lot. There is so much to the software that I want to learn. Building my display is physically challenging but I do it. It just takes me longer than most to put up. I am considering taking some of your classes but I am not sure which ones to start with. Thanks Tom
  10. My 2017 Light show

    The first 2 videos does not show the whole display. I did more videos now showing whole display. Enjoy Tom
  11. My 2017 Light show

    Had lots of gremlins to deal with this year, but finally done. Merry Christmas to all. Tom
  12. Snubbers

    Mine work either way depending on where they are easier to put. Tom
  13. Stryper Winter Wonderland

    My suggestion which you can use or not is to get rid of all that shimmer. Very hard to watch. Use more fades. Everything does not have to flash all the time. Other than that good show. Tom
  14. First year success!

    Sometimes Vimeo will allow songs that Youtube won't. I have had problems with certain Sony and RCA owned songs that wont post to either site. Tom
  15. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and happy New Year. Tom
  16. First year success!

    Sounds like you are doing everything right in this hobby. I am glad to hear everything is working out good for you. Searching these forums is the best way to find answers to 90 percent of your questions. I live on the Graham / Eatonville line near 304th and mountain highway so I am not too far from you. I will have to get out and find your display. Merry Christmas. Tom
  17. At that time I believe it was 4.3.18 Advanced. I just recently upgraded to 4.3.26 Advanced. Everything is working smoothly now. Tom
  18. I had the Chinese text last year when I was running 3.12.2. Created lots of problems with my sequences and the way the show ran. I had to upgrade to S4 and that solved all my problems. Merry Christmas all! Tom
  19. Whole House FM Transmitter

    I have the Signstek CZH-05b on low and I have a 2 acre front yard. With the rubber antenna and it sitting in my front window, I get about 4 blocks each way down the road. Dcroc, try running it on low. Tom
  20. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Gremlins were found
  21. Being original.

    Richard might be the one to ask, but I did find some audio here : http://www.holdman.com/christmas/sequences/free/ There is some more in here if you look around. Lots of other good sequences too. http://www.landolights.com/main/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,54/func,select/id,17/orderby,6/ Tom
  22. Being original.

    Here you go JPAT : http://www.highcountrylights.com/remository/func-startdown/31/ Tom
  23. Being original.

    I have tried to help this individual on several other forums. I admire what you and James do on this forum to help people. I asked James 2 years ago I think for a copy of a sequence because I was learning and got stuck. . I greatly appreciated it. " I have no problem with the sequence sharing forum" . The problem I have is being sent several private messages when I post a video that people want my sequence. If I want to share it I will post it or I will send it to somebody on one of the forums that is looking. Again I have no problem with the sequence sharing section. I post links to that section on other forums when people ask for certain sequences and don't get a response. Keep up the good work Dibblejr and James Morris , there is lots of people who do appreciate it. Tom
  24. Being original.

    I do think the same. I started 3 years ago and I did not have the time to sequence. I quickly found that it was difficult for me to make shared sequences look good. I decided to spend 1 to 1 1/2 hours every morning before everyone else in the house gets up to learn and program my own sequences. I find that it makes things easier with a plan and stick to it. I don't post videos much anymore on these forums because every time I do I get private messages from people asking for my sequence. It gets old. I don't mind helping people out, but they have to make an effort on their part too. I have seen one individual on here that has asked for the same sequence for the last 4 months. He was sent it by someone but he apparently does not like what he got because he is always asking for it but not from the individual that sent him the first one. This person has had enough time to learn and sequence it himself. I think that those who share a lot on here are doing a great job. To new people to this hobby, It does required some effort on your part to make things happen. Tom
  25. Lights on??

    Check for water or bugs in your controllers. Tom