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  1. TBS99

    comm port troubleshooting

    Your welcome . Glad you got it working. Tom
  2. TBS99

    comm port troubleshooting

    Which USB485 adapter are you using? Most only take a Cat5 or Cat6 cable. Phone cables can be used from 1 controller to another but not the adapter. Tom
  3. Great job! It is time consuming and I found what works for me is I get up every day an 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours before everyone else does here all year long and just work on songs. I have been doing this now for 3 years this way so it does not take time away from my family. Patience is key also before you know it your songs are done. Again Great job. Tom
  4. Being disabled it takes me about 3 weeks to set up. I do what I can each day. Ladders are extremely difficult for me, I have to use crutches to get around and after 4 years of doing this I found ways to work smarter not harder. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Tom
  5. TBS99

    "Tune To" Sign Help!!!

    Don't waste a channel on a sign. I use a programmable timer that I got for around $15 at Home Depot that I can set what time it goes on and off. Been working great for about 3 years now. Tom
  6. TBS99


    I have no issues getting on there but when I tried to order things, the shipping calculator is not working in the shopping cart. I tried a couple of times to call them over the past couple of weeks but got no response. Now I see what I wanted is out of stock. I will place an order some where else. Hopefully you guys have better luck. Tom
  7. Home depot will carry green this year along with vampire plugs. I had no trouble last year with their wire or plugs. I bought the wire and plugs after Christmas at 75% so it was a score for me. https://www.homedepot.com/p/500-ft-18-Gauge-Bulk-Wire-450000SHO/301886091 Tom
  8. HC has a video that explains ways to mount them if these are the boxes you are referring to . Here it is. Tom
  9. TBS99

    4x4 decorating?

    When I first started a couple years ago I tried the 4x4 model and it did not work for me either. I did 3 also. Definitely use the visualizer, it is a great tool to see your house in action. Tom
  10. That is funny, I like people with a sense of humor. I found with mine it was the songs and who owns them. Even tho you purchase them from Itunes, Amazon or where ever, you still have to follow their rules. The ones I had problems with were owned by Sony. In particular was " Mary did you know sung by Pentatonix". 2 years ago I tried to post this light show on You Tube using this song and they removed it within minutes due to copyright infringement. I posted it on Vimeo and had no problem until now. The letter I received was from Sony UK through Vimeo. They said I could protest it but it is not worth my time. Tom
  11. Vimeo got me yesterday for videos that have been on there for 2 years. I received a strike also and a warning that they would shutdown my account after 3 strikes. I did not like their site very much to begin with so I sent them a message back telling them I was done and I removed my videos. You Tube can be a pain sometimes but their format is much better than Vimeo I believe. Tom
  12. TBS99

    Edit Audio

    I use Audacity to edit my songs that have the dead air you are talking about. But if you already made the sequence and you edit the audio your sequence timings will be way off. I edit the audio first then I create a new sequence. https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ Tom
  13. TBS99

    Questions on 16 channel starter package

    Yes, apologize to your wallet for starting this addiction. LOL. Welcome aboard, have fun with it. Tom
  14. TBS99

    Worst customer service ever!

    Boy that is for sure. I see more and more people these days acting like this guy. I hear this, "Why do I have to work at it to get this show?". Why do I have to wait? I hate waiting, I want it yesterday. What, it is not ready to go right out of the box, I have to plug it in? Some people you just can't help these days. It is a shame. Tom