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  1. Hi All, I have a CTB16-PC v1 and the light is steady when plugged in, but the utility is not finding the box ... or any further down the line. Any ideas? Thx, T
  2. I think I was wondering what features are in the "updates" that aren't in the firmware I currently have installed: What version comes with Fade/Twinkle? Do some firmware versions handle LEDs better? other things I'm not aware of? T.
  3. Hi All, I hesitate to fiddle with "it's working" at this moment. But, should Firmware be updated to current on all units? Thanks, T.
  4. When you RESET a Unit that does not have manual Unit ID dials -- in other words the unit number is set thru the Hardware Utility -- do you need to go back and then set the Unit #'s after the RESET? Wanted to know before I start. Thanks, T
  5. I have the very same Problem ... two single channels on two different units ... both older units ... I have not updated the firmware yet. And, they are connected the exact same way as last year, except ... now using a USB connector to communicate. And, there is a brand new Residential Unit in the lineup ... prior to the units that are misfiring ... but, the new unit is not having any problems. The two units with the wayward channels on them, are near the end of the line of 11 units ... T
  6. Hi All, Thinking that the LOR units would be the stable and easy part of the setup this year, I was wrong. Have a tried 2 old, and 1 new Unit connected to 3 computers using the SC485 ... no luck ... the led just keeps flashing, and the Hardware Utility does not find what it is looking for. Even tried different Cat5's ... So, what now? Only thing different is that I upgraded all the computers to the latest version of S2, and added a new unit. I did try to connect the SC485 to a computer through an USB to Serial connector, could this have fried the SC485? Need a solution fast ... as usual ... T.
  7. Is this the same problem I've read about with others? Or does this require a different plan of attack? Thanks, T.
  8. Hi LOR folks ... I made the mistake of checking to see what was new!!! So the CCR ... (sigh) Let's just say I wanted to outline the front portico (porch) and that it would take 4 or 5 CCRs to do the outlining. Or for that matter ... what about a long roof line ... that would require more than one CCR. How is it recommended that these be installed? Where would the box(es) go? Can they be connected end to end? Are there extenstion cables that can be purchased? (if so how much?) When will these arrive in stock? I should stop ... thanks for any info you can provide. All the best, Tom
  9. My problem turned out to be much more basic ... I had a short in a homemade extension cord ... the fuse protected the board ... and after replacement of the fuse, all is fine. Sorry, I didn't get back here sooner ... been busy putting up lights ... huh! go figure ... Happy Thanksgiving All, T.
  10. Same problem ... tested each channel before installing it outside. Then when I sent power to all channels at the same time ... no power is getting to the lights. I bought the version of PC where all I had to do was install the cords and put the board in the box. ... The 2nd box is working fine. T. Here's exact Detail: 1) LED Blinking with power 2) Plugged in 100 ft Cat5 cable ... didn't find boxes 3) Changed to 50 ft new Cat5 cable ... boxes were found (w/Hardware utility) 4) Selected 1 unit to test. Sent an ON command to ALL channels. Nothing happened. 5) Selected 2nd unit (linked to Unit 1 w/6 ft Cat5 Cable) 6) 2nd Unit came on as instructed ... same command 7) Check Unit 1 ... LED was now NOT blinking 8) Unplugged and then replugged it in ... still no change
  11. Hi All, Trying to think about doing a Parade Float (night time) for a Christmas Parade next year. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Videos would be great. Hope everyone's new year is off to a great start... All the best, Tom
  12. Hi, Do you have any videos of your float? Would love to see them. T.
  13. Dan, Thanks, and I'm glad you found a solution. It'll be fun adding this capability to my show. All the best, Tom PS: It was a great season ... My thanks to you and your associates!
  14. Dan, Any luck on this problem? Thanks, T.
  15. Dan, Have you had any more time to look into why these LED Floods (I sent you a sample) aren't fading ... or better yet ... have you and your elves been able to work on a fix? Thanks, T
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