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  1. Problem SOLVED!!! The solution was quite simple. I have my LOR show files on an external hard drive (to save space on my laptop). When plugging in my system this season, I plugged the hard drive into a USB hub, then plugged the hub into my computer. Bad decision! That caused all my show stopping and not shutting lights off problems. Yesterday, when I re-routed my hard drive DIRECTLY into my computer, my problems all disappeared. My show is going smoothly now.
  2. With the Wizard of Wire stakes, the stake IS what you pound into the ground. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ-yYncRheY
  3. Are any of you experiencing problems with the Show Editor in S5? I run an evening Show with many entries. Every evening so far in 2019, my show has (never in the same spot) stopped, then re-starts by playing a completely different Show entry than my PLAY IN ORDER asks for. Also, the CP Log deletes itself and my lights never shut off at show's end (like in other years). I have been using LOR since 2015 and I have never experienced these problems before. I have tried dividing my Show into eight different mini-Shows, but the same problem occurs even before the first mini-Show is finished. I have tried loading all the Entries before the Show plays AND loading each Entry as needed. Same failed result. I have uninstalled, then reinstalled LOR: same result. Is this because the Show Editor has never been revised to meet the demands of S5? Am I the only one experiencing this?
  4. I am using 30 Peace Light stakes (6 nodes each stake) with stakes from Wizard of Wire and nodes from Ray Wu. I'm not placing them randomly in my yard (because I have no empty spaces), but my stakes are all in a (curved) line, 20 inches apart, in front and on the left side of my house. I'm using the Curtain Effect a lot for sweeps, plus I use other effects also. I'd like to group the first pixel node in each stake, then the second pixel node in each stake, etc. so I can get some of the bouncing and sweeping effects David Peace does. I can see how this is done in XLights but I cannot seem to do it in LOR. Maybe this is a custom prop, but I haven't yet figured it out.
  5. Hopefully, for all LOR users, they will TEST their shows before Opening Night, so they won't be surprised at the delays in timing between sequences the first time their show runs. Once the "Play.lms" files have been created (the first running of their show), they should be good to go.
  6. I ran into this as I tested my 2019 Lightshows for the first time using 5.3.8 Pro. While it was much easier to create my shows in the Show Directory, not having to go through that extra step to manually create a Playback file, the first run of my show really impacted the timing. I kept getting the message "Cannot find Playback File" between each of my sequences while loading. This added an extra 6-30 seconds to each interval between sequence playing. Now that I've learned the new process (above, thank you), my question is: the next time I run the show, will it find this new Playback File, so my sequence loading is like it should be? I'm guessing, and hoping, so. I'll keep testing.
  7. Whenever I want to work on a Motion Effect, I mute the sound and loop it (within the Motion Effect Window). This allows me to work on the Effect before I say OK and insert it into my sequence. If you are working on an Effect that takes a long time to play, a Stop button may prove helpful, but usually, I'm working on the motion effect itself. Once I insert it into my sequence, then I can adjust the specific timing of that Effect.
  8. I have four different Tickets that are open in the LOR Help Desk. For several of these, to which the LOR Help Desk people have not yet addressed, I have already found answers. I would like to close these Tickets, but as long as the Help Desk has not yet responded, they are considered OPEN. Can I close these Tickets myself? How?
  9. After working awhile in Photoshop, with their pixel painting process, I turned to Piskelapp.com and found the easiest and best solution for me. I'm not an artist, but I could draw enough to make great results. I'm very thankful for all your advice, and piskelapp.com was my answer.
  10. Before I received it, the sequence was already converted and sent to me as an .LMS file. How do I now correctly configure this? I've already inserted RGB Channels into the Sequence Editor, but when I click on each individual Channel and select DMX, it only gives me the option to state the Universe. That is fine, but how can LOR know how I have configured my Matrix when it only knows the Universe number? There has to be something I'm missing. I'm ready to go to each Channel individually and give it a Universe number (for example, Universe 5 for the first 150 pixels-450 channels), but before I do that for all 1800 channels (actually, 3600 channels because I have two matrixes), I want to know if this is the way to do it.
  11. I tried to import a PDF to help you understand this, but even though the PDF is only 187 KB (and this Forum has a max of 420 KB for a file), it won't allow me to import that file.
  12. Last year, I set up my two RGB matrices in Pixel Editor, each matrix with four Universes (1-4 and 5-8). My matrices are identical, with 600 pixels. Each Universe has 150 pixels. Now, I'm trying to incorporate a matrix design into LOR, using a matrix designed by someone else in XLights. I have been told that I need to incorporate this via Sequence Editor, not Pixel Editor. But, while it was easy for me to configure RGB channels for my RGB floodlights in Sequence Editor, I am confused with this matrix design. The designer configured the matrix design for 4 strands, each with 150 channels. I guess I'll have to INDIVIDUALLY assign each of these Channels. So, for the first 150 Channels, they all become Universe 5, for example. Am I correct, and is there an easier way to do this?
  13. I just tried piskelapp.com. What a great Tool! I'll see if I can make it work for me! Lots of fun and just what I need to draw my pixels! Thanks for the tip!
  14. Thanks to all of you. I won't stop working at this, since I know others of you have had some success, even with matrixes like mine. I'll try your recommendations, use small, simple pics and see what happens. If any of you have additional advice, I'd surely appreciate it.
  15. I am now exploring SVG (scalable vector graphics), but it appears that this format, while completely scalable and open to creative design and varied backgrounds, is only a Web tool. I am trying to find out if SVG images might some day be usuable for us Christmas light matrix people. It would be so much easier, if we could design our own backgrounds and scale our images to the perfect size for our displays.
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