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  1. What does everyone use for their beginning show sequence?

    This year Spacejam intro
  2. Griswwald Christmas Pixel

    Thanks James! gorichgo@yahoo.com
  3. Santa and I Know It Faces

    I'd love a copy too. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  4. Hi JR, I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  5. Mannheim steamroller lms face pixel

    Interested. Thanks James! gorichgo@yahoo.com
  6. Charile Brown Skating Pixel

    Hi James, I'd love a copy too! Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  7. I want a Hippo - Singing Trees Sequence

    I'd appreciate if anyone can forward me a copy of the singing faces sequence. thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  8. Sequencing faces.

    JR, I'd like to see your videos if you're still sharing. Thanks, Rich gorichgo@yahoo.com
  9. RGB Halloween/Grim Grinning Ghosts?

    You got mail! Enjoy
  10. RGB Halloween/Grim Grinning Ghosts?

    Sent. Enjoy!
  11. Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Hi JR, I'd love a copy. Thanks, Rich gorichgo@yahoo.com
  12. So Cal Mini Get together

    I may be interested. I do a Halloween display and kids have soccer games so my October schedule is tight.
  13. i'd love a copy. thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  14. Looking for TSO sequences with RGB lights

    I've done that but i looking for some better lighting effects instead of making them look like dumb rgb.
  15. I got some CCP's and CCB's and I'd like to upgrade my TSO sequences this year to include the RGB lighting. If anyone is sharing TSO sequences with RGB lights I'd love a copy. Thanks in advance, gorichgo@yahoo.com