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  1. I'd like a copy. Thank you, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  2. Will port 2 have a different unit id than port 1?
  3. Hello, i just purchased CCC-II (pixels) and i'm trying to add the device to SE but it only gives me the option to add the CCD with 50 pixels per string. How do i add CCC-II with 2 strings of 100 pixels?
  4. I'd love a copy James. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  5. I'd love a copy James. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  6. I'd love a copy James. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  7. I'd love a copy James! Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  8. I'd love a copy JR. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  9. I'd love a copy James Thank you, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  10. Would love to have too. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  11. I'd appreciate a copy. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  12. Hi James, I'd love a copy. Thanks, gorichgo@yahoo.com
  13. i'd love a copy too. Thank you, gorichgo@yahoo.com
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