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  1. All the items were sold back in June Sorry for late response was getting Halloween show going Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LOL that is a new one, I have gotten Mr clean a few times. I do love me some Three Stooges though. On a side note all CMB24D's have been sold. Thanks, Steven Giles
  3. Only 1 more available. Thanks, Steven G
  4. For Sale AlphaPix16 Ready2Run (5V) Purchased last year and only used during December. $275 plus shipping Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. For sale 5 X LOR CMB24D Purchased last year and used for 1 season. Assembled in CableGuard CG-1500 (vented) with 12v Power supply and (8) 4 wire Holiday Coro waterproof cable Pigtails. $100 each plus shipping If you have any questions please let me know
  6. I am not selling everything, this is just stuff I wont be using. I have switched my display to all pixels using F16/Pi's so no need for any of the dumb pixel items. I had a neighbor who was going to join in on the show (2 houses already) , but backed out so figured someone could get some use out of these items and I could recoup a lil of the cost This is a very small portion of my inventory or even what was purchased this year. Thanks, Steven Giles
  7. SOLD $70.00 - 6 X CableGuard CG-1500 (NO Pre-Drill Holes) SOLD 8 X Holidaycoro.com 50 Count Dumb 8mm RGB LED / 12mm Base Waterproof Node - 12v
  8. Got crazy during pre-sales this year and had a neighbor back out so passing the savings on to those who missed the sales $90.00 - AlphaPix™ 4 V2 (includes CG-1500 Mounting Plate Adapter Kit) (4 avilalbe) $75.00 - 5 X CableGuard CG-1500 (2 of 1" Cord Grip for CG1500 case (Pre-Drill Holes)) $70.00 - 6 X CableGuard CG-1500 (NO Pre-Drill Holes) $170.00 - 17 X Holidaycoro.com 50 Count Dumb 8mm RGB LED / 12mm Base Waterproof Node - 12v $125.00 - 20 X Holidaycoro.com 4 Conductor / 20ft / Screw Together Extension / Waterproof Male + Female (Heavy Duty) $65.00 - 20 X Holidaycoro.com 4 Conductor / 10ft / Screw Together Extension / Waterproof Male + Female (Heavy Duty) $20.00 - 10 X Holidaycoro.com 4 Conductor / 5ft / Screw Together Extension / Waterproof Male + Female (Heavy Duty) $25.00 - 8 X Holidaycoro.com 4 Conductor M / M (center) / F - 13.5mm Tap / Splitter / Tee $200.00 - 16 X holiday-light-express Pure White M6 LED Lights - 100 lights per strings All above items are brand new and were purchased during Pre-sales Also have 6 LOR CMB24D mounted in CG-1500 with 12v PS and (holidaycoro) 4 Conductor cables These were used in last years show, I will dig them out and snap pictures. $100 each If you have any questions or want to make a deal on something or all of it let me know Thanks, Steven G
  9. Thank you so much It truly was first year just ask LOR and all the vendors that received all my money In fact I even included my neighbor in the show who wanted in late (video is spliced because we could not fit both houses in frame) 2015 Wilcox/Giles Family Light Show - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo TSO
  10. 2 inch spacing using PixNode strips from Holiday Coro Cross is 4 feet by 4 feet Coro Cross was built using two 4ft X 4ft sheets of Coro (there was enuff to make sides if you cut just right) Black coro for the back and inside to divide the two sections and white for top and outsides 12 inch cross (8 inch inside / 4 inch outside) 3 inch sides Used 28 rectangle RGB nodes for inside and 32? for outside, don't remember exactly. i wish I would have made a video or at least pictures Built using same method as Coro Snowflakes are built (great product by the way) This was a big hit with people even had a few people ask me if I could build them one (then had to explain the hardware and software commitment to run it) To mount I left 2 inches of black coro on inside corners of cross and used a big washer and screw (see attached image)
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