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  1. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Can I get a copy please!? Raydeoaktiv@gmail.com Thank you! PS. Do you Have Pentatonix -Hallelujah singing faces?
  2. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    I'm painting the outside of my house and doing some remodel. Hopefully, I'll have my Halloween show up and running this year. Albeit a smaller show due to all the work in doing
  3. So Cal Mini Get together

    Sounds good for me. See you then!
  4. Power injection help needed.

    Like Dennis mentioned..Why at pixel #26. 12 volt are good for up to 100 pixels. In your case I would inject at the halfway point at the 107th pixel. I'm not positive but I'm sure the end result to the last 6 pixels on either end would be negligible. Especially if your not running them at full power. I have some small matrices with 186 pixels each (my first year with matrices) . Myself, I power inject at the end of my run at the 186th pixel. You may be able to try that instead. Instead of splicing in the middle inject at the end of the run...... ********make sure you put an in-line fuse to each of your power injection lines********. I am though using 1 power supply and an alphapix4 to run my 4 smaller matrices. I'm sure there are different rules for using (2) power supplies
  5. So Cal Mini Get together

    I've got October 21st off. 😀
  6. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    My show consists of 30 or so songs. From start to finish its about 2 1/2 hours. I used Bob's MIIP last year and it worked great. This way I didn't need to have to separate my playlist into different shows for each day. I'm starting to switch over to xLights though and as far as l know there is no integration as of yet. Hopefully one day though.
  7. Song Volumes

    Audacity...its free https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/
  8. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    You'll need to upgrade to the Advanced (at minimum) or Pro versions to be able to use the controller. With the "Basic" licence you will not be able to run CMB24.
  9. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    It may have to do with your license level. Only at advanced or pro are you able to run E1.31 or DMX.
  10. Very cool display! My wife is a Disney fanatic and we've had annual passes for about 10 years now. The Mickey's fun wheel is AWESOME! Do you have any build pictures or how to's? I would really like to build it for our house and surprise the wifey. She is ALWAYS asking me to put Disney in our show.
  11. Pixel Matrix Questions

    Sounds like I got me a project for next season😁 gonna start doing my research...
  12. Pixel Matrix Questions

    WOW! How many channels does each p10 panel take up? How many controllers do you use for this matrix?
  13. Trying to identify someone

    MonoPrice is great for zip ties! I order around 6,000 each year. Every now and then I get some bad ones in each bag but still worth it. Depends on what you get and how much but the next day shipping is AWESOME if you live locally. And for me their will-call store is only about 20 minutes away which is great for last minute thing.
  14. A Basic RGB setup

    Its pretty common to use a cg-1500 enclosure for any controller. I use the controllers and power supplies with enclosures offered at Holiday Coro. I am going in my fourth season this year and have had no issues with any of their products. For the power supply it depends on the types of ribbons you get be it 5v or 12v. I use all 12v pixels, strips and dumb nodes. I don't mix and match so I don't have any accidents. I am using xLights this year for all my sequencing. The pixel editor is still very limited on what it can do compared to xLights.
  15. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Always a pleasure to help each other. Especially in this forum. You'll one day be a Pro at this stuff and be able to help others. This is how we learn being able to bounce problems off each other and even when we have no issues and just want to expand the knowledge base. Congrats on getting your controllers set up!! Now, you know you'll have to post pics and video of your display when the season arrives