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  1. Matrix size?

    If you really want that UHD look just go with projection. Would probably be cheaper too and definitely easier.
  2. Matrix size?

    The matrix's can be as large as you want or as small as you want (that would still count as a matrix). If fyou got the know how and the ability, I say go for it. I am doing a 24x50, 4 - 8x21s and a 31x21 this year. Can't wait to get them up on the house.
  3. Singing Faces For Sale

    See above. PM me if they are still available.
  4. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Can I also have a copy? Many THANKS! Raydeoaktiv@gmail.com
  5. Singing Faces For Sale

    I would be interested as well for the 23x23 faces . California 91763 Raydeoaktiv@gmail.com
  6. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I happen to have several of these controllers and all have worked well for me. No issues whosoever. I also have smart strips from HC as well going on 4 seasons this year. No issues with these either. Though because of cost I am using Ray Wu for pretty much everything except the controllers. including upgrades to my shows this year for Halloween and Christmas. I use Boscoyo Studios for the awseome props they have. It's all a matter of choice, opinion and personal experience with the product and customer service that determines the value of who you go with. Again, no problems with HC but there are several in this forum who have apparently had the worst experience of their lives (George).
  7. House property with a hill in front

    I too am spoiled and live <5 miles from work. Takes me about 10 minutes by car on the freeway. If I take my bicycle it takes me 15 minutes on side streets. My wife works for the same hospital but at a clinic in the other direction and is <4 miles away. Some of my Nursing co-workers drive 1.5 to 2 or more hours away.......couldn't do it / wouldn't do it
  8. I've gotten all mine from HC. I have had ( 0 ) Zero Zilch Nada None problems with anything from HC. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few. 100% of my strips: dumb and smart including nodes and pixels and all of my controllers are from HC. They offer warranties now but you have to pay a little extra. I get the 3 year warrenty on all my controllers now. I think its worth it. But i know several people will disagree and say it should be included and there stuff is crap and belongs in hell....yada yada yada. This year I ordered more lights though from Ray Wu due to price and convenience because of additional things I ordered. I've only read good things about his stuff so I'll reserve my input until I try them out. Just my 2 cents or 1 cent...oh hell it ain't worth nothin.....
  9. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Glad I started young with my children. I'm 46 now and have 4 kids: 26,24,19,17. My youngest baby girl graduates in 1 week and heads off to college this fall. The wifey turns 44 so we will be young "Empty Nesters". In hindsight, it would have been nice to stay enlisted otherwise I too would have been able to retire at 44.....c'est la vie
  10. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I'm 46 I started with LOR in 2012.
  11. US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    Deployed to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Literally 2 weeks out of AIT. November of '90 to March '91. I've got some pretty CRAZY memories of things that went down while stationed there.
  12. US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    2/7 ADA..... stationed out of McGregor Range New Mexico. Me too early 90's. Desert Sheild and Desert Storm action. Those missles did some crazy A$$ stuff
  13. US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    US Army. 4 years. MOS: 24T10 - Patriot Missile Operator / Mechanic.
  14. Controller Not Detected

    That too... and how many controllers can be used
  15. Controller Not Detected

    Unless you have 240 controllers in your network set the search parameter to the number of controllers you actually have or like 5 or 10 or 15 and so on. Otherwise it will take FOREVER for the software to "look" for all of the LOR controllers on the network.