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  1. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    What DMX controller do you have? DMX won't work directly off of the LOR USB adapter. Unless it is an LOR product connected to one of THEIR controllers. Otherwise with any other vendors products you would need a USB DMX adapter.
  2. Integrated a web server w/ shows?

    I use MIIP from "ItsMeBobO" here on the forums. Here is is his website for the various things he offers... http://itsmebob.com/SD.html It might already be too late to enroll but you can ask him. He is really great about helping to set things up if you get stuck. MIIP is an AWESOME program. MANY here on the forums use it and nothing but positive things to say about it and Bob. Good luck!
  3. Some Elements are too bright

    Some controllers allow the option of setting the intensity on the hardware side. What controller do you have?
  4. WiFi Issue / E1.31

    Got if figured out after doing a bit of research. Under the WiFi adapter TCP/IPv4 advanced settings I set the "Interface Metric" to a lower number giving the WiFi a higher priority than the Ethernet. Basically a "first come first serve" setting I suppose. Now my WiFi connectivity works like its supposed to without having to unplug the Cat5 cable. Thanks to all that took the time to suggest things.
  5. WiFi Issue / E1.31

    As far as I know, how I have it set up is separate. I've assigned a static IP address to the Ethernet adapter soley for my E1.31 netowrk. I run my show off a laptop. So I can't install a separate network card.
  6. WiFi Issue / E1.31

    Windows 10
  7. Oh NO!! What Happened to my Pixel Tree

    If nothing else works try creating a new sequence. Open the original sequence NOT the one that is giving you trouble. Then copy and paste into the new sequence. See if that helps. I've had to do that on occasion and it has helped in my situations where things have gone wonky. If you originally did the copy and paste you may have not copied the whole sequence or row COMPLETELY and it is shifting everything up because of missing channels in the sequence that you DIDN'T copy. Also make sure you have "Paste by Time" checked off
  8. Here's one for the IT/Networking guys.... I use MIIP for my display so my WiFi needs to remain on. When I do a restart with my E1.31 network cables plugged in, the WiFi can't connect. I have to unplug the Ethernet cable and restart the computer for it to connect. Once the WiFi is connected I can plug the Ethernet cable back in and everything works like its supposed to. It didn't do this last year so I'm not sure what has changed. My Ethernet adapter is set to a static IP address and the WiFi adapter is set to "Obtain IP address Automatically". Any Ideas on what to check for? Thanks in Advance, Billy
  9. Wrap Around on a flat Mega Tree

    This is my third year with the strips on my tree and haven't had one fail me yet. It may be how you are attaching them. I outline my house in strips too. I have them attached to 1/2" emt conduit. At season end I remove them and store them on hooks on my garage rafters. Again no issues with failures. I prefer the look of strips myself. I have a few pixel matrix ( 24x50 and 4 with 8x21) but next year I'm thinking of doing a 24 strip horizontal matrix. I actually bought the strips for it but didn't have time to build the support for it. Repairing the strips is easy at least in my opinion. I have 4 circles made with strips and because how I have handled them the soldered joints have come undone a few times (plus where I have them stored doesn't help either).
  10. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    I'll be there first to admit that I am addicted to this hobby 🤤😂. I think for the most part all of us on this forum are
  11. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Well....... I told myself I was going to go dark this year due to time constraints of other things I have to do. I even packed away and organized everything from my Halloween light show. Not one thing left out, zero, zilch, nada. But I started hearing Christmas music and my CLAP flared up. I think I was going to have a nervous breakdown. So EVERYTHING came out again. What normally takes me 2-3 weeks or so to set up I've done in 6 days. It's after 3 o'clock in the morning right now and I've finished testing my setup. After fixing several snafus it is working as planned... For now (crossing my fingers). I'll be lighting up on Thanksgiving and for those who do too... Good luck!!!
  12. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    Thanksgiving night. Always has been ALWAYS will....
  13. CCR SCREEN 12 ribbon

    What kind of smart controller ( alphapix, pixlite pixcon, etc....) are you using? Most if not all now have the option in it's interface to set up the color order of the ribbons or pixels so that it ouputs in the correct RGB order. Yes the SE will show RGB order as that's how it will output. So you when to do like I suggested above it plays like it's supposed to on the acutal ribbons
  14. Pixel nodes

    I have several of these from HC. I use 6 of them in my Christmas display. Are you using the USB Actidongle from HC or hooking the DMX controller to the DMX port in an E1.31 controller? I'm not sure what you mean by "The RGB lights are no longer being sold" Any "RGB" light they sell or from other vendors should work. I have lights from 2 separate vendors on one controller and it works just fine. The RGB or "DUMB" nodes have 4 wires. 1 for power the other 3 are for RGB- RED GREEN AND BLUE. So make sure you have the correct wire hooked up to the correct "color" pin connection
  15. Anyone willing to share? Thank You! raydeoaktiv@gmail.com