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  1. I used S5 for my 2017 show and had zero issues. If you keep backups of your S4 sequences you’ll always have them to fall back on. PE is S5 is much better than S4’s.
  2. This is only my second year using a E682 and I haven't had any issues with it. I'd contact James, he's really good with support. Hopefully it's a minor issue and can be solved easy.
  3. If you're going to do the pixel editing in PE then you don't need to add the channels to SE. PE has setups for the pixels, universes,channels and so on for each prop or pixel string you add
  4. It's pretty straight forward and simple and doesn't even affect your original sequences. What I had last year was just 3 arches and 2 candy canes done with pixels. I did the candy canes in SE, arches in PE. This year I did the entire house in pixels and used the same sequences I just redid the PE parts, added groups and so on. When I saved them I renamed them so if all else failed I still had the originals to fall back on. You should definetly give it a shot with one, you'll love the control over them in it.
  5. Sully

    Setup Begins

    Dang! Hope you're ok. If I lived close I come help ya out. I went all pixels this year, setup was so simple, no tons of extension cords lol, sequencing was tougher but I managed alright. Good luck on surgery, hope all goes well.
  6. Are you sequencing in PE? If so you can create a group with your arches and make sequencing them a lot easier. The effects look much different as a group also.
  7. I was going to tackle a large pixel tree this year but I didn't. It's my first year going 100% pixels. I got the house outline, 3 arches and 4 3' mini pixel trees. Next year I'll add the big one and a matrix on large front window. Yours looks great though, good job!
  8. Use PE, Pixel Editor, create 2 arches, for example arch 1, universe 1, number of sections 1, nodes 93, channel dmx, start channel 1, end channel 279(channels are 3 times nodes) Next arch 2, everything the same except universe number. Make sure then PE is set to control lights under tools then toss something in and try them. I'm not very familiar with a alpha pix controller but I think the max channels you can have per connector is 510, you're at 558, so you may need to connect each arch to its own connection.
  9. I think they're neat but I wouldn't try using them at my house because I'm in a direct flight path of a military base and I'm pretty sure they'd be pissed off at them lol
  10. I was disgusted with them when they showed a home in Utah that basically violated every building code known to man to board up their home with plywood and make it look like a castle......illegal as all hell and they broadcasted that....the people ONLY get away with it because the ones father is a big shot on the city council.
  11. Not going 100% pixels, have the pixels and controllers just slacked on it. No more standard lights next year.
  12. Awesome! I'm glad the snow didn't mess anything up! It's pretty funny someone asked me from Florida how the ground wiring is hidden, I said well in Utah we use snow to hide all our ground wiring. We needed the white stuff sadly but it sure does make pixel colors so much more amazing that's for sure.
  13. Out of 6 devices I tried my iPhone made the best video. I tried a GoPro 4, Sony HD camcorder, Sony action cam, Galaxy s6, Sony z2 tablet. The tablet did ok on party and fireworks settings but the android phone looked terrible on same settings. Final Cut Pro on MAC works great for editing but isn't cheap. It also can clean things up some. The biggest issue I found was with the auto focus on every device. The flashing lights cause it to go bonkers.
  14. PE is pretty sweet the more you use it, grouping makes the effects so different also and then mixing two effects together....it's pretty sweet. I'm enjoying tinkering with it. That effect at .33-.39 looks like curtain effect on grouped items, open-close
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