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  1. Remember, you don't have to create the visualizer exactly as the hardware. My pixel tree is just like Brians except I am DMX and I treat each string as one strand, even though I fold just like you mentioned (granted I'm one fold vs your two). You have a few options to map the folds, use zig zag in the controller or physically map in the software.
  2. Can you give more info? Are you having issues with visualizer, SE, SS, PE...?
  3. Totally agree. S4 is a stripped down, old version of xlights, except not free. I do like the work Brian did in SS and DMX. But overall, agree with sax, not good.
  4. I had the same problem. As stated above, get the comm listener running and it should work. For me, I had no lor adapters configured. I did have dmx configured. Not sure if network configuration matters though.
  5. Brian- your update worked for me. Thank you.
  6. Ron, in my experience yesterday my rows and columns were messed up. I swapped the two and things fell into place. I mentioned this to Brian but haven't heard back. Maybe try and swap your row and column entries and see if you get better results. I noticed this issue because keywords worked, but parameters didn't. Also, I had to put the row at 0. In my case, row is actually a column. If I put 1, it would skip the first column.
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