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  1. Pixie 8 controller locking up

    Actually you CAN load them directly from the Hardware Editor. You do however have to have firmware version 1.03 (If I recall correctly)
  2. for the 1st time, I am trying to run a show with my Pixie 8 using standalone mode. Everything is going ok till now. I was running my program testing one of the ports. I noticed that after running for about 10 minutes or so, it will lock up! If I poser cycle the unit, it will run again for a while. Another "symptom" is that it seems to lock up at the same point every time (toward the front of the program) My program runs for 45 seconds and them repeats. (there are areas with loops inside so the actual run time is longer than that. Please help thanks!
  3. Pixie 8 controller locking up

    Still searching for some knowledge or assistance as I am close to "launching" for the 1st time and I am "dead" in the water without this being fixed.
  4. Pixie 8 controller locking up

    I appreciate the reply. My situation may be different as I am running in stand alone mode (no PC and not network hooked up) and no music as well.
  5. I am running a Pixie 8. I finally have my sequence programed and sent to the board (after many revisions and downloads). I noticed that my sequence will run ok for a while and repeat (45 second sequence). After a few minutes however, the pixie 8 will lock up and stop (with lights frozen on after the last command was sent). I have reloaded the sequence several times and turned off the Pixie 8 off and on several times as well. I am running a 12 volt system with WS801 from a 30 AMP power supply and at this time, only 100 led's as I am still in a testing phase. The sequence is set to control 350 led's. Please help as this is my 1st season and I want to get this "off the ground"
  6. I am using a pixie 8 board. I am creating a tree for the 1st time. I have 10 "strands" of 20 pixels each. I am trying to operate 100 pixels pre channel (200 pixels in total) for the main tree and then a 3D star with 6 sides of 25 pixels each which I am controlling on 2 channels (75 per channel). I have noticed during my testing that my 100 pixel channels are not "replaying" correctly. I am using sequence editor and programming the Pixel 8 to be used with stand alone (newer firmware was installed). Inside the sequence editor, the "view animation" shows the show working correctly. Is there a limit of the amount of pixels per channel? If so, why does it show correctly during the animation sequence? Any help would be great!!
  7. Pixie 8 V-2 limit of pixels per port

    Ran test and I believe you have me back on track THANKS is not enough. This is my 1st season and a "simple" tree for most of you but I am VERY excited!
  8. Pixie 8 V-2 limit of pixels per port

    Interesting! You may have helped me a lot. I noticed that my Config was se to 75 pixels with a logical resolution of 50. I set both to 110 / 100 and I will re-download it and try it.
  9. Pixie 8 Controller

    I am a "Newbie" and I have a Pixie 8 controller. I was under the impression that his controller will work as a stand a lone. I see on the web pages that it is "coming" as stand a lone? It has Version 1.02 firmware on it. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Pixie 8 Controller

    I checked the firmware list again, Yes I mis-typed but CTB08 IS a Pixel 8??? Please see below CTB08 professional 8 channel controller latest firmware version
  11. Pixie 8 Controller

    inquiring in regards to the firmware as this card is to be standalone eventually and wondering about the status of this topic
  12. Pixie 8 Controller

    Had another thought. This card is listed as a Pixie 8D. I looked online under firmware and I see that there is several listed under "CTD08" How do I know which one is the correct one?
  13. Newbie class question. Do I need to have a "Pro" license as well as purchase Super Star Software? I may want to use Super Star software instead of sequence editor but I am not sure if it would work if I do not purchase the pro upgrade. Currently, I have the "Basic Plus" license. Thanks!
  14. Pixie 8 Controller

    Thank you for all of your replies. Yes to clarify better, I am wanting to send "commands" to the Pixel 8, have it save the settings and work all by it's self with only a power supply and led pixels attached to it. I will contact the help desk to check on minimum requirements. Thanks!
  15. Is it possible to have the Pixie 8 run both WS2801 as well as WS2811 at the same time? If so, how can it be configured to do that? Both led's will be running 5 volt. I already have my tree constructed with WS2801 and I am adding a star on top which would be easier with WS2811 (less wire to deal with) Any tips / Suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  16. Pixie 8 running WS2811 and WS2810

    Ok thanks for the quick reply. I was afraid of that but I was hoping that I could "split" the card into 2 separate "controllers".
  17. Pixie 8 running WS2811 and WS2810

    OOPS! I ment to say WS2801 in the subject line!!
  18. I have created a animation in pixel editor. I am very new to all of this. I have successfully connected my Pixel 8 to my PC and I can run the Pixel console to test the lights. How do I get the "animation" that I created "exported" to the Pixie 8? Any advise / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to run the Pixie 8 in stand alone mode with the animation.
  19. LOR Newbie / Pixel Editor W/ Pixie 8

    I can not thank EVERYONE for the fantastic reply's! I will be looking into all of the suggestions and ideas provided to me. At this time, I guess I need to decide which will be the best for me between a PRO license -or- license for SuperStar. If anyone has suggestions to help me decide the best area to put my money I would appreciate it! To help you better, at this time (LOL) I am only looking at a Christmas Tree, 3-D type Star on top of it, and maybe a few arches in the lawn. I also am trying to keep it in a stand alone configuration where once programmed, I will not need a computer running to have the "show" run. Thanks again!
  20. LOR Newbie / Pixel Editor W/ Pixie 8

    Thank you for your reply. My version of Pixel Editor is V4.3.18 License Level is Basic Plus Disappointed that I will not be able to use Pixel Editor (without upgrading license) as my wife is already questioning my startup costs LOL. If I do proceed with Superstar, can you tell me please what level I would need to upgrade to? All of the 2_CCR 4_CCR 8_CCR etc.confuses me :-) Will the SuperStar also accommodate a "STAR" on top of the tree as well?