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  1. Pixie 8 Controller

    I checked the firmware list again, Yes I mis-typed but CTB08 IS a Pixel 8??? Please see below CTB08 professional 8 channel controller latest firmware version
  2. Pixie 8 Controller

    inquiring in regards to the firmware as this card is to be standalone eventually and wondering about the status of this topic
  3. Pixie 8 Controller

    Had another thought. This card is listed as a Pixie 8D. I looked online under firmware and I see that there is several listed under "CTD08" How do I know which one is the correct one?
  4. Newbie class question. Do I need to have a "Pro" license as well as purchase Super Star Software? I may want to use Super Star software instead of sequence editor but I am not sure if it would work if I do not purchase the pro upgrade. Currently, I have the "Basic Plus" license. Thanks!
  5. Pixie 8 Controller

    Thank you for all of your replies. Yes to clarify better, I am wanting to send "commands" to the Pixel 8, have it save the settings and work all by it's self with only a power supply and led pixels attached to it. I will contact the help desk to check on minimum requirements. Thanks!
  6. Pixie 8 Controller

    I am a "Newbie" and I have a Pixie 8 controller. I was under the impression that his controller will work as a stand a lone. I see on the web pages that it is "coming" as stand a lone? It has Version 1.02 firmware on it. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Pixie 8 running WS2811 and WS2810

    Ok thanks for the quick reply. I was afraid of that but I was hoping that I could "split" the card into 2 separate "controllers".
  8. Pixie 8 running WS2811 and WS2810

    OOPS! I ment to say WS2801 in the subject line!!
  9. Is it possible to have the Pixie 8 run both WS2801 as well as WS2811 at the same time? If so, how can it be configured to do that? Both led's will be running 5 volt. I already have my tree constructed with WS2801 and I am adding a star on top which would be easier with WS2811 (less wire to deal with) Any tips / Suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  10. LOR Newbie / Pixel Editor W/ Pixie 8

    I can not thank EVERYONE for the fantastic reply's! I will be looking into all of the suggestions and ideas provided to me. At this time, I guess I need to decide which will be the best for me between a PRO license -or- license for SuperStar. If anyone has suggestions to help me decide the best area to put my money I would appreciate it! To help you better, at this time (LOL) I am only looking at a Christmas Tree, 3-D type Star on top of it, and maybe a few arches in the lawn. I also am trying to keep it in a stand alone configuration where once programmed, I will not need a computer running to have the "show" run. Thanks again!
  11. LOR Newbie / Pixel Editor W/ Pixie 8

    Thank you for your reply. My version of Pixel Editor is V4.3.18 License Level is Basic Plus Disappointed that I will not be able to use Pixel Editor (without upgrading license) as my wife is already questioning my startup costs LOL. If I do proceed with Superstar, can you tell me please what level I would need to upgrade to? All of the 2_CCR 4_CCR 8_CCR etc.confuses me :-) Will the SuperStar also accommodate a "STAR" on top of the tree as well?
  12. I have created a animation in pixel editor. I am very new to all of this. I have successfully connected my Pixel 8 to my PC and I can run the Pixel console to test the lights. How do I get the "animation" that I created "exported" to the Pixie 8? Any advise / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to run the Pixie 8 in stand alone mode with the animation.