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  1. Mguinn34

    CCB-II in Visualizer

    Really would like to have a correct setup in LOR visualizer using CCB-II 100 bulbs per string x2. Since you can't use anything above 50 pixels/bulbs, how do you resolve this? Or do i really have to set up like 4 different Unit ID's and strings just to get a visual? I don't use pixel editor or superstar. (Straight shooter!) Thanks.
  2. Mguinn34

    CCB 2 w/ 2 string of 100 bulbs each

    And if you don't use superstar....?
  3. Mguinn34

    Two Strings - One Unit ID

    Would like to find the solution as well, same issue.
  4. Mguinn34

    Pixels on Vizualizer

    Ordered some pixels and pixabulbs for this upcoming year. Using a e682 device. Wondering how to set up roof lines and etc. on visualizer, never have used RGB before. Would say I am well educated using normal setup in visualizer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!