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  1. Eric, I don't quite understand what you are asking for. I made a video of how I deal with different prop arrangements within the Preview. Not sure if this is what you are asking about or if it will help you, but take a look and see how I deal with it. Hope this helps, Alan...
  2. @MattBrown I remember way back, when S5 was first released being teased with users having the ability to create our own 3rd Party Motion Effects. I went back to the first pdf's when S5 was released and found this. Is still going to happen? If so, can you explain a little about the steps needed to do this and when this might happen? TIA, Alan...
  3. @BrianBruderer In another thread you mentioned this, Did this get fixed for 5.4.0? TIA, Alan...
  4. @MattBrown These are some very nice additions to SE. 👍 😁 Once a sequence has been modified in 5.4.0 is it backwards compatible with 5.3.12? or is it once we modifty a 5.3.12 sequence in 5.4.0, that we can't go back to 5.3.12? Similar to 5.3.X back to 5.24 - caused an error and would not load a sequence. As a general precaution I went ahead and backed up all my sequences to a 5.3.12 folder just in case. I only got to go thru the What's New and test out some of the additions briefly tonight. I look forward to editing sequences with some of the new enhancements this weekend. Thanks for enhancements. Alan...
  5. default


    Here is a short demo of how the Peek-A-Boo effect works. It is a sub movement feature of the Picture and text Effects. Have a look at the video. Alan...
  6. Verifer Errors and a whole lot of other info about S5 can be found here. Not sure all messages are accurate, seems to me there was discussion about that alwhile ago. Alan...
  7. Dennis, That's up to you. If you are happy wilth your existing trees, and already have sequences for them then the goal should be to get what you already in S4 to work in S5. Since they are traditional lights and ac controllers it is easy to do. I am making tutorial video(s) on how to make a S5 (.lpeprop) for the Holiday Coro Sing Trees prop. Since there is 3 ways to light them (smart pixels, dumb pixels, and traditional lights) it requires a different approach to each type of light. Now that I know you will be using ac controllers I can fine tune and make this tutorial first for ac controllers. How many trees do you have? (i'm guessing 4) If more than 1, how are they setup, ie. do all act as 1, or do they all have different mouth movements independently from one another. If you can post the channel configs for each tree, I can really fine tune the video for you and post the resulting .lpeprop for you to use or experiment with. S5 has a learning curve, it is different than S4, but once you understand it, you will get comfortable with it as well. There are a lot of good folks here that can/will help in your transition. Yes, I actually enjoy making props more than I do sequencing for them 😀. That in part is why I like to make tutorial videos for making props, if you understand how the prop is built, how it will work, ie. groups I think it is much easier to understand S5 in general. Alan... Alan...
  8. Yes, I found it easier to do it this way. If you set up your S5 Preview the same as your S4 Preview (channel order) then it just a quick and easy copy/paste process. Here is a video I made a couple of years ago, it was made not long after S5 was released and we were all learning how to do different things. The screens and layout has changed because the video was done in ver 5.0.16 and a lot has changed since then. The basic info is still valid though, it should answer your question. The copy/paste of my singing faces is near the begining. I am also working on a S5 Holiday Coro Singing Tree .lpeprop. Are your trees smart or dumb pixels? Alan...
  9. Ah maybe that whats going on also. Thanks for that Brian. Alan...
  10. Kenny, That's a very interesting video. I haven't done to much with Papagyo, but am going to experiment with it. Thanks for posting this. One thing I noticed that might be helpful to remember what motion effects are assigned to different mouth movements is to rename the motion effects channels. Just short gif explaining this. Again very nicely done video. Alan...
  11. When you say gobbled up mess are you refering to the Preview or the sequencing or both? I tried importing a vis file with mixed results. I found it easier to recreate the props one at a time in S5, be sure to create Groups. When done export them as .lpeprops. When all the props are created. Open a New Preview for your Whole House Preview. (This will be your main preview) in S5. Import all the props you created and exported 1 at a time and size and place them where you want. When done, this will be your main Preview that you will use to sequence with. Before you get carried with sequencing, be sure your Preview is what you want. A good Preview will make all the difference when it comes to sequencing in S5. The trick here when creating a prop that you already sequenced for in S4 and SS, that you create a Group within the prop to allow you to copy into existing SS effects. In regards to SS, I added a Group in each prop that shows the same grid when I import SS into S5 as it looked and acted like in SS. Use this group when updating from your (previous) SS effects. This might sound difficult, but get easier once you understand the concept. If you need help, just ask. Alan...
  12. The reason you get this error is because I forgot to include the .avi file that is created when SS creates an effect and it is imported into S5 Sequencer, my bad. I included in this post. Download it (remember the directory) then open the sequence with S5, goto File References and point the directory for this file to wherever you downloaded to. See the Gif below. It is just as important that you can also create the SS file yourself using the movies above as a guide. Try that also with a new sequence. Right Click - Save As SS_20200201125236_3858e20ebf29422883d543ffed25fd60.avi Alan...
  13. The video was helpful to show mw whats going on your side. 1 thing I notice is that you have a lot of cross hatching in your preview. The only way I can create this is to put "0" in the "Create Motion Effect Rows" when creating a sequence. Try adding at least 1 Motion Effect Row" when creating a sequence, it'll save you from haiving to add them later. See the video for a better explaination. Also here is a .loredit sequence shown in the video, load that and see if the effects work on here. Do you have Pro License for S5, and do you have a Superstar license for least a 16CCR 800 pixels? Hope this helps. Alan... Right Click- Save As defaults spinner effects.loredit
  14. I think you didn't select enough time in S5 for all the effects. I made a walkthru to show you how I do it, maybe this will help. I also edited the SS .sup file, the new is posted below. Right Click, Save As; blade spinner sprials1.sup Any problems, let me know. Alan...
  15. It took me a few minutes to understand your question. I have changed my lpeprop around some and no longer have the 01 Blade Spinner SE Horz 1 or the 01 Blade Spinner SE Vert1 groups any longer. They still will work I just changed mine up a little. (I'm always experimenting with groups) The group used to sequence in Superstar is labeled 01 Blade Spinner SS. You will need at least a 16CCR 800 pixels Superstar License. Open a new animation with the Blade Spinner as the Preview, then save the file, then select an area of the grid in the 01 Blade Spinner SS group line and right click and select Insert SS Effect. This should open SS. Open the blade spinner sprials.sup (Sample SS effects file) Adjust it to liking then close SS and it should bring it back into S5 Sequencer. Hope this helps. Alan...
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