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  1. ahhh.... Somehow I used strike thru on your quote and now can't edit it out. Alan...
  2. 16 ccr tree

    Have you created a Group for your entire tree? Alan...
  3. snow fall

    Depending on version of LOR software you are using, this is very do able. In the new S5.08 beta, it could be done with the effects generator. It is available here. (keep in mind this a beta release) If you want don't to try the beta of S5, it can be done in the latest S4 ver 4.3.24 downloadable here. Both version use the Effects Generator, in S4 ver 4.3.24, it is available from the Pixel Editor. This gif is actually from the S5 version, but it is very similar to the S4 version of effects generator. I posted it so you could what settings are available for snowflakes. Hope this helps. Alan...
  4. Yes, but that in and of itself is huge for me at least. Maybe people have known this all along, I did not. So when I tried this and realized it could be done this way, it makes it so much easier, and faster to import SS in S5. The only way I knew how to do this before was to copy and paste within S5. This is problematic when copying a prop with 2,400 channels. Currently S5.08's copy/paste routines are buggered to the point it is painful to use. It takes a long time. For instance in the example below it would take me well over an hour (if I was lucky) to copy paste the .lms file into S5. Realistically I could only copy around 150 channels at a time, or I ran the risk of S5 locking up or me falling asleep at the keyboard waiting for it to finish. If I made a mistake and tried to Undo, that added even more time. This way copies the entire prop and sequence that was created in SS, in about 10 seconds. This means all the SS .sup files I have, can be imported and converted to S5 format and by adding another Motion Effect Channel, I can add even more effects to the same sequence and prop using S5. That is what I have been looking for along. One thing I did notice tonight while doing this for some other sequences, is that immediately after importing a .sup file during playback the sequence was sluggish. A quick save, close, and reload and everything played as it should. That tells me S5.08 still has memory issues, which I'm sure LOR is aware of. Here is a screenshot that really tells the story. Intro Matrix.sup - is the Superstar sequence, saved from Superstar. Intro Matrix_sup.lms - is the Superstar sequence Exported as Legacy file. (note how big it got, this is the file that would be needed to copy/pasted into S5) *Edit* Intro.loredit - is the S5 sequence saved after importing using this method, again note the file size. This the file that Show Editor loads and creates a Compressed file from. *Should have read*, This the S5 Edit file and used to create the .play file. The .lcs (compressed) file is the file that actually plays the show. So the actual .play file would be smaller still. What I am not showing you here, is the file size that would be if I were to copy/pasted the Intro Matrix.sup.lms (legacy) into S5. The reason I didn't show it, is that I have much better things to do with my time than to wait on the results of copy/paste, when this way is so much quicker and painless. Another benefit, I think, is that if I decide to change the .sup file. I can change it in SS, then re-import in a matter of seconds back into S5. I thought, this was one of the things you were looking for in S5 also, hence the excited PM to tell you about this. Alan...
  5. S5 Superstar Request

    Thanks for the conversation tonight. I tried some of the things we talked about and importing an entire .sup file works great! I had not thought of doing it this way, I'm glad you mentioned it. I made a quick tutorial to show others. Thanks again, Alan...
  6. I talked with Brian (from Superstar) tonight about an another issue. During our conversation, he mentioned some things that tickled my brain that I had not thought of before. Maybe some of you know this, I didn't and for me it's a game changer. Background: Some of us had concerns over how to import/insert our saved Superstar files into S5 Sequencer. Most people I know about are saving the Superstar files as a Legacy .lms file, then loading that into S5 Sequencer and copy/pasting into the main sequence. S5.08 currently has issue with copy/paste in that it takes a looooong time to do this. So for those of us who wanted to still sequence in mainly Superstar but still take advantage of the features in S5 Sequencer, this works well. I can't/don't take credit for discovering this, like I said Brian tickled my brain and it got me to try this, and it worked! One very nice thing that is a result of this, is that it keeps the overall file size much, much smaller than copy/pasting did. I don't have any numbers to compare because quite frankly I got tired of waiting for the copy/paste to finish. Give this a try and see what you think. I'm stoked, this is huge for me. The video show an easy, quick and painless way to import you whole .sup file into S5 Sequencer. Alan...
  7. Uncompressed avi file?

    I use a program called AVSVideoEditor. It is part of suite of programs, including audio, video, photo etc.. There web site is here AVS4YOU.COM I have used it for years and it works for me very well. They video editor is capable of creating uncompressed .avi files. If you have one or two sequences, and they are not huge, you can PM me for my email and I can convert them for you. Alan...
  8. Preveiw Not Copying All Groups

    Oh Mike, Never admit that here. it's OK to say "the whatmajiggy was acting up, so I smacked it a couple of times with my bottle opener, that did the trick". We will think highly of you for your technical skills. Just kidding, glad you got it going. Alan...
  9. I'm really trying to understand this but it's not sinking for me. You say you have One 16 pix e1.31 controller running off of ethernet port. You also say you have 5 lor controllers running off of a Black USB-R485 with 2 pix controllers? What are the other 3 controllers? Please explain "pix 2 controller" I don't know what a "pix 2 controller" is. How many channels does it run? The point of asking you these question is to determine how many channels you are running on a regular LOR network? (thru the USB485 adapter) It may be time to upgrade to an additional network (not a big deal) with a USB-RS485-HS High Speed USB to RS485 Adapter. If you go this route you will also need an Advanced License or higher. k6ccc had a very good suggestion to Create a show and run the sequences from there. Did you try this? The reason it is helpful is because Sequence Editor (by default) saves a .lcs (a compressed) copy of your sequences when it saves. Show Creator also creates a .lcs (compressed) copy of your files when it's processes it for the first time. Running a compressed sequence is much less taxing on your PC, than running them straight thru Sequence Editor. One more thing to look at would your settings in LORNetworkConfiguration, maybe during your upgrade your channel speed got changed? Trying to help Alan...
  10. S5 Superstar Request

    Email Sent Thanks Alan...
  11. S5 Superstar Request

    Edit: This is with S5 .0.8 Brian, I just tried what you suggested and while it did work it took some doing to get there. While in the opened version of SS from S5 Sequencer if I try and "Save" I am presented with the following warning. If I try and "Save As" I am presented with this box. It defaults to the LORInternal directory and wants to save as an .xml file. If I change the extension to .sup and point it to the directory I want to save in, it does. If I do it a few times, I also have to be aware of the file name, it defaults to SuperStarRequest.xml for every file, every time. This means I have to make sure I change the filename each time for each different prop. When I open a new version of SS (with going thru Sequencer) it fails to load because it doesn't have the proper .lee assigned to it. If I enter the viz files,that I use, then it shows up. However in the case of my Blade Spinner because S5 creates a totally different preview than my .lee files, the sequences are way off. That's seem like a lot to go thru, just for a saved file. If you want these .lee files and/or Prop files to look at, let me know. Alan...
  12. Cindy, I'm a little confused also. Just to clarify, are you saying that when you run the sequences with the USB485 attached to the PC, that the display shown on the PC "sticks and stutters" or is it the actual props hooked to your controllers that "sticks and stutters"? If it is the PC screen that "sticks and stutters", what happens on the props when this is happening? Is this a HiSpeed USB485 (Red) or Black? When you say upgraded to new S4, is it 4.3.24? It would also be helpful to know what controllers you have. Sorry for al the questions, but in this case more info is needed for us to be helpful. Alan...
  13. S5 Superstar Request

    Brian, While using S5, and the Insert Superstar Mode, it opens SS fine and I can sequence away. I am warming up to sequencing SS this way, but I have a concern and wondered if it going to be addressed with updates to S5. Before S5, when I sequenced only in SS, I saved very often in case of a crash (which were rare ) or I would save, if I liked what I had to that point, but wanted to experiment without losing what I had done so far. ie. color changes, timing, etc.. The current way S5 requires SS input doesn't allow for saves within SS. Is this something that can added? Today while sequencing a 30 second time period, I normally would have saved 20 or so times. A lot of times I don't have any idea what I am going to do in SS, I just start and play around with effects, timimgs and colors until I get what I like. This involves a lot modifications to effects while I am in the middle of the process, saving often helped. I always had a point in the sequence I could go back to if things went awry. TIA Alan...
  14. USB connectors

    Firstly, Welcome to the Forums There are only 2 USB to RS485 Adapters. More than likely with that many controllers you had a Red HiSpeed adapter. Even if you didn't for $2.00 more it would be worth it to get the HiSpeed adapter. Here is a link to both and a primer about what the adapters do. Alan... USB-RS485-HS (Hi Speed) USB-RS485 Communications Adapter http://www1.lightorama.com/converters/ Adapter Info
  15. Only 11 of 16 Strings Working

    Glad you got this sorted out. I'll throw this out there for you. As you add controllers to your system it can/will get more confusing, especially as time passes, year to year. This is what I do to keep track of whats what in my setup. You don't have to it this way, but I would encourage you to at least jot down your current info somewhere to aid your memory. I created a spreadsheet, snapped a picture of it and put the picture in my LOR directory. Alan...