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  1. default


    Yes, now I see that. lol 😊 Pedro, still yes to your question. If you can't get .avi to work re-render it as a .wmv Alan...
  2. default

    Sequencer Pencil Pointer

    Does it help you to expand the sequencing grid bigger so you can see it better? As shown above. Alan...
  3. default


    Pedro, That's a pretty long video, not sure why you would want to do that. Yes you should be able to, as long as the video is rendered in a way that is compatible with S5. I think it is AVI uncompressed or the wmv format. 2 1/2 hours for a sequence is a long time, but if you can do it, go for it. Alan...
  4. Jack, Here is a step by step video I started to make alwhile ago. I had made a huge mistake in it and put it aside. I found it again, and made the corrections. This should further explain how I made this diamond prop. It gives some insight into building props within S5. Note near the begining, you must use a "Enhanced Network" for this prop. It shows the setting you need to set. Hope this helps. Alan...
  5. Jack, With the exception of a terminolgy word change - Yes, that is what I did. Rather than use the word "channel" (to avoid confusion for actual rgb channels) I would use the word "sections". Would be more accurate to say I named the sections the way I did, to ease the confusion in keeping track of the 64 sections. I did a lot of copying and in doing that it renames the prop. The key to understanding the 64 sections is in the naming. (diam 01 01) is diamond side 1 diamond 1 (diam 02 01) is diamond side 2 diamond 1 (diam 03 01) is diamond side 3 diamond 1 (diam 04 01) is diamond side 4 diamond 1 (diam 02 01) is diamond side 1 diamond 2 (diam 02 02) is diamond side 2 diamond 2 etc. Here is the .lpeprop file for this diamond prop. Feel free to download and play around with it, both in Preview Design and applying effects to it in Sequencer. Diamond Prop.lpeprop (Right Click - Save As) Here is also a short gif from the Preview design that shows how each diamond is constructed in relationship to the other diamonds. Hope this helps. Alan...
  6. default


    Jred, Welcome to the forums. There is a lot of infromation here. I did a quick search and came up with a thread that is good reading to help you understand how a projector works with LOR. Have a read, and ask questions if needed. Alan...
  7. default

    What upgrade

    Jerry, Not sure what version you are asking about but if you go here http://www.lightorama.com/help/ and click the What's new link, you can go through all of the release notes for every version of the LOR Software Suites. Those should tell you what version the new auto sequence feature in SS was added. Hope that helps. Alan...
  8. default

    Sequencer Pencil Pointer

    Noooooo !!!... don't take my pencil away... lol 😱 It actually serves a very useful purpose. It changes from Arrow (Select Mode) to Pencil (Edit Mode) and designates you what mode you are in. If you are having hard time seeing the tip, try chainging your grid size. Honestly the tip of the arrow and the tip of the pencil are both hard to see if your grid is too small. Easy fix, change the grid size. Alan...
  9. default

    Define a sub-section of a prop

    Here's a short video I did after playing around with Sub Sections and props. I think this more of what people in this thread are asking about. Alan...
  10. Rick, The pictures (previously posted) show what the frame I made looks like. I added more screws with fender washer to the face, at the time of the pictures it was still being put together. The pictures show front and back of the frame. I did not drill any extra holes in the faces for wind to pass through. I do my lighting stuff in the spring/summer/fall months in the Pacific Northwest. We do have occasional storms with some wind. So far so good. This could vary in your location though. If you are concerned about wind, along with drilling holes to allow wind to pass thru, you could also put additional struts (vertical or horzontial) to reduce the open areas exposed to the wind. The center seam is where I made sure to add more screws and fender washers. This prop has been outside in wind, rain and direct sun for months at a time, and I haven't seen any issues. The only thing I would do different is to use a 12mm step up bit for drilling the holes. I used a 1/2" step up bit and if you drill though the full 1/2" the hole can be to big to securely hold the pixel. Although with coro-plast there is a tiny room for error, unlike thin aluminium. I did have to silicone in a bunch of my pixels because I drilled some of the holes to big. Drilling a test hole in a scrap piece of coro-plast with a 12mm would be a good way to make sure the pixels will "snap in" and not come out without a little force pulling them. Since I built this prop, I now access to a table router, that I can drill exact 12mm holes, and they fit very snug. As posted earilier in the thread GrenzTravis (Travis) also made this prop. In his picture he also put a lot of fastners along the middle seem. I'd suggest PM'ing him to give his thought also. I look forward to pictures of a completed prop, and even some video. I have posted what I use for a .lpeprop and some sample sequencing in the post above. Any thing else you need, just ask. Hope this helps. Alan... Framing picture, from the back side. Note the center struct down the seem of the corroplast. I have added a bunch more screws and fender washers to the face to secure the corroplast down better. GrenzTravis's build of the same prop. Note the attachments along the seem. This is a 1/2" step up bit. It is what I used. I'd suggest getting a step up bit, with the last step being 12mm. The "Stop here / Not here" on the picture is for the 1/2" step up bit, but it is really hard not to go all the way through if the bit grabs the materail and pulls it through. Again, do your self a favor and use a 12mm step up bit.
  11. default

    S5 DMX sequencing for moving heads

    Phil, I got them off Amazon. Link Here These are not so good for outdoor use. They do work, just not as bright as I wanted. I was looking at some that allowed the user to create thier own gobo's. Thought it would be neat to have the Bat Signal. 😊 Alan...
  12. default

    S5 DMX sequencing for moving heads

    Eric, Sorry it took longer to do this video than I had intended. I got interupted all day today. I was going to show you how to sequence for another prop, but I went ahead and hooked up a moving head light just so it would be easier to follow. The video should get you started. The best way to sequence for moving head lights I have found is to have them working and sequence them live. That way you can see where the beam is, it's color, etc. A picture that represents basic movements and dmx values will be handy when deciding where to move the beam to. This explained in the begining of the video. Hope this helps. Alan...
  13. default

    S5 DMX sequencing for moving heads

    Eric, I have a 9 channel dmx prop that I can show you with a gif how it works, how it's setup, how I sequence it. Let me know. Matts comments above give the glue to whats wrong. Alan...
  14. Dennis, Here's the .lpeprop and a short gif showing how this prop is setup. Hope this helps. Alan... dennis star2.lpeprop
  15. Dennis, This is what I came up with. there are 10 stars, 9 of the stars are copies of star1 and stars 2 - 10 use star1 as the master prop. This create 10 copies of the star that all show the same sequence effects as star1. Is this what you are looking for. I can post the .lpeprop if you want to look at it. Keep in mind by setting up your 10 stars this way you are limited as to how you can sequence, but you must have a reason. Sample of the stars in action. Alan...