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  1. I have an web space on godaddy. I just create a screenshot, ftp it to the server, then copy the link into the forum. Alan...
  2. I missed that also, haven't used the "simple config screen" forever. When I posted in the thread below, I even included a picture for people to press the "Advanced" button to ensure they would see the Enhanced box. It's good to get other eyes on the issue. Alan...
  3. Are we talking about the Enhanced Column? or where the checkbox is for picking an Enhanced Network is located? As other have said it, it is where it also has been, maybe they are not clicking on the Network to bring up the next dialog box. This pic is from S5, but it hasn't changed as far as I can tell. Alan...
  4. Matt, Is it possible to include an angle indicator when rotating props in Prop Design? It is very handy in other programs and I think it would be handy when trying to match multiple props angles. The gif is an example of what I am asking about. TIA Alan...
  5. LOL, c'mon Dad. She did a great job on the sequencing, it's good to see the family involved in this hobby. The one thing that caught my eye is that during the dark parts (lights off) was the light pole in front of the door remained on during the entire sequence, not a big deal but it was distracting to me, waiting for it to go off. That said, in no way is am I trying to take away from her sequencing abilities or the entire layout of props. It all looked very nice. Alan...
  6. Very Nice ! Was this sequenced and run entirely with S5? Alan...
  7. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    A drone video wasn't enough? you had to get the Sheriffs and their helicopter involved . That's very cool. Enjoying the videos. Alan...
  8. 2016 contest

    Very Nice Dennis, is there a prize involved? Alan...
  9. controller issues

    I can see a lot of info is being thrown at you, but what is being talked about with Network Preferences is this. I'll bow out of this conversation now, your in capable hands just wanted to show you a picture of Network Preferences. Alan...
  10. Maximum # of channels per network?

    In this thread, I posted pics and a general walk through of how to add a network. This is what I am working on as a tutorial (to clean it up a bit). Also a helpful reminder as you add networks, create a cheat sheet or notes about your setup, you'll will forget all this next year. It really helps as your setup gets bigger and bigger. There is an example of what I do in this thread also. Alan...
  11. Maximum # of channels per network?

    Yes, with a hub you can add more networks even with 2 USB ports on your PC. (looking for post that I did, showing pics of how I have setup) Alan...
  12. Maximum # of channels per network?

    It's funny you asked this, I was going to ask the same thing tonight for different a reason. I am starting to work on an updated tutorial about how to add networks to an LOR show and wanted to know this info to help people decide whether or not they should add a network(s). It seems with the popularity of Pixies, mainly the Pixie16 and the Pixcon16, those 2 controllers comprise a lot of channels and people have been having issues with networks and Pixies this year. You may already know, but the way to figure out channels for smart RGB's is to count the the Leds, then times by 3 for RGB. For example a Pixie16 with 16 strands of LEDs having 50 LEDs per strand would be 16 (strands) X 50 LED's (per strand) = 800 LEDs X 3 (RGB channels) = 2,400 channels. A little history on networks, years ago before LOR introduced the 500K speed and Intensity Files, the general consensus seemed to be 900 channels per network, anything above that would/could cause lag depending on the level of sequencing commands. Obviously since the 500K speed and Intensity Files were introduced that number has gone up. I have researched it in the forums and have not been able to find the what is the limit of channel per network either. When I bought my Pixie16 I was concerned about that many channels (2,400) per network. The help desk assured me 1 - 500K network would run a Pixie16 just fine and indeed it has. It would seem by your channel count that you have come close or passed the limit of channels per network. Since you are experiencing lag, and your channel count per your 1 network is so high, another network would help you. In my setup I use 1 network for each Pixie16. I maybe able to run more channels per network, but this has worked for me. Between S5 Sequencer and Superstar I have a lot of sequencing commands being sent over the network to the Pixie16's. I not saying 2,400 channels is the limit, that is just what I go by. The RS485HS is only $31.95, so it easy and cheap to add a network to run the show from a PC. It also helps to establish a limit of channels you run, because editing props to new networks can be a pain later after the your sequencing is done. Hopefully others will weigh in with their thoughts / experiences. Alan...
  13. Lor animation sequences

    Just so you know, the .las (animation) and .lms (musical) files from LOR are actual xml files. If you open any non protected .las or .lms file in notepad the first line you will see is The issue you ran into was because for some reason, MS browers have always seen that it is a .xml file regardless of the file extension and will change it to .xml file extension. Your options are to download it and rename from a .xml extension to either a .las (animation) or .lms (musical) Or do what you did, use another browser to download it and not have to play MS's game. heh, not a big fan of IE either. Just curious if MS Edge would also do this? Anyway, glad you got it sorted out. Alan.
  14. Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow

    Just a thought, if the movie route doesn't work out for you, you could also use the Countdown effect in PE. Alan...
  15. A good way to go about this, is to look at others peoples displays, and see if they have a prop or props you like. Then figure out if it will work with your property and the rest of your show. If you see a prop(s) that you like capture a screenshot and post it asking question about it. Chances are good, someone here has one, or at the very least can help you figure out how to build and light it. I don't use them (yet) but there is Easy Light Linkers that send the data to the controllers wirelessly, so you would only need to get power to a remote location. Lots of possibilities. Alan...