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  1. I read your description multiple times and I still am not sure what you want. Most of this depends on how you have your Arches props setup. Can you create a new animation sequence (no need to add any effects) save it, and send the .loredit to me. That would help a lot. It's hard to visualize what you are without knowing what you have. I'll pm you my email. Just for grins, I created a preview with 16 arches, and tried to do what I understand you to be asking for. Below is what I came up with. It's animated gif of fire, I rotated the gif and applied it as a picture motion effect. Alan... The animated gif I used.
  2. I've never heard anything back on renaming files so they would work with MIpp. I don't use it, but it seems like this would work. Bulk Renaming Utility. Alan...
  3. I recently went back to 5.2.4 on my Sequencing machine but found that that version has issues with animated gifs. (blocking, stutters, etc.) It makes sequencing difficult for timings and looks like crap during playback. I just went back to 5.3.12 in the hopes that the Show player issues were fixed. Sully's comment is interesting and worth a try. My show pc has always been an earlier version, since it only plays the show, no sequencing. I will not be able to test this until spring. Alan..
  4. I asked this question years ago and found the thread that Matt answered. 3rd post the thread. Alan...
  5. Why not put all the trees into 1 preview, you can still sequnce them individualy? Just a thought. Alan...
  6. Bob W, Nice tutorial, good to see others creating them. 👍 The KISS approach is by far the easier (if using 10 pixels per leg), but in my view also limits the way in which you can apply effects to individual effects to the model. Your right about the 45 pixels, but that's what the OP specified. I wasn't sure if the trees were already physicaly built that way hence the reason I did it the way I did. By using the Tree model and setting 1 string of 50 pixels per tree, means those last 5 pixel will light wherever they happen to land (ie not on the tree). This means you would have to tape them up (cover them). By doing it the way I did it, those last 5 pixels are not addressed in the Start/End circuit, thus they will not light (no need to cover them). Everybody has the same tree models and the effects are the same for all who use those. This is a lame analogy but maybe it will help understand what I am trying to explain. If you have a car and it was created as a model (whole unit) and you decide to paint the car another color, you have to paint the entire car that color (doors, windows, lights) etc. That is the limitations of the software and the model. If the car was created using pieces you can now change the color of the pieces individualy (door, trunk lid, hood) etc. depending on how many pieces make up the model. Granted right now I might be content with a car that is only one color, but possibly as my experience in painting (sequencing) increases I do not want to go back and recreate the car (and alter existing sequences) so that I can paint (sequence) it another way later on. That is my main reasoning for creating props that are more dynamic for sequencing from the start. Creating simple props is easy, putting some thought into the creation and make up of props offers more possibilites in this hobby down the road and to that end I make it a point to offer alternative ways to build props. It comes down to a I wish I knew now, what I didn't know then. S5 is very powerful and offers a lot of ways to sequence if the props are built with that in mind. Here is a prop I did last year. I built this props many many times in prop design and tested before I even bought the lights/controller. This prop shows how a prop can be designed and used in ways that a simple model could never do. Just food for thought. Alan...
  7. So much stress over something simple. Been there. Now it's time for the Happy Pill. 😁
  8. Brian. Good question. To me the benefit = more ways to sequence for a prop. Example - by building the trees with the tree model, you can sequence the trees as a whole tree, that's it. By breaking the tree into indivdual legs offers another way to sequence the tree invidually or arrange the trees (legs) with different views and have more sequencing options available to you. It's along the lines of the way you can sequence with SS. This way allows you to set the arrangement easier in Sequencer. If you use a utility by ItsMeBobo called AutoFlip, then you can really get creative. Link and thread about AutoFlip below. For me it's personal preference. I like the added options to sequence with. Alan... Some examples of what I am taling about, The legs of the trees were arranged so that I could use a chase with motion effects.
  9. Jim and OP, I was confused by the terminology also. What I understood of it was that the OP wanted 6 trees. Each tree with 5 strings of 9 pixels each for a total of 45 pixels per tree. Each tree will be run from 1 port of a Pixie16, meaning 6 ports will be used. The starting Unit ID for the Pixie16 is to be 10. Each tree is to be controlled seperately. At least that's what I got out of it. Jim, I knew you were working on it, but it became an obession with me to sort out what he wanted and was describing. I created what I think the OP wanted, as attached below. I used bulbs instead of Lines - Unconnected, or Tree samples. I had to do this with my tree as it similar. Anyways here what I came up with. Alan... Each tree has 5 legs of of 9 pixels each. Groups have been made to make it easier to sequence the trees. The Unit ID numbers and Start / End Circuits for the trees. Preview Design page Sample of Motion Effects applied to "sample of 6 trees.loredit preview The sample of 6 trees.loredit I used to create the preview above. Open this file as a sequence and it will show you what I did. To add this to your sequence, Grab all components of the 6 trees and export them to a .lpeprop file. Then import it into your Preview. sample of 6 trees.loredit I would highly suggest making a back up of your Main Preview file and test on it, before adding to you're main Preview.
  10. Sorry I can't offer any real help with S4, it has been so long since I used it. My offer still applies with hosting and posting pics. If you take some snaps of your setup I can post them here, maybe some one will see an issue. To take screen captures (using win 10) Press the Start Button once, then start typing "snipping tool" (there will be no where to type, just start typing) you will see a link to the "snipping tool" app pop up, run it and take your snapshots. You have my email, send them and I will post them in your other thread. Hope this helps. Alan...
  11. If your willing to get your hands dirty with software other than LOR, here is a way I did EQ meters in Jinx. In a nutshell, you use Jinx to display the Eq on the screen and play it, capture it to video, then load it as a picture/movie (gif/.avi) to motion effects in S5. It is not live, it is a recording of the Eq as the song is played. You will need a Video Screen capture program. Here is a link to a couple of links about VU Meters and LOR. It has been discussed before. My post was back when I used Pixel Editor briefly. Same steps still apply. Based on your 10x50 matrix, I created some to gifs to show you what these files would look like in S5. This is the spec analyzer.avi file applied to a movie motion effect on a 10x50 matrix in S5 For some reason, this is a flipped copy of the same spec analyzer.avi file applied to a movie motion effect on a 10x50 matrix in S5 (I have 2 opposing matixes, I wanted to see what it would look like, thus I created it) Here are the spec analyzer.avi files if you want to download them and apply to your matrix to see for your self. The song they are snyc'd to is Looking out my back door by CCR. Right Click - Save As. spec analyzer.avi file bottom up spec analyzer.avi file top down Hope this helps. Alan...
  12. Are these 4 controllers Pixie16"s ? If not what controllers? Alan...
  13. vipzach, just a guess, but what happens if you change the name of the file and remove the "-" from it? This character is generally not acceptable in a file name structure. Check any and all other file names for characters that are not letters or numbers in your show. Alan...
  14. Just out of curiosity, have any of the people with LORMonitor issues looked at the LORMonitor-trace.txt file. Does it give any clues right before it crashes? It's located here C:\Users\pc name\Documents\LORMonitor-trace.txt Alan...
  15. Here's the error I get when trying to load a sequence saved in 5.3.10 back into 5.2.4. Alan...
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