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  1. As I read back through this, this is confusing and I had screwed up the links. I should not have been allowed near a pc yesterday. 🤡 This is how it should have read and the links have been corrected. Right Click and Save As, this file needs the file extension of .lee when you save it. Some browser will try to save it as .xml 32 spoke props sharpin.lee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the Superstar sample files, they need to be saved with a .sup extension Sample Blade Pixels.sup blade effect2.sup blade effect3.sup sample blade.sup bladesequences1.sup sample blades_2.sup sample blades_2.sup Sorry for an confusion. Alan...
  2. Tony, I haven't forgotten this issue. I got your all your files. What I have found so far is that your original FrontTree.lee was corrupted somehow. CCP06 did not show up properly in Superstar when I loaded the FrontTree.lee vis file. I have a copy of S4, so I looked at the original FrontTree.lee file (your copy). It looked fine, but still something was not allowing it to display properly. I deleted CCP06, copied CCP05 renamed it CCP06 and assigned it the proper network and Unti ID number. It now shows correctly (at least it is in the "W" pattern you describe) What I am trying to understand now, is what are you expecting to see with the Front_Tree.sup (SS file) you sent? In viewing the Front_Tree.sup file you sent it is displaying as it is suppose to, but the sequencing makes no sense to me. From what I see in your Front_Tree Sup file, your Scenes are only set to work on the first 3 CCP's, because that's the way you have applied the effect in SS. Here is the modified FrontTree.lpeprop that I made. See if this works in SS for you. If you can explain what exactly you are trying to see with the sequencing of this prop there maybe another way to modify the prop. Do you already have .sup files sequenced that include this tree? FrontTree modified.lee Create another preview by importing just this prop to test it out. Let me know if it works Alan...
  3. default

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    If your not sure how to take screenshots in Windows 10, here is a website for using snipping tool included with Win10. You can then upload the pic here to the forums. Screenshots in Windows 10 using built in Snipping Tool I haven't used S4, for quite alwhile so I would not be much help with the original issue. Alan...
  4. If you are asking about the Blade Spinner - pixel spacing is 1 1/8" between pixels. If you are asking about the Matrix I built, those pixels are spaced 1 1/4" between pixels Alan...
  5. Travis and Mark, This prop (built with a Pixie16) will require at least a 16 CCR license to use in Superstar. To be able to use Motion Effects in S5 you will need the Pro License. Here is the visualization file (.lee) file for the Blade Spinner for use in SS. It was created in S4 Visualizer and modified (to straighten the blades out and to rotate them) with ItsMeBobo' SharpIn program. I use this file in Superstar to give me the grid I wanted to use in SS. It is also the grid that is used when you (right click in S5 SE) Insert Superstar Effects. See the gif below on how to use this .lee file in SS. 32 spoke props sharpin.lee Here are some sample SS .sup files I have created over the years. Some times I just load SS with this prop and start making effects and see where they go. Some effects are incomplete as I was just playing around. They should give some idea on how to sequence for the Blade Spinner. Some are complete and I have used them in Sequences. Change colors and time to match your theme. Right Click and Save As, they need the file extension of .lee when you save them. Some browser will try to save them as .xml SampleBladePixels.sup blade effect2.sup blade effect3.sup sample blade.sup blade sequences 1.sup sample blades_2.sup sample blades_2.sup I don't have many S5 Motion Effects for this prop (yet) I have mostly sequenced this prop in SS, I like the control I have in SS for this prop. In getting some of this info for you guys I have thought of some neat ways to sequence this prop in S5 (Motion Effects) that will happen this winter. If you need help with any of this, let me know. Enjoy Alan...
  6. default

    CCB Sequencing Help Needed

    Welcome to the Forums PakcerGirl, We will need some more info. What version of the software are you using?, and what is you license level? Please update your profile. See the gif below. Alan...
  7. As mentioned in the post above I have a 40 CCR license for Superstar. I think most of the effects from the song War were done in SS. I will put something together and post something here in the next few days. Alan...
  8. Travis, I have added some new Groups to the original Blades Spinner Prop. You can either download this new one or follow along with the video I made showing how new groups can/will change how Motion Effects are displayed on the Blade Spinner and create your own unique groups following the example. If you decide to create your own groups please share the lpeprop I liked to see what people have done with this. 2018 New Blade Spinner Prop I am still working on getting some sequences together. I have many things going on right now and may not get to it until this weekend. I am licensed for 40 CCR's in Superstar so I don't know if those will work for you. At least you can load it into SS and see how I sequenced in SS. Alan...
  9. Wow, Travis, that looks great. You make me feel like a proud papa. If you go back a page in this thread (near the bottom) you will see I posted the Blade Spinner.lpeprop and a gif on how to import the prop into S5. Since you have the Pro License you will be able to use Motion Effects in Sequencer. Do you have Superstar also? if so licensed for how many channels? Motion Effects make this prop easy to sequence for, but SS makes it really come to life. I do have sequencing I can share, however I have nothing Christmas related. I am a fair weather lighter. I spend enough time outside in the winter for work, no need to play in it also. Give me a day or two, to copy some effects into a Animation file, that you will be able to copy into your sequences. Did you build this with a Pixie16 also? Is the first blade at the one o'clock position? going around clockwise as you look at it? This prop can be overpowering in relation to your other props, at least in my case that's what I found. To help with that, I dimmed the effects on this prop to 20%, It still lights fine, just a little easier on the eyes. Again, good job on the build. I think you and your audience will really like this prop. Alan...
  10. default

    Questions on 16 channel starter package

    David, Glad you enjoy the hobby - your in good company here. ✨ In regards to recording your show. Most of us here, dub the original song over the yard recording. Search the Forums for "Movie Editors" or the like. Get one and record your show when the lighting is best. Load the video of your show into a movie editor and mute the original soundtrack. Then load in the music you used for your show, sync it up and you will have a better sounding video. Create an account on Youtube or Vimeo, upload your videos and share the results here. It's theraputic 😀 Alan.
  11. default

    Projector and LOR issues

    Here is a thread to read and maybe help. If not post back with questions. Alan...
  12. default

    New 50 Bullet Pixel Bad out of Box ?

    As Jim said, Contact the Help Desk and reference this thread. It'll get taken care of. I have had 3 strings over the years that arrived not working right. It happens. Keep in mind they are busy this time of year, so the sooner you tell them of the issue that faster it will get resolved. Alan...
  13. default

    Whole House Effects

    Yup, I had this problem also. Mine was with 3 circles that are really 6 arches formed to make 3 circles. As you say everything looked fine in the Preview, but when played on the actual props theses 3 circles did not work as I thought I had sequenced them. I ended up going in and changing the start points and direction of travel for the props. If you are gong to do this I highly recommend you make a couple of copies of your existing Preview before doing any of this. That way you can always go back to your original Preview if it doesn't work for you. What I found is that a group which is setup with a "Use Preview" for the arrangement acts on all the props differently. That is to say the left side of your display is left according to the way the Preview is displayed. So if a effect goes from left to right, but your starting point for a prop is on the right or middle it's doesn't always respond properly. The way I finally figure out what was going on was to make a animation sequence using Bars (blended or bars) as an effect. Go out to the yard and watch the props in action. Pick a direction one at a time. ie. Left, right, up or down. Apply it to the Group with all your props. Watch what happens. If any props do not respond properly. (as you say yours are doing) Those are the props to work on. Look at the setup for those props, is the start pixels right, left? Does changing it make a difference? Your base props (not group) should be layed out the way it is built and wired. Because "Use Preview" doesn't allow you to change orientation of the props, I created a Group called Circle L (left circle) and picking "Vertical Stack" for an arrangement. Then I was able to flip_horizontialy the bottom part of the circle. This moved the starting pixel from left to right for me. I had to do this with all 3 circles, Then I created another Group with all 3 modifed circles and applied the "Use Preview" for this Group. This "Use Preview" group was then added to another group for all my RGB props. (whole house effect) This is the Group that I use to apply whole house effects. See the pictures below that show the different groups. This was maddening for me until I watched what the props were actually doing and where the starting pixel are on the props. Then I started to understand what S5 sequencer was doing and adjusted my props accordingly. As I said before the Bars effect is the easiest to see and understand the direction. I would start with left, right effects, then make sure up, down work also, if so then all the other effects should work properly in respects to direction or rotation. This is hard to explain, but again it is easier to see when observing your props. It is good you are starting testing early, I fear others are going to have the same issue, becuase as you say it all looks good in Sequencer in the house. Hope this helps. Good Luck. Alan...
  14. default

    Worst customer service ever!

    Wow, if this is an issue that caused you to join a forum and then write a complaint, that a upgrade you placed at 11:30pm at night on a Friday did not auto take, you have a long road to travel in this world. Me thinks you pulled the pissed off trigger a little early on this one. LOR is and always has been a great company to deal with. Sometimes in Life Sh&* happens. Enjoy Xlights. Alan...
  15. Tony, First, Welcome to the Forums. Please fill out the Software Version and License info in your Profile. It helps people on the forums at a glance troubleshoot issues. ie. some issues are License level related. Yours issue may not be this but it does help the rest of us see issues early on. Quite frankly, I have shyed away from posting in threads where the OP doesn't have all thier info posted, I've seen to many wasted responses only to find out a license level was the issue. Here's a gif to show you how to do this. Having read your post, I'm thinking I understand your issue, currently I am involved in a major remodel at another location and my thoughts are all about that project. I will pm you my email. If you want, email me your files and I will look at them and see if I can help. Reading about the issue is one thing, seeing it first hand, helps me sort it out. No promises, but maybe there is a workaround. I won't be able to look at it until later tonight. The files I would like to see are a current S5 sequence. You can make a sample Animation Sequence - no music. This will give me your props and thier associated network and Unit id's and how they are arranged in S5 Sequencer. Your Superstar visualization files for Superstar (both the real and row) - This helps me understand how you have the props set up in SS. You can also send a PM to Brian Bruderer, he is the author of SS, ask him to review this thread. Alan...