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  1. -1 In 5.4.2 it's easy enough. Use Sequence Compressor to create the show files, then move them to a seperate PC (if needed) Then run the Hub or Show on Demand to create the show. If this is the way it can stay, I'm ok with it. The whole process got hosed up badly when it changed from creating show files within SE to the Show on Demand creating the files "on the fly" I don't want to go back down that road again. If you need a tut on how to create show files in 5.4.2, ask and I will put one together. Alan...
  2. I remember this being discussed but forgot the deatails. I think this is the post by Matt you are referencing. Alan...
  3. My work around for this was to create another Preview with just the prop(s) I want to see, then sequence to them, when finished, open your Main Sequence and copy them in to those props. I found this to be very handy when sequnceing mouth movements onto my singing faces. The Preview is larger and no other props to distract me. It may not be the only way but it works well for me. Alan...
  4. There are different ways to do it, depending on the version you are using. This is how i create the playback files in 5.4.2. To make the sequence standalone. See this video. This video is for a CMB24D, just pick your controller. Hope this helps. Alan...
  5. Aubrey, I have run into the same issue twice. Here's the thread I started about this issue. I don't know why it happens. So far mine has been ok for the last month. In this thread Matt, suggested creating a help desk ticket, I presume so that they (LOR) could remote into your pc to see whats happening. I see you are running shows now and that may not be a good option for you. Just to clarify. When you installed 5.3.14, then uninstalled it, and reinstalled 5.4.2 did 5.4.2 work for any amount of time? and now it has happened again? As long as you don't open your sequences in 5.3.14, then nothing will change. Keep us informed as to what works and what doesn't. There are only a few of us that this happens to. Alan...
  6. I use both Vortex and Onsrud bits for both 4mm and 10mm coroplast (we call it Corex) The Vortex bit is p/n 5620 and the Onsrud bit p/n is 63-718. I use a feedrate of 200 and a spindle speed of 20,000. Because it is a plastic it can/will melt, I use a steady stream of air to blow the chips away and it does just fine. When cutting across the flutes in the corex it will leave a slightly rough edge, but easily taken care with touch of sandpaper. Cutting lengthwise on the flutes gives a nice clean finish. Holes may leave a small amount of melted chips but they break off very cleanly. You can try using a wax on the bit, but if you are doing 800 holes you will need to stop often and re-apply the wax. I just let it go and flick out the ones that are in the way. If you are drilling holes for LOR pixels, size the hole slighty smaller than 12mm, the pixel will snap in and hold better. Just FYI. What software do you use for CNC? Alan...
  7. David, If you copy the URL from the Vimeo page, like shown below, you can insert it into your post as a preview. Just FYI. Alan...
  8. Tell your daughter she did a fine job !👍 Alan...
  9. Mr Dave, I haven't done much with video projection for a couple of years now. Others wil have better recomendatins for projectors. Here's an old archived post from a couple of years ago, still relevant. There are some video clips in that post. Alan...
  10. John, A quick little video to cure the issue you have. Alan...
  11. Phil. The screen at 14 secs started in 5.4.0 as described below. unless you have clicked the "Do not show this message in the future" it should show every time. Unload Light-O-Rama from the tray, then restart CP, it should show then - unless you have clicked the "Do not show this message in the future" it should show every time you start CP. Normally I do not have CP running, unless I am testing controllers, networks, compressing sequences, etc... I've done it this way for years. I have a Nvidia, which I left windows update. It has worked fine with LOR since the last forced windows update. Alan...
  12. Matt, No I didn't think to do that. Currently it is working and all is good with the "fix" from the video. It has happened to me twice now. If it happens again I will contact the help desk before I try to correct by using the method in the video. Thanks, Alan...
  13. I made a video in real time of what it takes me to get 5.4.2 to work again after just refusing to load. Running LORRegistryWipe does not seem to have any bearing. Phil, I have tried everything I can think of. It seems to me that something gets corrupted over time. By uninstalling 5.4.2, installing 5.3.14 (version before major changes were made - mainly DirectX), then uninstalling 5.3.14, installing 5.3.14 seems to leave something behind in the registry that fixes the issue. that's just a guess on my part, but seems to pan out based on how I can get it to work again. I dunno. Alan...
  14. After reading this I tried to start 5.4.2, which I have been using almost everyday since I last posted about this issue and NO GO, It will load again. PC is shutdown every night, full reboot everyday as always. I haven't tried what I did before which was installing 5.3.14 and then uninstalling it and trying 5.4.2 again. I have other things to do today. Maybe later. Here's what happens in Task Manager as Sequencer is trying to load. Alan...
  15. Mr Dave, I don't currently do Video Projection, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. When I did play around with Video Mapping I learned some things to pass on. You can do Video Mapping without a seperate program, it can be done with a Video Editing software. The features to look for are being able to 1) add/edit multiple tracks 2) scale video/animated gifs 3) change opactiy of the house background picture (or just remove it before you render the final video) 4) since this video will be your media track for your LOR sequence, be sure it will render the final video to a compatible format to use with LOR (saldy I forgot what those formats are, I know .wmv works) Think of video mapping as picture in picture (pip), wherever you place a video, it will then show up on your house in that area. If need be, place a completety black layer as the bottom layer to ensure only your video clips shine thru. (I didn't cover that in the video) I made a video below, to show the basics of how to map a video using a Video Editor program. 2 Programs I have used for Video Mappping are Camtasia https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html tis a little pricey but easy learning curve and very pwoerful video editing capabilities AVS4YOU https://www.avs4you.com/ the video editor comes bundled with a suite of other useful software, audio editor, video convertor, photo editor, and inexpensive. Hope this helps. Alan...
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