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  1. Frank, When I imported the "Arches and Fences IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR" group into another Preview, I noticed it didn't actually import the groups that should have been defined in that group, ie. Arches1&2, Arches3&4, etc. In Prop Design. double click on the " Arches and Fences IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR " group and check to see if yours did. If it didn't, then set them up again like the picture below. Then try it. Let me know. Alan..
  2. Frank, The group named "Arches and Fences IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR" is the only group used for Inserting Superstar Effects from existing Superstar .sup sequences. The other groups within that Preview are just there to show you how I was able to create the Arches and Fences IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR group. The other groups are available and should work, but if they are causing conflict with other props in another Preview then you could just use the "Arches and Fences IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR" group just for Inserting SS Effects, and do all your other sequencing with your other groups you created in S5. Export that group from the Preview you downloaded. and import it to another Preview. In my case that's what I do, I have an "IMPORT FROM SUPERSTAR" group for inserting existing SS sequences into S5 or for using it to sequence new SS effects because it uses a grid in SS I am used to. I have setup other groups for the same props and use them both for SS (new effects- different grid in SS) and Motion Effects in S5 Sequencer. In the example below, that's what it shows; The 2 highlighted props are setup to match the "real" files I have in Superstar. These 2 props are used for Inserting existing SS effects into a new S5 Sequence. Since S5 allows for us to use SS or Motion Effects in a Sequence I want to be able to use the .sup files I had created over the years with S4. In the case of the Blade Spinner I also setup 3 additional groups for that prop, they are primarily used with Motion Effects in S5. They can be used to Insert Superstar Effects, but they will be a different grid than what I am used to working with, still do-able. There is another video on my workflow for rebuilding a Sequence in S5 here. On a side note, both Matt and Brian had some suggestions about additional info I could have included into the original video. I either forgot to include that info, or didn't know we could do things another way. I am working to update the video to include those suggestions. Alan...
  3. A walk thru for importing .lee (real files) creating groups, understanding the grid in Superstar and inserting Superstar Effects into S5. Alan... Also for a explanation of groups arrangements watch this video.
  4. Sign Project

    An updated movie with the Marquee and Blade Sign lit at night. Some stats. 900 ft of Neon 496 Led Chaser Lights Approx 500 ft of wiring The Electrician for the remodel told me the original signs required 16 - 20 amp circuits. With advances in more efficient Neon Transformers and LED Chaser lights we were able to reduce that down to 9 - 20 amp circuits. Cheaper for them to run the sign. What the video doesn't show so well is the blue glow of the neon across all the adjacent buildings. Was a very cool project to be involved in. Alan...
  5. Frank, I'll pm you my email address. Could you send me a copy of your visualization file you use in Superstar? and a copy of your .lpeprop you're using in S5? (should be in the Light-O-Rama/ImportExport directory) Depending on how you have your props setup in the Visualizer file, it maybe easier to setup a Preview where you could create just the arches and when you Insert Superstar Effects, you could have a second copy of SS open and copy paste the arches effects from your original .sup (SS file) to the copy of SS opened from S5. Your props work with S5, because if you have them setup properly (Unit id's) they will get the signals they need, the trick is to somehow figure out how to create props in S5 so you can Insert Superstar Effects from an existing SS .sup file so you don't have to recreate all the effects. It may have to be done in steps (one prop at a time) which is at least better that staring over. Alan...
  6. Ahh I see. I had forgotten that Motion Effects were only available in Pro only until I looked at the License Comparison page again. This is for S4, but it must be the same for S5. I have been running Pro so long I forget about License levels. Glad you got it sorted out. Alan...
  7. bfrd22. This is what Matt is pointing out. If you "uncheck" either window it goes away. To bring it back Select it again. Alan...
  8. DD05 Copy and Paste

    Just out of curiosity what are you copy/pasting during your conversion of last years sequences? dumb rgb props? superstar legacy sequences? dmx channels? how many channels are you trying to copy at a time? etc. I think it would helpful to clarify this for Matt / Brian and LOR so they can zero in on potential fixes. As stated, your bug reports is a little vague. Matt / Brian / LOR have been very responsive towards fixing bugs/issue with S5 and giving them detailed information is very helpful to them. (This is not intended to demean your bug report, I'm just trying to coax some more info from you that would help the developers) Also while it's not the best way, but if 5.0.18 is to slow for you (copy / pasting) you could always go back to 5.0.16 until the conversions are done. Just a thought. Alan...
  9. I'm sorry, I completely forgot to add the link. Are you trying to import 1 prop or multiple props? Alan...
  10. Frank, If you are importing already existing sequences you made in S4 Superstar (using visualization files) then your S5 Preview must match exactly your visualization files (grid layout) when Superstar opens after you click "Insert Superstar Effect from S5. If this sounds confusing watch the video in the link below starting at about the 3:00 minute mark. It shows why the grid layout must match. If this doesn't help, post again. Alan...
  11. Animated gif hangs editor

    Matt, Just after some initial testing with bunch of animated gifs, the Effects Generator now seems to handle animated gifs without the jerkiness or lockups. Very nice. I had the most problems when I applied animated gifs to all my rgb props group (2,146 bulbs - 6,438 channels) it would cause havoc on the screen. Now all seems to show as it should. Thanks, Alan...
  12. In Help, About? I downloaded about 5:30 pst and it shows correctly. Alan...
  13. Thank You for this in 5.0.18 works well. Alan...
  14. Jim. When we talked today I said I knew it was possible to skew effects in SE but didn't know how at that moment. I found it later. Alan...
  15. Sign Project

    I work at a Sign Company, here's a short video of what has been keeping me busy for the past couple months. It's local movie theater that is getting a remodel, we built (and are still building new signs). The picture of the blade sign in the shop just got all it's chasers led's and neon wiring finished today. The flashing neon will be extended another 7 feet down the sign after it is installed ( no room to mount it and then haul to the jobsite. It has been a very cool project to work on (although I ready for it to leave the shop) Aside from the reader boards on the Marquee and the neon blowing, we custom built the rest of the sign, wiring and installation. Alan...