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  1. Are you asking for tutorial videos of how to make stuff work in LOR? Setup? Sequence efftects? or something else. I am not understanding the question. Alan...
  2. Hi, and Welcome to the Forums. There is a lot of info on the forums about what you are asking. Here is one link that shows a pretty good video about how to go about running projectors. It is dated and shows LOR 4.??. It is similar in LOR 5. Also try searching "Projector". Most threads are old and may take a liltte digging. Hope this helps. Alan...
  3. Zach, What you are explaining above is right and how exactly how SS should function. You can only "Insert Superstar Effects" on 1 row at a time. If you want to "Insert Superstar Effects" on both Arches at the same time in SS, then you must use the "Arches" Group row. Remember the Arches Group is both Arches combined into a single group. Remember the Arches group in the Preview used with the WIW.loredit had to be deleted and added again, then saved. Watch the second gif (above) again and watch how I chose the Arches group to "Insert Superstar Effects" and both Arches show up in SS. Is this you issue or am I missing something? Hope this helps. Alan...
  4. lol I know this was in jest, but even with a large monitor viewing 40 lines is tough, they are tiny. @brettmc In no way have I ever come close to using 40 lines of SS effects, (maybe 15 - 20 tops) I am curious to see how you are sequencing with 40 lines in SS. I am always looking for new tricks. Can you post something that shows this what the end result are? maybe youtube, vimeo. Also there is another way to condense the lines (grouping in SS, only groups in the horizontial row, not vertical columns) It would tricky, but depending on the sequencing it might work. Sequence a screen full effects in SS, save them back to S5. Go to the directory where the SS .avi are stored, then delete the lines brought in from SS and replace it with a movie effect (the ss .avi) in S5. Repeat as needed. Not an ideal way but it might work for what you are trying to do. Alan...
  5. Looks Good Jeff ! 👍 Jeff F and I have been sending PM's back and forth. One very cool issue that comes to light with this prop is the over abundance of effects you can apply to it. It is almost overwhelming at times. I told Jeff I would create a video that shows some of the effects I use for this prop. The first video i made, I tried to show how the effects were created, and again there are so many possibilities, it proved to hard to make a video that showed the creation of effects. Instead i made a video that shows already created effects and point him in the direction to alter them or to create new effects based on the settings. I also show a way to save created effects so they can be used again with slight modificatins. Near the end of the video, I show how to overlay Superstar Effects with S5 Motion effects opening up even more ways to create effects for this prop. Other forum members have contacted me and have downloaded the pattern and are making this prop also. So instead of making this video private I decided to post it here with the hope it will helps others understand how to create effects for this as they finish up building thier diamond props. Alan... The files used in this video. (Right Click and "Save As") The S5 .loredit animation file diamond sample effect df01.loredit uses the up arrowup R.gif Both must be downloaded to work properly. The diamond sample effect w SS df02.loredit uses the following SS .avi files All these files must be downloaded to work properly. SS_20190914073719_6274b32dc9e84dfca9002491cd7b88df.avi SS_20190914072148_f5d26f32fdc94af9a66f8ff10d176e91.avi SS_20190914070023_4919b336dfa34880adde2beb23b78f7d.avi SS_20190914062746_b5e282dc98d24ce3b239f99b2966fa9c.avi SS_20190914063113_635ebe94e7d845fa9bfa29d3094f8d10.avi SS_20190914061404_4e17cbcbe9704f10a523600fad88a2f7.avi SS_20190914061627_6123c0d9911946f786251cd833eb4dec.avi For these animation files to work properly all these files must be downloaded and saved in a folder. (hint - remember the folder name, name a folder diamond effects and put them all in there) A quick gif to show you how to File Reference to correct issues of missing files. This happens because you are going to save them in a different location than I have. S5 expects to find them where I put them, this just changes the location (directory) to where you put them on your system. and the video that ties all these files together.
  6. Good! Glad this worked out for you. Ah yes good old Windows. Now it's time for the happy dance. Alan...
  7. You say that the problem occurs during fading, yet I am not seeing this done in the example picture you posted. A better way to troubleshoot this would be for you to upload this .loredit file (no music needed) or to create a new animation files (again no music) and add a couple of effects to the problem props. This allows anyone who who is trying to troubleshoot this issue to download and look at it from our end. By doing this it will show your Preview file, how you have your channels, Unit id's, etc. setup. Basically it lets another set of eyes view it. Going back and forth will probably get you the answer you want, it just takes longer if we have to wait for you to vefiry a setting, etc... If you don't have a way to post this file, I'll pm you my email address, I will post the .loredit here for people to download and help in the troubleshooting. Alan...
  8. My bad. It sounded alot like the issue I had. In googling "Error 1706 no valid source could be found for product' it kept bringing me to websites that talk about a program from MS that deals with fixing Uninstall and Install Issues. The page with a link to the program is located here. The download link is located about 3/4 of the way down the page. The download link will take you to a MS page. Try at your own risk. Hope this helps. Alan...
  9. Zach, As you said in your email. The Sample.loredit file worked fine. The WIW Test.loredit file did only show one arch when I "Inserted Superstar Effects" in Superstar. From what I see you are using 2 different Previews one for each file you sent me. To fix the Preview in the WIW.loredit file, I deleted the Arch Group, then added it again and it was good after that. One thing I did notice about both of these Previews is that 2 of your props are partly off the screen. At least for me they were for me. See the first gif, if this is the same for you, the gif explains an easy fix. If all looks good for you then disregard. I don't know how this could happen and why it might show different from my screen to yours. The second gif, is short explaination on speed of effects with Motion Effects (S5) and Superstar. Brian (author of Superstar) has some very good Tutorials located here. They are halfway down the page under the Superstar (Add On) heading. If you are new to Superstar, they are worth the watch. Hope this helps. If I missed something or you have more questions ask away. Alan... Fixing the Preview showing props off the screen Short explaination about speed of effects in S5 Motion Effects and Superstar.
  10. Zach, I'll pm you my email. If you want create an animation, no need to put any effects or music in it. Name it sample. Find it in your Sequence Folder and email it to me. I'll take a look at it. We could go back and forth, but I just find it easier to see it for myself. If need be I do a video about what needed/needs to happen so you will understand how props are meant to be setup for in SS/groups etc... By sending an animation, I can load into my S5 and see all your props, channel layout, groups etc... It a easy way to get a second set of eyes on it. Alan...
  11. I work in a Sign Shop and have access to Translucent Vinyl. I have covered my white led rope lighting with red, green, blue, etc and it works well. Not so sure about Brown, if you try this let us know. I looked online and found a link for the stuff on Amazon. Be sure to get translucent. Get enough to cover the entire length you want. It only needs 1 layer, or it maybe too dark. Hope this helps. Alan... Translucent Brown Vinyl
  12. To edit an already existing effect in S5 Sequencer created with SS, just double left click the effect and SS will reopen with that effect already loaded and ready to edit. See the gif below. Hope that helps. Alan...
  13. You could use "Lines Unconnected". Be sure to change the Start Pixel number and orient your starting pixels to the way you want them displayed. See the gif below. Hope this helps. Alan...
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