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  1. Special effects

    Hello K6ccc, Thank you for your information, I have a lisence Pro 4.3.18 and a lisence 60 CCRs my problem came from the setting of the improved mode that was not validated. Thank you again and a good day to you. cordially Mr. ESTRUGA Pedro
  2. Special effects

    Re, In the Visualizer mode and Sequence Editor mode, the configuration is identical. In Pixel Editor my Tree 180 is configured in LOR mode. Everything works properly in normal mode. It's just that this year I wanted to add special effects with Pixel Editor and it does not work. I has 4 arches that run in DMX mode and I did not encounter problems in Pixel Editor. cordially Mr. ESTRUGA Pedro
  3. Special effects

    Hello Jim, In the Visualizer, the playback does not appear either. On the other hand my pixels in DMX mode work very well. Mr. ESTRUGA Pedro
  4. Special effects

    Hello, I created a Tree 180 with 12 CCRs Channel LOR in Pixel Editor and created effects are not visible in Sequence Editor. Can you help me ? cordially M. ESTRUGA Pedro
  5. Timing Grid Pixel Editor

    Hi MattBrown, That's what I did, it works fine, thank you for your answers. Happy New Year. cordially ESTRUGA Pedro
  6. Timing Grid Pixel Editor

    Hello Ikcubsurle, Thanks for your answer, how can you make loops in a sequence Pixel Editor imported into Sequence Editor, I do not know how to do. cordially
  7. Timing Grid Pixel Editor

    Hello, Windows 7 Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor v4.3.16 Pro In Pixel Editor, I have a Grid timing of 220 Minutes. The sequence is only animation, I created 4 Fans and I copy sequences of 10 minutes one behind the other, but I can not go further than 160 minutes after this time, Pixel Editor is mistaken and I can not Migrate to Sequence Editor. Is there a length time not to be exceeded? cordially Estruga Pedro
  8. troubles with Pixel Editor

    Hello, With current: LOR 4.3.14 Pro, SS license for 60 CCRs. LOR in Visualizer, I created 4 Arches kind of fan Segments 24 and 20 pixels per segment DMX. In SS I imported the 4 arches created with LOR View and created a musical sequence (X) I imported into S E. Visualization way everything works. Then I open Pixel Editor and I create my 4 arches I incorporate my sequence (X) then I add special effects I backup: Save Data Intensity. When I open and I S E incorporates the file (X) with: Save Data Intensity, the sequence that I created with SS is not correct see unreadable against the party created with Pixel Editor works well. I have already created 4 sequences that function properly but the following crash when I add special effects (Pixel Editor) .Pouvez you help me? I recreated many times the pattern of my arches in LOR Visualizer well as Pixel Editor and the problem is the same. Mr. Pedro Estruga
  9. Max number of sequencing rows exceeded

    Hi Brian, Thank you for your answer. This is of matrix 4 in vertical mode. Each of 24 strings and each string of 20 pixels. First pixel bottom left. I have not understood or translated your answer. I am sending you the attached file visualization that i did. Thank you in advance if you could provide a change. Best regards. ESTRUGA Pedro Essai cordons matrix 4_5_6_7 date_17-01-2016.lee
  10. Hello, I am under license SuperStar Pro 4.3.4 CCR 40. 2016 I would like 4 arches with pixel nodes .They will be driven 6 cards PixCon 16 configured as DMX. Each output will contain 20 pixels which make it a total of 1920 pixels which do cannaux 5760. Lor In Visualizer, I created 4 Matrix Wizard, each has 24 Wide and 20 High. When I import the file into SuperStar, I have the following error message: Max number of rows exceeded sequencing. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? Best regards​ ESRTUGA Pedro