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  1. I had a similar issue occur and it was a bad cat 5 / network cable downstream. I have a CTB16 PC gen3 which is the 2nd controller in line and it would not control the lights and the LED was blinking not solid on The controller immediately after it (controller 3/ pixicon 16)was not working correctly either. But 1 controller before 5 controllers after them seemed to work fine. I found a damaged cable (small area of insulation stripped, copper exposed) between controllers 3 and 4. I replaced it and now everything works fine. I'd check the cable between 3 and 4. Ed
  2. First initial, last name, birth year....A feat of incredible originality, I know!
  3. eholden79

    outdoor speakers

    Since we are talking about speakers, any ideas regarding a cheap or at least reasonably priced amplifier?
  4. I only sequenced 2 songs as Halloween was somewhat of an afterthought. Now I see what everyone is talking about.... First as everyone says, sequencing takes a long time, I was sequencing yesterday until my wife made me stop so we could take the kids around the neighborhood Trick-or-treating! Second, tough I noticed flaws and timings that were not quite right, I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments from adults and children as they came to our house for candy. Yup, I'm hooked! Looking forward to the Christmas show and already looking forward to Halloween next year. Monster Mash, timing isn't perfect, I had a difficult time syncing the music with the video with the cheap Android video editor. https://youtu.be/-2j3X65UjZw Thriller - Thanks to Kingfish for the singing face: https://youtu.be/6VNhEwCby7Q
  5. Could I get that as well, getting overwhelmed with sequencing! eholden79@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. Great, thanks! I had not considered before that even though they appear to be wired in series they are actually parallel and the wires on both ends are simply traveling through the module to carry the current to the next one. Thanks to both of you.
  7. And yes I believe I'll have more than enough power for the landscape lights, I got that supply to cover some of the bigger plans that I have for Christmas
  8. The modules are dumb RGB with 4 wires going in and 4 wires coming out on the other end. I don't have them yet, I'm waiting for my pre sale order to be shippped. They come in strings of 20 but it is my understanding that these can be separated into smaller strings and even individual modules, at least it looks that way from some of their videos. According to the website each string of 20 consumes 1 amp at 12v when all colors are on full ie white. That implies 0.05 amp per module. Of course I would test this to make sure it is accurate. I plan to use about 12 individual modules...one per fixture. I will separate the individual modules and connect each of them from one side only (only one set of 4 wires going into the module will be connected) to the main wire which will be connected to the controller. The main wire is 18-7 each of the 7 conductors are 18 gauge. I'm wondering if I may overload the modules by wiring this way. Maybe I'll just have to try and see if it works...
  9. Well, I thought I posted this a few days ago but I think I may have forgot to click submit. Obviously I'm new here, new to LOR as well. I did decorate may home with about 5000 LED lights last year using a Gemmy 6 outlet "controller." It was fun, but I wanted more individual control. So far I have been playing with the LOR software, the only hardware I have is the USB adapter and a CMB24 controller. I'm anxiously awaiting the spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! As my first project / experiment in this realm I plan to re wire some old solar landscaping lights with 12v rectangular RGB modules (from holiday coro) and control them with the CMB24 (in standalone mode). I have also ordered a 12v/33amp/400watt power supply from holiday coro to power the RGB lights. My question is can the RGB modules be wired in series or do they have to be parallel. For the wiring I have 7 conductor 18 gauge direct burial sprinkler wire - I plan to use one conductor each for RGB and 3 conductors for the common positive (not sure if this is overkill). The total length of this wire would be about 50 feet. It seems to me the most practical way to do this for ease of repair, etc is to splice the male end 4 conductor connectors (also from holiday coro) to the areas in the main wire where I would like to place the lights and attach the other end of the connector to the RGB module / fixture. So this would be wiring the RGB lights in parallel rather than series. Is there any concern about reduced resistance and overloading the modules when wiring in parallel? I only had a few physics classes in college but I believe wiring in parallel actually reduces resistance (although maybe this only applies to actual resistors). It seems the advantage to wiring in parallel vs series would be less resistance and therefore all of the lights should be evenly bright even the one at the end of the line although I know the length of the wire may cause some resistance and some decrease in voltage 50 ft down the line. Anyway It is late and I'm rambling, any advise would be helpful. Thanks. One more thing, does anyone have any experience with the holiday coro "rain proof" power supply I mentioned above? Is it reliable and does it provide consistent voltage?
  10. I'm new here and new to the hobby (although I did use a gemmy "controller" with about 5000 LED lights last year). I have been playing with the software but the only hardware but all I own so far is the CMB24 which I got from the synchronized Christmas spring sale. I'm anxiously awaiting the LOR spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! I have ordered some dumb RGB lights and rectangular modules from holidaycoro, waiting for those to come. I also have a 12 v, 400w (33 amp) power supply on order. For my first project / experiment I plan to use the RGB modules for landscape lighting - I plan to mount these modules in existing landscape light housing (currently solar and not very good, or colorful!). I have purchased 18 gauge 7 conductor direct burial sprinkler wire. I plan to use one conductor each for RGB and 3 conductors for the common positive. The total length will be about 50 feet. With all that said, my actual question is can these be wired in parallel or do they have to be wired in series? My plan is to use 4 conductor waterproof connectors spliced into the main wire so the at the lights could be easily removed for repairs. It seems that wiring in series would be more difficult as I would have to have a wire in and out of each fixture. Now I vaguely remember from my limited number of college physics classes that wiring in parallel actually decreases resistance, which is a good thing for a longer run of wire (ie the light at the end should still be bright) but will the decreased resistance lead to an overload of the modules? Am I over-thinking this? Also, and maybe this is a question for holidaycoro, do these modules have resistors that prevent overload as long as an appropriate power supply is used? Additional information - I plan to use about 12 modules for this and run it from a single RGB channel on the CMB24. Since the max per channel is 4 amps and it is stated on the holidaycoro website (and I know I need to test it) that 20 modules use only 1 amp with all colors on, using one channel should be no problem. Any suggestions or clarification would be helpful. Thanks Ed
  11. Funny, doing the same thing here waiting anxiously!
  12. Are the LED icicle lights full wave? It doesn't say on the site.
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