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  1. Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    I would love a copy of this too............ My son in law requested this baldontop69@aol.com
  2. Merging Pixel Editor

    OK thanks for the info
  3. Merging Pixel Editor

    I thought you could merge Pixel Editor with and Sequence that was saved in Legacy Format. I did a test in musical sequence (11 seconds long) that had word test in seconds 1-3.......... nothing in seconds 3-7 .......... and the word test in seconds 7-10. Then went to pixel editor and opened the test sequence file and put in snowflakes from time 3.1 to 6.9. Save program and save intensity data. Now when I play it I only see the word test on screen (visualizer) for about .05 seconds......... then blank until I get to snowflakes which play OK ...... then the second test only plays for about .05 seconds.......... I did work fine until I added pixel editor info. I am using Version 40ccr pro version 4.3.24.
  4. Merging Pixel Editor

    did not try that but I put the snowflakes in an motion effect row that was blank but it showed up underneath the town that was on non motion effect rows........ Not on top of the non motion effect rows. Meaning I could see the snowflakes where every the town had no pixels selected ........ but wanted the snowflakes on top so could see them going across the buildings....
  5. Merging Pixel Editor

    Ok downloaded the S5 version and it worked great for doing that. (after I figured out how to use it). My only question is it works great in a blank spot of original program but not if there is something there. Was thinking like if I had a town drawn in superstar and then wanted to add snowflakes would like to be able to tell snowflakes to be on top.......... just a thought........ or even a out of question thought it would be nice to be able to take sequence program and send it back to superstars. Thanks for your help
  6. S5 Intensity Data

    Do the Intensity Data files created in Superstar work in S5 Beta. Have tried them but could not get them to work.
  7. S5 Intensity Data

    I could not get Superstar intensity files to work in the Sequencer but did find out that they would work if I just do a show..........
  8. Intensity Data Files

    Do the Intensity Data files created in Superstar work in S5 Beta. Have tried them but could not get them to work. Did post this in open beta general comments but no one had an answer.
  9. Intensity Data Files

    I myself just got back from vacation but think when I tried to open it ...... it just opened but there was no data there.........
  10. Making a movie

    Is there any way to make a movie of the visualizer playing using Windows?
  11. Making a movie

    Thanks......... I found one from Tiny Takes and seems to work fine....... for free....... Thanks again
  12. Can you merge superstar and pixel together. I have an DMX mega tree and would like to use some effects from the Pixel editor in the sequence. I left the first 10 seconds blank in Superstar and the in pixel editor added and saved intensity file for the first 10 seconds. When I play this back on the Visualizer the Superstar effects after the first 10 seconds blink or flicker...... Is it possible to merge the two programs to the same channels?
  13. I noticed that after putting lights up outside that CCB and CCP were not white while doing an all white test. I do understand that they may look different than computer screen so tried Color temp "warm white" and they looked pinkish........ So tried Color Temp "cool white" and the looked blue ish......... So changed Superstar program on white objects to 100% Red, 100% Green, and 70% Blue and got the white I was looking for.......... (and wife also liked that)....... Other than going back through all programs and changing white to 100,100,70 is there another way either in sequence editor or hardware setup to do this. These are all LOR CCB and CCP units and I use the Visualizer and Superstar to program and operate in Intensisty Data File mode..........
  14. Selecting a complete row

    Other than click and drag is there a way to select a complete row to the end? Have to do this a lot after using Instant Sequence (which I love) to change pixels for an entire row to match my display. Seems like doing an Ctrl click drag does work OK except I get half way through the song and forget to hit the Ctrl button...... I do not want to select all right just want to select all right in one row. Also something that might be nice in Instant Sequence is a way to select more than just 5 pixels....... I.E. I have a roof line that is 200 pixel long and if I could just enter in how many pixel it would make programming a lot simpler. Thank You
  15. Selecting a complete row

    It works great......... Thanks so much for your fast response
  16. Selecting a complete row

    Right click "select Row" works for Sequence Editor........ I am looking for the same thing in SuperStar
  17. I have an matrix that is 20 X 25. I purchased 5 CCP 100D pixels units. Just before Christmas the first unit I purchased failed with one half of a string not working when it was cold (around 25 degrees F) and LOR sent me another string which I put in and it worked fine. At the end of Christmas a string from the 3rd unit failed. Again this happens when it is really cold (20 degrees F). The first half of string works fine then the second 25 CCP give random colors. When weathr warms up to above 25 then it starts working OK. So now I am at the point where trying to firgure out what is going on and in the house it works fine. I wiggled all wires and never could get it to break. Waiting for weather to get cold again and put back outside to verify it is the pixel string and not the controller by swapping string with another controller. This CCP is an LOR product but it was purchased from your partner Synchronized Christmas in Feb. 2015. MY concern is this going to be an on going problem in cold snowy humid weather. The controller and pixels are not getting wet. They are in box and under eaves. I am little concerned that I had two of them fail in the first year. Was looking to purchase more but was hoping that they would last longer. At this time I only assume the second one is the same problem that the first one had.
  18. CCP quits working when cold

    Thanks to all who replied....... the weather warmed up here in the 30 's now and it works fine......... I will open an ticket when it gets cold again.
  19. Instant Sequence

    Is 24 the max number of row assignment allowed in Instant Sequence? To make a long story short I have an Visualizer file that has 29 rows so can not control the last 5 rows with row assignment in Instant Sequence.
  20. Instant Sequence

    Thanks......... I did find a way to work around it but thanks for your offer. Just wanted to make sure that 24 is the largest number........
  21. CTB16PCg3 current draw

    I know it depends on how many lights you have on but what is the current draw of the controller without any lights hooked up? I can figure out total current draw by adding the lights I use
  22. CTB16PCg3 current draw

    Thanks for your replies...........
  23. CCP Color

    I have an matrix 25X20 using 5 LOR Cosmic Color Pixel and can not seem to control the brightness correctly. Example I loaded BubblesRiseand Pop.scb from the clip board and then just selected the Bubble,red and modified it so it was just in the center of my display. It looks great on Super Star Sequencer but after exporting it Sequencer and playing it all the red look the same brightness intead of fading out on the edges. Is this a limitation of CCP or is there some way to correct it? If it is a limitation of CCP should I have purchased something else? It is not only this image but all of them do this........ I just gave that as example....... Thank you Rod
  24. I am new to this and do understand the red, green, blue color controls but what is the white control at the bottom for? I have watched many videos and have not seen it used. Can you help a newbee...... Thanks Rod
  25. CCP Color

    I didnt think that was such a dumb question........ I had been checking it from about 10 feet away so I went and tried it from 75 feet in the dark and still could not see any difference between full red and min red. I agree that the dimming curve for an LED is not linear....... from past experience seems like from 50% to 100% not much noticable change. But even using the hardware utility and the console to test lights seems like 1-7 I can see a difference but between 7-50 very little difference and 50 -100 looks the same to me....... Might be my old eyes...... Guess I was hoping for a little more visible control Thanks for you inputs all