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  1. Rod Pauley

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    I would love a copy of this too............ My son in law requested this baldontop69@aol.com
  2. Rod Pauley

    Merging Pixel Editor

    OK thanks for the info
  3. Rod Pauley

    Merging Pixel Editor

    did not try that but I put the snowflakes in an motion effect row that was blank but it showed up underneath the town that was on non motion effect rows........ Not on top of the non motion effect rows. Meaning I could see the snowflakes where every the town had no pixels selected ........ but wanted the snowflakes on top so could see them going across the buildings....
  4. Rod Pauley

    Merging Pixel Editor

    Ok downloaded the S5 version and it worked great for doing that. (after I figured out how to use it). My only question is it works great in a blank spot of original program but not if there is something there. Was thinking like if I had a town drawn in superstar and then wanted to add snowflakes would like to be able to tell snowflakes to be on top.......... just a thought........ or even a out of question thought it would be nice to be able to take sequence program and send it back to superstars. Thanks for your help
  5. Rod Pauley

    Merging Pixel Editor

    I thought you could merge Pixel Editor with and Sequence that was saved in Legacy Format. I did a test in musical sequence (11 seconds long) that had word test in seconds 1-3.......... nothing in seconds 3-7 .......... and the word test in seconds 7-10. Then went to pixel editor and opened the test sequence file and put in snowflakes from time 3.1 to 6.9. Save program and save intensity data. Now when I play it I only see the word test on screen (visualizer) for about .05 seconds......... then blank until I get to snowflakes which play OK ...... then the second test only plays for about .05 seconds.......... I did work fine until I added pixel editor info. I am using Version 40ccr pro version 4.3.24.
  6. Rod Pauley

    S5 Intensity Data

    I could not get Superstar intensity files to work in the Sequencer but did find out that they would work if I just do a show..........
  7. Rod Pauley

    Intensity Data Files

    I myself just got back from vacation but think when I tried to open it ...... it just opened but there was no data there.........
  8. Rod Pauley

    Intensity Data Files

    Do the Intensity Data files created in Superstar work in S5 Beta. Have tried them but could not get them to work. Did post this in open beta general comments but no one had an answer.
  9. Rod Pauley

    S5 Intensity Data

    Do the Intensity Data files created in Superstar work in S5 Beta. Have tried them but could not get them to work.
  10. Rod Pauley

    Making a movie

    Thanks......... I found one from Tiny Takes and seems to work fine....... for free....... Thanks again
  11. Rod Pauley

    Making a movie

    Is there any way to make a movie of the visualizer playing using Windows?
  12. Can you merge superstar and pixel together. I have an DMX mega tree and would like to use some effects from the Pixel editor in the sequence. I left the first 10 seconds blank in Superstar and the in pixel editor added and saved intensity file for the first 10 seconds. When I play this back on the Visualizer the Superstar effects after the first 10 seconds blink or flicker...... Is it possible to merge the two programs to the same channels?
  13. I noticed that after putting lights up outside that CCB and CCP were not white while doing an all white test. I do understand that they may look different than computer screen so tried Color temp "warm white" and they looked pinkish........ So tried Color Temp "cool white" and the looked blue ish......... So changed Superstar program on white objects to 100% Red, 100% Green, and 70% Blue and got the white I was looking for.......... (and wife also liked that)....... Other than going back through all programs and changing white to 100,100,70 is there another way either in sequence editor or hardware setup to do this. These are all LOR CCB and CCP units and I use the Visualizer and Superstar to program and operate in Intensisty Data File mode..........
  14. Rod Pauley

    Selecting a complete row

    It works great......... Thanks so much for your fast response
  15. Rod Pauley

    Selecting a complete row

    Right click "select Row" works for Sequence Editor........ I am looking for the same thing in SuperStar