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  1. I still have all of them left!
  2. Update - these are sealed bulbs, but they are not full wave as there are no rectifiers on the string. However when I used them they would dim without any noticeable issues.
  3. ericm - I sent you a PM on shipping info. Santas Helper - they are Holiday Creations from LEDHolidadyLighting.com Craig
  4. I am selling my LED icicle lights, they are used but there are a few that were never used. They are about 5 years old or so. They are all 70 count LED on white wire in their original boxes. Each string is 7.5 feet long with 6" spacing. List of what I have: 21 boxes Blue LEDs on white wire, 5 of these have never been used. 16 boxes Green LEDs on white wire. 19 boxes of Red LEDs on white wire, 3 of these have never been used. Selling $4.00 per box/string and buyer pays all shipping and handling. Craig
  5. I am selling 4 brand new San Devices E6804 boards, never used. My plans changed and I didn't need them so I would like to sell them. I bought them fully assembled and tested by SanDevices. They cost $99 each, will sell them for $89 each plus shipping. Craig
  6. My I suggest that you write a script of what you want to say, either have that displayed on your screen or print it out. When you are ready to record your script have the text in front of you and not laying on your desk. Practice reading your script several times before you start recording, you need to try and speak as you normally would, try not to rush as you talk. I use Mixcraft from Acoustica (this app is not free like Audicity), I record my scripts with this app and then lay the music track behind it. The music leads for a short period of time and then my voice comes in, I also usually lower the volume of the music track while my voice over plays, then raise the volume level of the background music when my voice over is done, that way the background music does not compete with with my voice. I use a USB microphone from Audio-Technica, with a pop screen in front of it, the mic is on a small desk boom stand so I can position it right in front of me. You will also want to be in a room where you can make sure you are not getting any background noises from others in your house (kids, wife, dog, TV, etc). I record my voice over then play it back several times, and then I ask my wife to review it, if she approves I go with it. It usually takes several attempts until I am happy with the final product. There are various products to use (software, microphones, and so on), each with their own set of pro's and con's, and each will have a learning curve that you will have to work through. I hope this helps. Craig
  7. Last year I used nutcracker and SuperStar to create effects on my Mega Tree. I would create effects in Nutcracker then export the file to an LMS file from Nutcracker and then paste the effects into the main LMS file, I did the same thing with SuperStar. The reason I did that was I could create effects in Nutcracker that I couldn't do in SuperStar, and vice-a-versa. I am using this sequence again this year, but I want to use an Intensity file for all the RGB props, this means that somehow I have to merge the two files into the same Intensity file in my LMS sequence. I know I can merge different props into the same intensity, but this is for the same prop coming from different editors. Can I take my two files for the same prop, in this case my mega tree, and merge them into one intensity file? Will SuperStar and the Pixel Editor allow you to combine effects for the same prop into one intensity file? Thanks Craig
  8. George - will it work with a Dipole antenna, or would I need to even use an external antenna? I'm on a 1/2 acre lot and have had some broadcasting issues over the years. Started out with the Ramsey FM30 when I started this hobby (celebrating my 10th year this Christmas!), I'm on my second unit now. I have always been looking for a backup unit, and this might be a good option. Craig
  9. I have a Nativity that I need to change the lighting on. In the past I used incandescent lights, then last year I used spots from Seasonal Entertainment with the idea that I could light up the different characters individually, but they just didn't seem to be bright enough. I had a spot behind Baby Jesus that I would turn on in white and then the spots in front would go blue as the song was ending. The spot in the back was about 16" away from the baby and you could barely tell that it was on. Any way - if I were to get some RGB floods which would be best ones to use, the 10w or 50w? My guess is that the 50w would be to bright. I still would like to light up some of the characters separately and don't necessarily want to flood the whole Nativity with the same light. Looking for suggestions. Craig
  10. Get an audio ground loop isolater, plug that into your headphone out jack and then connect it to your Ramsey. Also check the antenna, move it away from any electrical cords, if your using the small whip antenna that came with the Ramsey you may want to consider a Tru-match antenna, here is a link to the one Ramsey sells: http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/Tru-Match-FM-Broadcast-Antenna-Kit/dp/B0002OERGC I had some issues with my signal and decided to move it outside, it is currently mounted in a large pine tree! Craig
  11. The song is by Brian Setzer Orchestra - Getting in the mood (for Christmas), found on Brians' album Christmas Rocks!: The Best of Collection. Here is the amazon link to the album: http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Rocks-The-Best-Collection/dp/B00A3EI5CS
  12. In my case - yes the garage section uses 6 channels. It takes 3 DC controllers for all my spots. I connect each spot to its own set of channels, this allows me to control each spot individually. You could connect all the spots in one section to the same channels - all the red leads from all the spots in one section to the same channel, then the green to another channel and blue to its own channel. I like to have the option to turn each spot on individually in any color, it gives me more options, for example - starting at one end of the house turning on one spot in blue then chase that across the entire house; or you could alternate colors - one spot red, then the next one green, then the next one blue. Also note that when you turn on each spot in a different color where they overlap on the house actually becomes another color. These spots can also be used on bushes, trees, plywood cutouts, or other items in your yard, doing up lighting, just like landscape lighting, but mixing colors on these items. Craig
  13. questions are not a problem... The spots are mounted on the ground, made my own spikes that the lights are attached to. They are 5' from the house and about 10' apart. There are 2 spots on the garage door section, and then the other sections each have 3 spots each. They are controlled with DC controllers from LOR, each spot uses 3 channels - one for red, one for green, and one for blue. Turning on all 3 channels will make white. This allows me to turn on each spot individually.
  14. The flood lights are seasonal entertainment's rainbow spotlights, they are having a sale right now, here is the link: http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/store/en/rgb-lighting-products/67-rainbow-spotlight-assembled-w-enclosure.html All my lights are LED's, the mega tree is RGB lights from Ray Wu controlled by J1Sys ECG-P12S controllers. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! Craig
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