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  1. General DMX Dummy Question

    Yet another option. I connect a 4-port DMX gateway to my dedicated WiFi router. From one of the DMX ports, I connect my LOR controllers using a crossover cable I purchased from HolidayCoro (you can fabricate this yourself). This setup allows me to run E.131 controllers, DMX controllers, and LOR controllers. I have a networking background but I don't consider this setup terribly complicated. The key is setting up the universes on the DMX gateway and setting up all of your channels using DMX in the LOR software. You'll need to know how to address your LOR controllers in DMX mode.
  2. I've been to WDW/Osborne 3 times and it is AWESOME! I would love to see a technical write up of their show.
  3. Att'n Newbies- Setup tips and tricks

    Another newb here. A few things that I did right: -test all of the lights before installation -all fabricated extensions (spt1) were made in 5ft increments (ie. 15, 20, ...) -found that zip ties are MUCH less expensive at Harbor Freight than the big box stores -built stands for my controllers that got the connections off of the ground -used spiral (not split) wrap for cable management -bought extension cords early -had an electrician install two 20A circuits to power the show -bought a refurbished laptop to run the show -labeled all of the outputs and some of the extensions Things that could have been better: -label all of the extensions -start earlier! -have a better vision of what I wanted Hope that this helps someone, Mike
  4. Newbies be very very careful

    Oh great. Now he tells me... This is my first year. Bought a couple of LOR controllers and a Pixlite-4. After spending a bunch of money and building, configuring, troubleshooting, etc. I was starting to get discouraged. All seemed lost. And then, the lights started flashing. My life has been changed forever.
  5. ideal computor

    I picked up a refurbished Lenovo laptop from Newegg. About $270 with shipping but you can get something for less. I wanted the compact size of a laptop.