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  1. May I please get a copy Once again thank you kingfish824@gmail.com
  2. Thanks for input still looking at two of them since I live on corner for two sides same show . Do I need to upgrade any gear for this to work is usb485 up to snuff
  3. James May I please have a copy and once again thank you in advance i will not sell ,give or hock at a pawn shop always in your debt kingfish824@gmail.com
  4. Just wondering if anyone has purchased the holiday Cora matrix , I plan to buy the pre assembled 47x95 , they should be having sale soon. My question is if you bought it , how happy are you with it, ease to incorporate into lor. and black or white background thanx for any input kingfish
  5. Since Xmas is not till Jan 7 probably the weekend after
  6. James can I please get a copy ,once again thank you in advance kingfish824@gmail.com and of course I will not share ,sell, copy , or take to a pawn shop larry
  7. Went in and uploaded 4.4.4 thank you
  8. I was having a little trouble with bobs flipper and I believed it was on the lor end. So I uninstalled and reinstalled lor, now I did pay for an upgrade earlier so when I reinstalled I have s5 which I paid for and plan to use for next year for I plan to dabble into rgb . BUT when I opened the SE whole new look , how do I get my old look back so I can dabble on my old sequences
  9. Two gents that have improved my show immensely and I am great full
  10. James I meant the greatest snowman sorry for any inconvenience thank you in advance larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  11. James may I please get a copy I promise not to sell share or anything else but use it at my house thank you one again larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  12. James can I have a copy please once again thank you in advance kingfish824@gmail.com larry
  13. Skewing worked solved the problem.
  14. I skewed the track and will check it out here in a couple hours let you know
  15. All my songs are looking good except one and this is a purchased sequence . I would like to skew the sequence. My lip movements are ahead of the words . Which way do I skew any help would be greatly appreciated thank you kingfish
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