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  1. sorry just saw this is it too late
  2. Not selling at this time
  3. I decided to buy enclosure and power supply when the do have a sale someday , sorry for not posting earlier
  4. Thanks to everyone who sent me help, it will take me some time to get through it all, once again thank you larry
  5. Yes I do have superstar, I do not know if I should upgrade to s5 this year I am adding the 4 arches I also have an 8 pack of floods and 4 strings of ccp both picked up several years ago but never put in show, since my show was on hold for two years, now I’m back.
  6. Just received my holiday Cora 4 arch kit rgb pixel ribbon, and this is my first dabble with rgb, can anyone share a sequence with arches either Xmas or Halloween so I can get a look on how it’s done sorta any help will be appreciated larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  7. Sure 200.00 plus. Shipping
  8. I am looking for a multi channel Bethlehem star a reg star and a fire stick, also the hc monsters thanks for any help kingfish kingfish824@gmail.com
  9. I’m trying but I cannot get it. I want to take items from one Visualizer or another ,and insert it in a new Visualizer, I use to do it or am I going crazy. Looked for video on you tube no help. I know it’s simple thank you for any help kingfish
  10. thanx for the lead sorta confusing but that's me I am always sorta confused
  11. Running 4.4. I want to create a new viz but I would like to use pieces of older files. How do I export a prop and then import into new file any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Click edit , do not have it 4.4.4
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