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  1. kingfish

    Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    I lost the link to rays panels also I live in the northeast should I spend the extra and get the outdoor panels thanks in advance forall sugestions larry
  2. kingfish

    Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    hate to jump in but I have the bug I am looking to do a 5w 4 h panel I plan to put it on my porch. now I can place a piece of plexiglass in front of it and the porch has a roof with a one foot overhang. my question is should I go with the led express kit or would you go with ray any imput is apreciated once again thank you all larry
  3. kingfish

    First Halloween sequencs LMS Faces Pixes

    would love a copy James as always thank you larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  4. kingfish

    revin up the raindeer [ singing faces ]

    Not the music but the sequence thanks larry
  5. has anyone got this or know where to purchase heard it on the radio today thanks in advance larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  6. kingfish

    US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    USAF 72-77 B-52 Tailgunner
  7. kingfish

    Free Halloween HC sequences

    I would love any sequences you have for the quartet thank you very much larry kingfish824@gmail.com
  8. kingfish

    Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    does anyone like this I would enjoy it
  9. kingfish

    LOR Facebook Page

  10. kingfish

    RGB Pixel Fire Stick without tubing

    looking forwared to more details
  11. kingfish

    Up on the Housetop Sequence Feedback

    fine work better than I could of ever done
  12. kingfish

    Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    I think its a great Halloween song would love a copy if its done kingfish824@gmail.com plus great legs
  13. kingfish

    A collapsible spiral tree design

    well the circles could have an x frame in the center with a piece of tubing for your pipe to slide through then with cotter pins pin the top and bottom pieces together
  14. kingfish

    A collapsible spiral tree design

    we probably could get wireframe delights to make a series of circles for eight or ten foot trees