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  1. I have a pixel tree and I am trying to group all the channels together i.e. all the row one channels and then all the row two channels is there a simpler way to do this besides dragging each channel in to a group since I have 150 pixels in each strand and they are ordered 1-50 rgb?
  2. I have 4 led flood lights that I wanted to use on my dumb dmx card. Opened them up and removed the remote control eye and checked the DC converter. It was 12vdc. Connected to the dmx board and all basic colors work but red. Checked the board with a led strip and works fine. Reassembled with the remote eye and 110 DC coverter and works. Please help I don't know what I am missing here.
  3. I was trying to use just one dongle. I guess that is part of the problem by reading post. If I use two of them and create a show with the lor software it will communicate with both ports one the same music sequence?
  4. I have just started this process of learning and hace one 16 CH lor starter kit and upgraded to the advanced software. I was able to make the led lights on a string work by programing the channels no problem, Then I had this idea about DMX bought a board 27 CH and some dumb strips. I am using a LOR USB R485. I can get the DMX to work if in a differant port on my computer than the com port the was originally set up with the 16 ch controller. I can not get them both to work together. I have the cat5 from computer - lor usb adapter - LOR 16ch unit - DMX27ch board. It flashs like communicating but nogo lighting the dumb led strips. It is either one or the other but not both.
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