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    LOR and redesigning my display
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    Heard of LOR for years on different videos websites
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    Christmas of course

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  1. James I would love a copy. Thanks very much paul.johnson3@cox.net
  2. Can I please trouble you for a copy. paul.johnson3@cox.net many many thanks.
  3. Hey Jim may I please get a copy of this? Thanks much. paul.johnson3@cox.net
  4. Yes please I would love a copy. paul.johnson3@cox.net thank you
  5. This will be amazing and it isn't Manheim Steamroller.... Yes please. Thank You paul.johnson3@cox.net
  6. If you don't mind sharing another. Thank you paul.johnson3@cox.net
  7. Yes Please. Thanks James paul.johnson3@cox.net
  8. James I don't mean to seem greedy but going to TRY to use all new songs in the display. So if you would be so kind. Thank you paul.johnson3@cox.net
  9. James you and JR are amazing. Could I please get a copy of this. Thanks In Advance paul.johnson3@cox.net
  10. Yes please may I get a copy of this. Thank you in advance paul.johnson3@cox.net
  11. I would love to see a copy of this. paul.johnson3@cox.net
  12. I would love a copy. Thank you paul.johnson3@cox.net
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