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    Heard of LOR for years on different videos websites
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  1. Paul L Johnson

    Singing Trees

    start checking your email..... since you are on AOL watch the spam folder also
  2. Paul L Johnson

    Singing Trees

    No apology needed. We all have to do what feeds us. Check your email, HOPEFULLY Hotmail didn't classify me as spam. Enjoy Paul Johnson Del City, Oklahoma
  3. Paul L Johnson

    Singing Trees

    Getting back on topic.......I'm still waiting on HLE to post an email address so I can send him a few sequences.
  4. Paul L Johnson

    Singing Trees

    I have several I COULD send you but you need to provide an email address...........
  5. Paul L Johnson

    Singing faces light sequences

    check your email
  6. Paul L Johnson

    2 sequences

    OH YES PLEASE...... paul.johnson3@cox.net Not to throw rocks but isn't that 3 sequences. I would love to check out all three.
  7. Paul L Johnson

    My Christmas List from 2014 For Sharing

    Hey Sarge can you PLEASE send me a copy of 62, Thank you. paul.johnson3@cox.net
  8. Paul L Johnson

    Controller not receiving signal.

    JR my unit is just dead in the water. If in position 1 then no controllers are found, if I move it down the line it finds controllers before it only. I have pulled the jumper and reset the controller.
  9. Paul L Johnson

    Controller not receiving signal.

    not sure what SaintJoe53 has done but I have looked at ALL of those things. ALL the other controllers talk to each other alone and together. All my stuff looks good. the cat 5 cable detects ALL the other controllers so I am confident the issue is in the controller not the externals.
  10. Paul L Johnson

    Controller not receiving signal.

    it is blinking of course.... if it was steady we would not have an issue, according to LOR customer service.
  11. Paul L Johnson

    Controller not receiving signal.

    I have basically the same issue. but no pixels..... LOR customer no service just gives me generic answers such as if it blinks it isn't communicating and if it is steady it is communicating. No real answers.
  12. Paul L Johnson

    Background Images

    Someone kindly shared a sequence with me and when I open it I get an error message that says "Background Image Does Not Exist." How do I get rid of this. I have copied and pasted to a new template but still get the error. Thank you in advance for the advice.
  13. Paul L Johnson

    Christmas Can Can

    Check your email Boozybear
  14. Paul L Johnson

    Sequences needed

    check your email JR. I sent you a link for hundreds of them.