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  1. I just want to thank you for this response, and the others in this thread. After years of running a standard network show, I added a pixel tree this year and was having this same issue. I spent hours troubleshooting. I Googled every possible thing I could think of, I watched over an hour of videos, I was quite literally in tears because I couldn't figure out why, despite the fact that HU could see every controller, only my Pixie props were working. I saw this response and a light bulb went off. I immediately plugged in my black adapter (I had everything running on the red HS), moved everything but the pixie to that one, changed the Network setup to put the Pixie on Aux A and reduce the speed of the regular network back down to 115 and BAM my show is running flawlessly. So, I want to personally thank you as, it seems in this hobby there are a lot of people who don't want to help others to this level of detail and your response here saved my show (and probably my marriage LOL).
  2. Thanks for the response. We were experiencing the random firing even when the Ethernet cables were unplugged from the boxes.
  3. We thought we had it fixed but unfortunately, while the random firing has stopped, and I can see all the controllers in the hardware utility, the show won’t run. For a brief second it did and then it did an odd random firing and stopped. Now I can’t get anything to go. I hear the show but see nothing. Side note: Husband confirmed nothing else is on this circuit but our LOR stuff, the heater (that’s off), the light in the garage (was on all October when we ran the Halloween show) and our porch lights (also off). My head is about to explode. Update: this is definitely not a power issue. I just used the test console to turn everything on completely and let it sit for 15 minutes with no issues.
  4. Update: Turns out a port on one or the LOR boxes (the last in the chain) is dead. Now seeing all hardware.
  5. Ok, I posted a reply but for some reason my phone turned it into a new thread. I’m having a bad tech day. LOL Short version: I see the tree if it’s by itself so I am fairly sure it’s not the device file. Maybe? I’ll check. And yes, when I mentioned above that the tree is last sequentially I meant it has the highest Unit ID (20) on the network.
  6. Ok I’m at my wits end here and I’m sure this is an easy fix but... I have always ran a network that was 3 standard LOR boxes, and 2-3 dumb RGB cards (CMB24D). I have the RBG cards first and then the LOR boxes. It’s always worked fine. This year we’ve added a Pixie2 to the mix. I thought, from what I saw on the site, that I’d just have to put the Pixie last so, I have it’s address set to the last in sequence and I have it plugged in from the last LOR box in the network. So: 3 CMB24D, 3 standard LOR, and then the Pixie2. But, the hardware utility only sees the first 6 and not the pixie. What am I doing wrong?
  7. It looks like the issue was, oddly, draw on the circuit. It seems, at least for the time being, that changing where two of the boxes were plugged in, and making sure my husbands space heater in the garage was off, may have resolved it. I may be speaking too soon but I’m testing today.
  8. After running our last Halloween show on November 1st, I decided to just leave everything where it was in preparation for our Christmas show and just unplugged the boxes from their power source. Ultimately everything on the house stays where it is, as well as some of the yard props, so why bring it all in for 3 weeks? Anyway... today we got all the Christmas props out and plugged everything in and, upon doing so we noticed that everything is randomly firing. Every prop will be off for a good 20-40 seconds and then everything flickers. Not just the stuff on one box but literally everything on the network that isn’t RGB. I checked the connections and all are fine. Network effected: CMB24D to CMB24D to standard LOR box 1 (to 2 to 3). Again nothing was changed as far as the boxes are concerned as neither they, their ether cables, or their power cables were moved. Oh and note this is happening whether I am plugged into the adaptors/PC or not. My only thought is that maybe something happened to the Ethernet cable running from the box with the dual RGB cards in it to Box 1 so that’s where I’m going to start when I head out to troubleshoot tomorrow but... anyone else have any thoughts? EDIT: Already tried and this is not the issue. Seems to be only box 1 and 3 that have items going bonkers randomly as well.
  9. I’ll take it. I can at least see what’s happening in the preview and work to plan the tree that way. Thank you SO much for the help! Now to get re-inspired and get the show fully done... that’s the tough part after being distracted.
  10. @Dennis Laff Ok so - as a test, I opened my sequence in the PE and added about 10 of my props. I made sure I set them up to use "Sequence Editor" in the drop down for where they are sequenced and made sure their associated channels and unit ID were the same. It added them but, I don't see anything either on the timeline or in the preview. EDIT: I do see them in the preview but is there a way to see the sequence effects in the timeline at the bottom? Like - where I have turned a prop on/off?
  11. Ok I see what you mean, that is fairly easy. Once I do that, how do I then associate what has been built in SE to those? I don't see a way beyond the drop down to say they are sequenced in SE to say where (what channel in SE). EDIT: I think I may have found where that's done. I'll be playing and see what happens.
  12. Actually it's 66. I have 16 individually controlled RGB strands, 2 arches (made of 7 legacy/standard LED bulb strings each), and then 34 individual spots, strings, light up standees, etc. So yeah, unfortunately, even if you consider each arch 1 prop, despite the fact that they are literally 14 individually plugged in lights, that's still 52 "props." Really, if I count the total channels, given that the 16 RGB are 3 channels each, it's 96 channels. EDIT: The only thing in PE now is the new tree I am adding this year because up until now, I've never had need to use PE as everything was either dumb-RGB or standard incandescent/LED.
  13. Thanks again Dennis. I did read that I can import from Visualizer but alas, I have not built anything there to import. Up until this point, I have strictly used SE's "View - Animation" option to get a visual of how the show will appear. It sounds like I really have three options... Build every prop from scratch in PE (we're talking a lot of channels and thus a lot of time spent to do this) and then import the show from SE Build everything in Visualizer and import to PE (essentially no different than #1) Put SE and PE side by side on my monitor, open the sequence in each, go timing by timing and try my best to line up the pixel effects with what I'm doing on the RGB and standard LOR controllers, save the sequence in PE and then cross my fingers and say a prayer that when I plug everything in, it works I think #3 may be the best option, unfortunately. I've reached out to LOR support directly to see if there are any other options that we haven't considered but, as the show date looms closer, rebuilding everything one by one (we're talking 64 non-pixel channels/props) is likely not an efficient use of my time (when I still have to build the pixel part of the show to begin with).
  14. While I appreciate that you are once again trying to help... this isn't the answer to what I am asking. You are talking about copying and pasting within Sequence Editor. I am versed in that and have done so many times. This is about getting the show that has been built in Sequence Editor into Pixel Editor so that I can add effects to my pixels while at the same time seeing what I did at each timing for the non-pixel hardware. Adding the pixel DEVICE into SE does not accomplish this. Doing so only allows me to use the SE effects features on the pixels. I cannot copy/paste pixel effects from PE to SE either so again, adding the device in SE is not the solution. Again, I appreciate the attempt but this is not what I'm trying to accomplish.
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