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  1. I’ll take it. I can at least see what’s happening in the preview and work to plan the tree that way. Thank you SO much for the help! Now to get re-inspired and get the show fully done... that’s the tough part after being distracted.
  2. @Dennis Laff Ok so - as a test, I opened my sequence in the PE and added about 10 of my props. I made sure I set them up to use "Sequence Editor" in the drop down for where they are sequenced and made sure their associated channels and unit ID were the same. It added them but, I don't see anything either on the timeline or in the preview. EDIT: I do see them in the preview but is there a way to see the sequence effects in the timeline at the bottom? Like - where I have turned a prop on/off?
  3. Ok I see what you mean, that is fairly easy. Once I do that, how do I then associate what has been built in SE to those? I don't see a way beyond the drop down to say they are sequenced in SE to say where (what channel in SE). EDIT: I think I may have found where that's done. I'll be playing and see what happens.
  4. Actually it's 66. I have 16 individually controlled RGB strands, 2 arches (made of 7 legacy/standard LED bulb strings each), and then 34 individual spots, strings, light up standees, etc. So yeah, unfortunately, even if you consider each arch 1 prop, despite the fact that they are literally 14 individually plugged in lights, that's still 52 "props." Really, if I count the total channels, given that the 16 RGB are 3 channels each, it's 96 channels. EDIT: The only thing in PE now is the new tree I am adding this year because up until now, I've never had need to use PE as everything was either dumb-RGB or standard incandescent/LED.
  5. Thanks again Dennis. I did read that I can import from Visualizer but alas, I have not built anything there to import. Up until this point, I have strictly used SE's "View - Animation" option to get a visual of how the show will appear. It sounds like I really have three options... Build every prop from scratch in PE (we're talking a lot of channels and thus a lot of time spent to do this) and then import the show from SE Build everything in Visualizer and import to PE (essentially no different than #1) Put SE and PE side by side on my monitor, open the sequence in each, go timing by timing and try my best to line up the pixel effects with what I'm doing on the RGB and standard LOR controllers, save the sequence in PE and then cross my fingers and say a prayer that when I plug everything in, it works I think #3 may be the best option, unfortunately. I've reached out to LOR support directly to see if there are any other options that we haven't considered but, as the show date looms closer, rebuilding everything one by one (we're talking 64 non-pixel channels/props) is likely not an efficient use of my time (when I still have to build the pixel part of the show to begin with).
  6. While I appreciate that you are once again trying to help... this isn't the answer to what I am asking. You are talking about copying and pasting within Sequence Editor. I am versed in that and have done so many times. This is about getting the show that has been built in Sequence Editor into Pixel Editor so that I can add effects to my pixels while at the same time seeing what I did at each timing for the non-pixel hardware. Adding the pixel DEVICE into SE does not accomplish this. Doing so only allows me to use the SE effects features on the pixels. I cannot copy/paste pixel effects from PE to SE either so again, adding the device in SE is not the solution. Again, I appreciate the attempt but this is not what I'm trying to accomplish.
  7. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to copy/paste the channels at all. If anyone can confirm/deny if this is possible that'd be great.
  8. Is there any way to essentially import from what was already built in SE or do I really have to manually, one by one, build each light into the PE that I have in the SE? We're talking 48 channels of standard LOR controller strings/lights 16 RGB channels (16 individual RBG strings). If it is literally building it all one by one, I don't know that it's worth it.
  9. Thank you so much! I will work on this today. Sincerest appreciation!
  10. Thanks for that. Since the PE doesn’t show the rest of the sequence when I do that, is there then a way I can see a visualization of them all together?
  11. Sorry, that’s not what I’m asking. I know how to add the device in SE but doing so only allows me to use basic RGB effects. If I’m doing that, there’s no point in using pixels. I am trying to figure out how to essentially bring the features of the Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor together or, at the very least, understand how I get a sequence I’ve built in SE into PE to add pixel effects or how I take a new sequence built in PE and bring it together with the show in SE. There’s gotta be something I’m missing.
  12. So, after years of doing a show with just our standard 16-channel LOR controllers and "dumb" RGBs running on a pair of CMB24D controllers, I decided to add Cosmic Color Bulbs to the mix this year. I've got a Pixie16 and, as far as the hardware side is concerned, I've got all that figured out (how to configure the lights, how to tell the Pixel Editor how I have them set, etc.). The thing I can't figure out, despite watching about 7 videos in the last 2 hours, and spending about 30 minutes with all types of different Google searches is... now what? I have my show built already in the S4 Sequence Editor. I can see how I can build a "show" for my tree in the Pixel Editor but... how do I bring them together? Is there no way to essentially program my tree along with the show (i.e. see the effects I used on everything else so I can synchronize the tree I've built along with it)? Does the pixel sequence truly have to be built as a completely different sequence and if so, how do I then bring them together? Note, until this year I was working with a much much older version of the software and just recently upgraded to S4 Pro so I have a lot more tools that I haven't ever touched before (i.e. the visualizer) as well so, it is almost like starting over again from the newbie perspective. I know the SE inside and out at this point but, adding pixels has proved to be a lot more confusing than I expected (with less than a month until our show is supposed to go live). HUGE thanks in advance!
  13. Thank you @dibblejr! That is exactly what I needed. I was in the Sequence Editor but just thinking about it in the wrong way. That gave me exactly what I needed.
  14. Sorry, I should probably specify, I know how to add a controller but I'm not sure what to select in the software to specify it's the Pixie16D. I assume under Device Type I select "Light-o-Rama Controller" but it sure doesn't seem like the rest of the fields available after that truly reflect the pixels the way I'd expect. To help, I'm attaching a screenshot of the window I'm referring to.
  15. Ok... I'm not sure I see a specific place to put that information in my profile so any help would be great. The answer to the question is I am using the Pro Edition of S4 (4.3.36 I believe is the version).
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