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  1. Been there and done that, didn't realize it till the next day!! Great to see that your on S3.
  2. Thanks for all the hard work to all invloved!! Now to get to sequencing with the new toy!!
  3. The computers power supply, or the capcitors on the motherboard could also be a source of frustration. We have seen a lot of electorlytic caps failing on mainboards lately. -Steve
  4. I know that I will be ordering more. It took 15-20 minutes on my first one and most of that was locating all of my tools. Thanks again Greg for the product and service. -Steve
  5. I can not seem to jam them back in the candy cane, they seem to go really well untill I reach the bend in the cane, and thats when everything bunches up, Try using a small nut tied to a string, drop the nut in and let it feed all the way through. Then use the string tied to the lights to pull them through the cane. This worked fairly well on the ones that I made. -Steve
  6. Robin, the only part you have to solder is the power connector. There is an IC you have to insert into a socket, a switch to change the output level. I dont have the manual here, but I think there is also a variable pot for output adjustment. I really have enjoyed the transmitter, only thing that I can really say about it is that it works Great!
  7. If what chuck has recomended wont work, you can try renaming the Backup files that LORII probably made. See this thread http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=17460&forum_id=72&highlight=bak Also read somewhere in another thread that a user was having problems renaming a file in VISTA. Remember to tell windows explorer to show known file extensions, and change it from"YourFileName.lms.bak or YourFileName.bak" to "YourFileName.lms" I probably would give it an entirely new name like "YourFileNameLOR1.lms" -Steve
  8. I have used this in XP with media players 10 and 11. Just had to install it , opened the media file and selected the LORVIS visulization. -Steve
  9. Brian it sounds like you have a controller without ID selector switches. Try the following from the manual to reset the board. Power off, remove the jumper from second row of J0 pins, power on for a few seconds, power off, replace jumper. Then only connect the unit to the computer and set it to the ID you need it to be. If it does have switches, power it off, set the switches to 00, power it on for a few seconds, the LED will flash twice, pause, flash twice, pauseā€¦, power it off and put the Unit ID switches back to the ID you need it to be. -Steve
  10. Ponddude wrote: The controller is a CTB16D, which has address switches that can easily set the units ID. What you have to remember is to have the power off before chaning the position of the switches. -Steve
  11. I would first try connecting only the new controller to the computer. (to try to rule out a bad cable) If this was a kit then, I would check for poor connections and or correct orientation of the communication IC. U1 ? -Steve
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