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  1. Matt, That was the solution. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello, I am having a problem with Pixel Editor and I can't figure out how to resolve it. I created a snowflake using visualizer. There are some pixels represented by bulbs. They import into Pixel Editor as a Bulb, but when I set them to RGB and configure the channels, they won't output to the hardware. It seems to be a problem with any pixel identified as a single bulb. Is there a bug or something wrong. How do I fix or get around this? I'd create a line, but in reality they don't go Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, .... The order is something like pixel 1, pixel 8, pixel 16 that I want to group together. I tried to do a line with 1 pixel and that doesn't work either. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. I guess the consensus is Mr. P with his Drone is the best way to get video? LOL Mike
  4. Bob, I was able to successfully get MIIP going after some playing around. Worked great for me. Thanks, Mike
  5. Hello, I have been trying to Video my show with my iPhone. It does ok, but I am wondering if anyone has any affordable camera suggestions that they have had good luck videoing their shows. Looking forward to any suggestions. Thanks, Mike
  6. Sorry Alan! I only can figure out the difficult problems, it’s the easy ones that cause me the most trouble! Regards; Mike
  7. Ok, I am not really sure why this happened, but I appear to have resolved the problem, but not sure how. I opened and closed the group and that seemed to do it.
  8. Hello, I have discovered an issue where when I try to copy a Preview to a New Preview. I am losing a Group. The props are all present, but the group is lost that ties them together. Wondering if there is a way to fix this? Thanks Mike v4.3.24 Pro
  9. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to import an xlights prop/model into visualizer for use in LOR? Thanks, Mike
  10. Hello, I am looking for Pixel Editor Version of Thunder and Lightning, as well as Halloween Sounds for Reference. Thanks! Mike
  11. So I take it that installation of the Beta overwrites the S4 version?
  12. I have a question, which may be a feature request. Currently adding Pixel/Pixel Channels to a group seems tedious and time consuming. I would like to be able to select multiple Pixels in SE and add them to a group. If they are in series, it is quick and painless, but if they are not and you have a number of pixels to manage, you have to drag them one at a time or deal with them one at a time. It would be helpful to have an option to select multiple pixels by checkbox, clicking the channel, or by on/off state of the channel. Why do I want to do this. Singing Faces on a Matrix. Currently I can use SuperStar to create a singing character on a matrix. What I want to do is separate the pixels and group them by set that would light up in coordination with singing character sequences. The way I think it would work best is to group the pixels into a set such as outline, top lip, etc and coordinate them with the standard channels that were traditionally used. Speeding up the grouping of pixels would be very useful to do this. Right now, the only way I see to do this is manually and very time consuming because of the current structure. I hope I am making sense? Thanks, Mike.
  13. I am wondering if the preview resolution is related to just what is seen in the visualizer preview or does that relate to what is actually happening in the actual intensity data that is output? I am having performance issues and noticed that when I set my all group to a lower resolution, the performance gets better. Wondering if my old outdated machine is slow and a newer machine would improve or if this is a different problem.
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