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  1. At the end of the day "reboot" seemed to resolve. Not only was the PC/Controllers off I completely unplugged the particular unit. Since re acquiring power and network it has not failed or had any odd performance that I've seen since Tuesday. Thanks for the response Kapkirk.
  2. We have a BINGO! Thank you for that piece of info I had forgotten since last year. Peace of mind returned on this issue!!!
  3. All controllers are Up to date. All controllers are Light o Rama CTP16PC. Looks like they are all on Version 1.06 according to Hardware Utility. As far as networks...using the powered USB-RS485 connector with several Light o Rama Easy Link lighters. Does that help? Again the units in question when I use hardware utility to test, all are working fine. I can turn them off and on from inside. But the "new" stuff (jumping arches, controllers, and lights) do not fire up during the sequence. They are just setting there.
  4. My existing system uses 10 controllers. Last Night I noticed one of them was very off. It is like it was "locking up" and stuck. Later it would work again, but then get stuck again. I turned everything off and rebooted everything. Same results. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. I have used Light o rama for three years. I'm not expert but I would say pretty good at it. This year I've added eight controllers. They are set up in the system, units verified, and when testing everything works fine. I've added programming to my existing programs and was so excited to see the new stuff incorporated into my existing songs. Nothing. Here is what I know: Units seem to be working fine when testing There enough units listed in capacity to cover my new units. (Set for 28, actually want to use 18) None of the new stuff shows up and works So what am I doing w
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