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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any sequence to snoopy vs the red baron ccr or regular lor. Anything will help thanks
  2. Quefol

    Lor to DMX crossover question

    Hello i have 2 CTB16PC controllers that would like to run in DMX mode. My question is would I need a crossover cable for both controllers or just one for the first and use a strait through cable to daisy chain to the second.
  3. Quefol

    Lor to DMX crossover question

    Sorry I ment conversion cable not crossover
  4. Quefol

    Lor to DMX crossover question

    Thanks. Im going to be using a e1.31 DMX bridge with a rj 45 connection. So I guess i would need a crossover on only the first controller and staight though cable to the second
  5. Quefol

    Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    q_folster@hotmail.com Thank you
  6. Looking for run run rudolph by luke bryan would like to add a few more effects to my existing sequence anyone have one to share q_folster@hotmail.com Thanks
  7. Hello I'm looking at building a 50x24 pixel matrix display with a e682 or pixlite controller. I have 12 300 led 60/m 100 pixel ws2811 strips. My question is do I need power injection at the end of each strip if I'm using 12v. Also what size of power supply will I need would two 350w or one 700w be sufficient Thanks
  8. Quefol

    Power injection for ws2811?

    I figured so
  9. Quefol

    Power injection for ws2811?

    Could you draw a diagram for me when you get a chance Thanks
  10. Quefol

    Power injection for ws2811?

    Thank k6ccc I will probably use your advice
  11. Hello looking for someone that may have a 12ccr sequence to ACDC thunderstruck
  12. Quefol

    spiral tree sequence samples

    If your still sharing it would be a great help. q_folster@hotmail.com
  13. Not much to do with Light O Rama but thought I would share a project I have been working on for my Christmas display this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_MNDNi5LgA
  14. Quefol

    This years Christmas project

    I'm using a parallax propeller activity board. The code is written in propeller c. The mechanical relay you here are controlling the elevator lights they are connected to what is called a Darlington Driver (just a bunch of transistors) designed to switch the 12v mechanical relays on and off using the low voltage output of the microcontroller. It is all powered buy servos both continuous and standard. There is a microswitch installed at the bottom of the elevator witch tells the microcontroller to reverse the continuous servo and bring the elevator back up. And another micro switch at the top of the elevator for home position
  15. Quefol

    run run rudolph luke bryan

    Sory to bother you but i too received the Brian Setzer version thanks for sharing anyway q_folster@hotmail.com
  16. If you are still sharing q_folster@hotmail.com
  17. Quefol

    Spiral Mega Tree Sequences??

    I could also use 16 channel spiral tree sequences any will do q_folster@hotmail.com
  18. Quefol

    Enter Sandman-Metallica

    I to would like a copy with or without faces q_folster@hotmail.com
  19. Quefol

    Looking for 12ccr to ACDC thunderstruck

    sorry I meant it looks pretty good and if you are willing sharing you can send it to q_folster@hotmail.com
  20. Quefol

    Looking for 12ccr to ACDC thunderstruck

    B.Y.R.G looks pretty good if your sharing q_folster@hotmail.com
  21. Quefol

    12ccr to enter sandman?

    Hello looking for someone that may have a 12ccr sequence to matalica enter sandman or steer me in the right direction
  22. Quefol

    Need 8 way spliter

    Hello I need a rj45 8 way spitter to split a dmx signal wondering what I can use right now I have multiple 2 way splitters I just want to clean up the cabling I was considering using a 10/100 Ethernet switch not sure if it will work and I would rather not have to use a external power supply
  23. Hello I am having trouble with my e1.31 bridge I built from a kit from diyledexpress everything works fine for a few minutes and then my lights will randomly flash if any one is Familar with this Bridge the green act light will light dimly when everything is working correctly but will flash randomly when it starts to fail I disconect the cable from my Ethernet port of the pc and plug it back in it works again for a few minutes and dose it again I have my pc Ethernet cat 5 conected to a router from there I have one cat 5 going to a e682 and one gong to the e1.31 bridge witch run all my dmx controlers I also am running a lor network off of a usb dongle