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  1. ok i will try that, thank you for your help.
  2. 189 on output 1 and 252 on output 2
  3. Yes. i will be connecting strings 1,2 and 3 end to end for one controller output. And 4,5,6, and 7 all together end to end for second controller output. with power injection.
  4. In pixel editor i will be using 7 outputs. which i am fine with. when i am talking about outputs, that is outputs on controller. i can only use 2 outputs. so i was thinking string #1,2, and 3 will give me one full universe with carryover of 57 which will make me end at universe 2 with 57 channels used. this will all go in 1 output on controller. then in my controller i will set output 2 to start at universe 2 channel 58. and from there use string 4,5,6, and 7 which it will end on universe 3 channel 303. this all will go in output 2 of controller. is this not due-able? thanks!
  5. this is one of the problems i am having. my controller will only see second universe on same output when i reach 510 channels. So I would need a setup where universe reaches 170 pixels.I also cannot exceed 2 universes per output which i don't think will be a problem. Can I use a configuration where it uses a carryover? Will carryovers be accounted for in final prop? if so I might be able to do 7 strings of lights with 63 bulbs and maybe a 3 fold or set up zig zag in controller and set to individual start channels. that will give me my 510 for first 3 strings but with a carryover. thanks for your help.
  6. Hello, I am trying to make a matrix panel with 441 pixels. (21 x 21). They run horizontally from bottom left. I cant seem to figure out how to get this to work. I am using a alpha pix 16 and want to use 2 outputs from it. I am trying to have the first 200 pixels to 1 output and remaining 241 to the other output. Using pre-made prop ( matrix horizontal) i would have to give exact number of bulbs in which they are not exact. so if I said 5 strings of 100 i would be left with 59 extra bulbs not used in prop. which would not look right with pics and text. My other option i tried is a custom prop. When i did this, it would only give me 1 universe with everything else as a carry over. i set this up trying 1-441. and also 1-200 then started at 1 again to 241. both ways still only one universe with carryover. Also my controllers output goes to 510 before it will start a new universe. I cant have it recognize 100 pixels as one universe and another 100 as another universe in same output. No matter what i try, i cant figure it out. I had same matrix set up with 290 pixels and set it as 3 strings of 100 and on 1 output and it set up fine but with only 10 pixels not showing. Controller saw it as 170 for one universe and started new universe for remaining 120 pixels. Please help!!!!
  7. I have three matrix panels over windows. I did each one as a separate prop then grouped them together. I have found that even if you generate an effect as a group. Sometimes depending on what it is will still look better done in each prop. For example, If you are using meteors, I found it to look better done separately verses as a group. As long as you don't change any settings in the effect from one prop to another. When using it grouped, they tend to stretch and cant get right falling pattern through them all.
  8. I started my first display last year. If you bought lights and are stuck from there, I would puchase one 16 channel controller. At the time of purchase, you can get basic software for free. This will control up to 2 controllers. I purchased basic last year. and already upgreded to advanced. So if you are serious and plan to do this for a while, You get a better deal upgrading from start. Next i watched all the video tutorials. I learned a ton there. After you get your controller set up. I would suggest hooking lights up to all the channels you are going to use. It helped me with knowing how things would look and if my sequencing was right on time. Also every channel you use has its own extension cord. You cant plug a tree that you want to light up on its own channel plugged into a bush next to it. otherwise both will turn on. So stock up on extension chords. Also know that programming a song takes a long time. So sticking to shorter songs helped too. Also fm transmitter is a small cost for such a big result. Alows people to stay and watch show from car. You will want to make a sign with radio station if you use fm transmitter. Hope this helps from my experience.
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