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  1. You will be disappointed with LED strobes.
  2. Bob, I had the same problem. I haven't dug into the problem yet, however, I built a simple sequence and used the simple show builder to build and xfer to the card. Popped it in and it worked as expected. Try the SSB to see if you get results. Mark C.
  3. I would appreciate a copy as well. Thank you in advance. Mchambers1@austin.rr.com
  4. Finally figured it out. Stupid mistake and huge brain fart!
  5. Just tried my 2 yr old controller and all work as expected. Surely the three new controllers I just tried are not defective. Hopefully its a setting.
  6. Just started to test my new CCR's and am running into a problem. Have the latest firmware 1.17 and have changed all components with the same result. When I am in the Hardware Utility and select test at 100%, only about 10 pixel's are on with the last one a light green color. I reset the controller and the ribbon test just fine. I also tried an animation sequence with no ribbon response at all. I ran it through the verifier and get this message: Old MC-P compatibility enabled Message 44. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks Frank. I missed this one in my search. Just what I'm looking for.
  8. I am in the process of switching my mega tree for a 12 CCR flat tree this next season. I have seen several setup's as to the mounting of controllers and power supply. My question is would you go with one power supply for the 12 CCR's or would you power the ccr's with the included single power source which means I would need to mount 12 power supplies somewhere along with the controllers. I'm trying to get the components into a standard LOR box or two. Also, if you do go with 1 power supply, do you cut and use the power connector from the single power unit that comes with the CCR or purchase connectors and make your own and save the single power unit for later? Any advice and pictures of your setup would be appreciated.
  9. Hey Don, I have 9 controllers that I am currently using. I purchased 6 CCR's and a G3-MP3 Director this last sale. I plan on adding another 6 CCR's for this year to make a 12 CCR tree. My question is will the G3-MP3 Director run all of my components and also do I need to separate them into two networks?
  10. Steve, do you have a sequence I could look at using the one CCR for two arch's? I am experimenting with macros and they are pretty neat but for me they are more time consuming than regular sequencing for now. I guess I haven't caught up with the learning curve yet. Anyway, I would like to see a sequence that is not using macros and is set up for two arch's. Also, in the CCR config section are you set to normal ID mode or Legacy? Triples/Sequential, # of Pixels. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Can anyone point me to the firmware version that has macro mode 7 & 8 for the CCR....My current firmware version is 1.03 and I cant get 7 or 8 with this version.
  12. Thanks Bob, That is exactly what I was looking for. There is no one right way or wrong way...just what fits your application and your style. I am doing all new sequences this year due to the fact that I am adding several more controllers. I just received my first CCR and if I can figure this out, I think I will be getting several more. I may be looking for advice on both methods when I get into this. Thanks for everyones help. Mark
  13. Just got my CCR yesterday and am confused as anything. After working with it and thinking I have somewhat of an idea,I have a question. What gives you the most versability? The macro mode or non-macro mode? What I am attempting to do this year is to run two arch's with one ribbon? Can this be done using any of the modes? Some of the post I read on the CCR's are old and I am not sure if any changes have been made. I read somewhere that it is not advised to do what I am wanting. Can you separate the ribbon into two independant pieces? Any Ideas?
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