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  1. I know this was a little while ago but do you still have the transmitter for sale?
  2. I never seem to get the email about the sales. I've been on the mailing list for years yet never have I got the info except from the forums and half the time the people here are unreliable anymore! lol!
  3. All's well that ends well! I learned a few things and one of the thing I knew already is if I can mess things up, I will! I also learned that the support I was given by Brian was top notch! His concern for my satisfaction went way beyond what I expected. He worked diligently to see that I could get my software running. He is a real genius and I love the SuperStar software when I don't mess things up myself! lol! So the tip of the day is let your software put the files where it wants to put them and thats in the same folder as your LOR stuff. Maybe Brian can add to this but I am running and all I need to do now is say Thank You to Brian! He answered my questions and figured out what I was doing wrong. He was always quick to reply and stayed up late to help too! Thanks! You're the best Brian!
  4. I used the software to create instant sequences before and had no issues. Now when I go to create a sequence I get an error after I try to create a quick visualizer. I am trying to get a few sequences ready for our show we'll be doing later this month in our town and need to get these done. I don't have time to do a real visualizer and I really need to get some songs done. I will be using 16 controllers and it gives me this error even when I try just 1 controller. Please check the attachment to see the error. I tried with an audio file loaded and without audio file loaded. Thanks for the help! :o
  5. odd as it may seem, I too am putting out the spiral tree and it is almost 32 feet tall! after all the work I am scrounging for sequences. I am very interested in Judy Pancoast's House on Christmas street and mary did you know by scotty mccreery. Of course anything I can mooch is appreciated too! Thanks! Don oops, dkrasley@yahoo.com Thanks
  6. Thats awesome guys! Friends of ours came by with their great niece. She posted this on my facebook page: Thats stuff you can't make up! See the comment here: http://www.facebook.com/dkrasley/posts/2462898696115 This year was the best for us. We had hundreds of guests and we collected over $3400 for The Ronald McDonald House Charities Of Central PA We also gave away over 60 dozen of candy canes. Hang in there guys! Our first year I would bet we were lucky if we had 50 cars the whole time. The 2 previous years we were part of a group here. We had a pretty good turn out but we needed TV coverage to get the word out. Our home is on a dead end road and you can't see anything until you get close. To not know about the display, you wouldn't just stumble on it too easily. This year (our 5th year) we broke away and it was never better. We made a flier with the important information and maps to our display. We had them printed and handed them out all over the place. With the fliers and the 3 stations that came out had our place hopping with traffic! It was awesome to see how patient people were and luckily our neighbors had no complaints. Most of the TV will cover your display if you have a charity your collecting donations for. We were lucky because the RMH did a press release so we barely had to do anything to get the media out. Only one actually called and said they would be out and that was the only one we were home for!
  7. I just got my new voiceovers and I agree, he is the best for our display! My friends and guests look at me like I'm a genius when they hear how professional we sound and it's only because of Kevin! THANKS KEVIN! YOUR THE BEST!
  8. Where I'm at, security is unmatched. Using a company phone for personal business is not how I want to end my job. An officer carrying an M14 plus a side arm scare the hell out of me, even if I did nothing wrong. It just isnt as important as keeping the money flowing. I may just go to Rat Shack and see if I can get one as mentioned above. Still, if this was my business, customer service must be top priority! Who's gonna come back when you can buy as good elsewhere, and I've seen some nice ones cheaper too! So I may just be pissing up a rope here anymore. It's a damn shame to lose a customer, I know from personal past experiences. But no one from LOR is doing anything to keep me here. I know it's the holiday now, and I don't expect to hear from them today, but I thought for sure Thursday at the latest would have been the case, guess I was wrong. This goes out to all past present and future military personnel: Thank you for supporting our country and our freedoms. You are appreciated more than you know. Without you our country and that beautiful flag would fall! God Bless You!
  9. I have the automated reply email sent from the NOHelp desk when I opened the ticket. I have checked there a few times and checked there again today. NOTHING! The transformer was secured and is a good idea but not the case. I hear all this about LOR support being top notch and all that jazz but I don't think as of now that it is true at all.
  10. I thought that the "NOhelp desk" or the forum was as good as calling. My problem is I'm in a place where I get no signal and have no other way to get a phone call to them. If your going to set up a place for support, a good idea would be to check it on a daily basis wouldn't ya think? Maybe 2 times a day wouldn't be too much to ask for. Just my 2 cents worth
  11. yeah, I am tied up during normal business hours, so I went to the "help desk" and got no help whatsoever. This was Wednesday when I went to the "help desk" and here it is Friday. What kind of help is that? I'm glad it's not the busy season yet. These sockets are not that easily bent from what I can tell, thats why I say it looks like someone was mad when they put this kit together. Whats up with that?
  12. I don't know if someone there is disgruntled, but I got a kit with a lot of bent parts. The worst part was the 28 pin socket. I tried to straighten the pin but it broke. Where do I buy a new socket?
  13. You can buy a ground bar and mount that in your enclosure. Get one with enough holes for at least half the wires and double them in a hole. Hope this is useful for you!
  14. I like your videos! Thanks for sharing them with us.
  15. Thanks! and unless I'm stupid (and I am) I won't get shocked and die from it. Smoking kills!
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