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  1. My House by FloRida Sequence

    75Redman, i am doin this one in my show this year and have started it but would love to see what you have done with it. if you are still sharing, I would love to have your copy. david-roy@acadiancontractors.com Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Does anyone have "mele kalikimaka" sequence?

    Hey there Sarge...if you are still sharing, would love to have em. Used a couple of yours last year and they were a big hit with the folks. david-roy@acadiancontractors.com Thanks in advance
  3. Light 'em Up, Fall Out Boy

    Would love to have a copy from you as well James... Thanks in advance david-roy@acadiancontractors.com
  4. disco santa

    Vinchief, looks great. I would love to have a copy if you are still sharing. Thanks in advance david-roy@acadiancontractors.com
  5. LOR/DMX works fine until LOR is enabled.

    Ok guys.......update......I did a total un-install and a re-install of LOR software and also re configured comm ports from scratch. Now everything is working fine. Not exactly sure what the problem was but I am thinking it had to do with SE in LOR because the "control lights" tab would not stay checked. Any way glad it's finally working and I thank all of you for your input.
  6. LOR/DMX works fine until LOR is enabled.

    Thanks guys, i do understand about my adapter. It is plugged in and functioning because my LOR side thru the 485 works fine when in dis-able mode.
  7. LOR/DMX works fine until LOR is enabled.

    Yes correct.....I have the sequence saved and then try to run a show with the saved sequence, i get music to play but NO lights work....not even on the LOR side.
  8. LOR/DMX works fine until LOR is enabled.

    Update.... Put in a ticket with LOR help desk, and response from them was.....I am not familiar with Actidongle so he was going to ping engineering on this one. Still waiting to hear back from LOR.
  9. LOR/DMX works fine until LOR is enabled.

    Guys, thanks for the quick responses. Answer is yes, i have control lights checked but the check mark goes away when en-abled. Also, I can control them in SE but once I try to run the show I lose all lights.
  10. OK guys, here goes my problem: Short version is....Setup with LOR 3.12 Advance version with DMX actidongle from Holiday Coro. All lights and channels test fine with Xlights. Universe is running fine. Input RGB channels into existing sequence...All lights do what they should on LOR side and DMX side. LOR on Comm 3 and DMX on Comm 4. Control panel is up and is listening on correct port. All of this works fine as long as LOR is disabled in task bar..(i.e) light bulb is red. When I enable LOR..(i.e.) light bulb goes to blue, NONE of the lights work. The sequence continues to run but no lights are running. Contacted David at Holiday Coro..we tried a few things just to make sure I had it all connected correctly and it seems that I do. Now we are leaning toward a LOR software issue. Has any one had this same problem in the past? I have looked in forum after forum and cant find this problem anywhere. Maybe some of you expert guys can help figure this one out for me as I am new to DMX/LOR. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance