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  1. Xtremeone, unfortunately you are not the first, and wont be the last to see this problem. When someone figures out a solution other than reverting back to a previous version of LOR, I would sure like to see it. I too am having this "Lag" that we speak of, and also have people leaving with up to a 30 second delay between a few songs....I feel your pain and frustration. Multiple questions have been asked for months now with no reply and multiple help tickets have gone un- answered as well. I was really hoping that the latest release 5.3.12 would have a solution, but guess what....nope!!!! Well, I hope someone... one day.... somewhere.... will find the fix, and we can get back to enjoying LOR as it was intended. Good Luck
  2. Matt, Thanks for the info on the new release. I too am curious if that will included a fix for the delay in loading and playing times in the show player. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
  3. Yep, I got the bug as well.
  4. Hey guys I will jump in on this as well. Same issues as above. Running windows 10....S5 pro 5.3.8.. and having 30 secs to 1 minute of lag time between a few songs but not all. Tried running just those few in a show,less than 1gb but that didn't work either. Have a help ticket open for a week now and still no fix. Was told to try a few things....did them and still same issue. They then turned my ticket over to Matt but still nothing so far. Hope they come up with a fix soon. Good luck.
  5. I totally agree with your theory. If sequence content was the culprit, then it would not work in 5.2.4..... but it does. NOT liking the idea of having to revert back and forth with this. I'm pretty sure it is something in the updated version causing the issue. Maybe the developers will chime in with a solution.
  6. Thanks Phil, and yes i do have the "load before play" box checked as you said, and no it didnt work for me either. Maybe someone from LOR can get in here and help us out. Thanks again
  7. Ok guys need some help with 5.3.6 Hub and show player. I have 26 sequences in my show. Yes they all play and all lights work as well. All the compressed files have been auto created correctly as well the first time I ran the show. Problem is that 5 songs out of the 26 are lagging between loading and starting in the show player. The lag time is different anywhere from 30 seconds up to 1 minute from ending of previous to starting of the next. The (loading) is where its hanging up. But only on 5 out of 26 do this. The rest of the sequences start playing 1-3 seconds from one to the next as it should. I cant say its because of the size of the sequences, as 2 of the 5 are my smallest sequences. I also do not get any errors through out the entire show. I know this has been talked about by a few of the experts here, but I cant find the "fix" for it. Anyone able to give me a suggestion on what to try? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the heads up eBrown, but tried that and this is what happens? Duplicates every prop and throws the original to not having effects row.
  9. Ok guys, 4 years into LOR and running great till now. Need some expertise. Basically what is happening is a few nights ago for some reason my previews went wacko. I know your gonna say that I did something wrong, am I will admit if I did , but I have not changed anything that i can think of. Here's an example: When opening my existing sequences same ones I used last year, I get the warning box that pops up saying some of my props are in the sequence file but not in the preview. I have been adding to these sequences since February with no issues. Now this aint rocket science, and I have confirmed they are indeed in the preview, but it makes them go to "archive" and not show up in the sequence. I have included snip its below of the warning box and of my preview as well. You can see they are in the preview but they are being moved to archive. Maybe someone can help? LOR 5.3.6 Pro Version
  10. Thanks Guys, I will give the new version a shot.
  11. Hey guys, need a lil help please. I got this error last night and not sure what to do. S5.2.4 Pro been running fine since day 1 and now and this happens, will not load any sequences. I have about 23 sequences done and now I'm in panic mode. Anyone know what the means and how to fix it?
  12. Hi Bill, Would love to check out your work if you are still sharing this one. Thanks in Advance david-roy@acadiancontractors.com
  13. FYI guys, I am having this issue as well with 5.2.4... Thought it was just me, but apparently not. Side note, I have found that if I delete the gif sequence and re-apply it, it seems to work correctly again Following
  14. Alan, thanks for your explanation and the visual. That is exactly the way I am doing the effects now. I was just being lazy and hoping to be able to insert the effect all at once. Maybe in future releases this might be an option. Again thanks for your help!!!
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