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  1. Appreciate that, I remember Glendora growing up with a swamp cooler to put cool moist air inside the house and here in Florida they're all heat pumps to move the moisture out and cool the air. I will have to experiment and see how bad it gets, Thanks, Keith
  2. Jim, do you have any issues with the boards warping? I had new seamless gutters installed and was going to use pvc but tried it yesterday and wasn't happy with it. I am putting C9 on top of the pvc with icicle lights hanging below. I was thinking of trying 1x2 boards painted same color as gutters but am concerned with warping. With the VERY high humidity and temps here in Florida seems every board warps unless it is nailed down. Keith
  3. James Got it, Thanks for your awesome work, Keith
  4. James, No I don't have superstar and no pixels, Thanks, Keith kapkirk07@gmail.com
  5. Thanks GWS, the LMS and pixel tree matrix in the subject line i guess confused me, I am not RGB literate and I was curious if James sequence would work, I always purchase my singing tree sequences and then add the remainder of my display, and I have already have come up empty at Holidaysequences.com and LOR or Holiday coro, this song wasn't available and I just can't sequence the mouth movements like you guys, I appreciate your time. Frank, I just realized it was you, you know i can't sequence RGB anything don't you, but you sat in my dining room and had them arch's dancing in 5 minutes, Thanks for the reply my friend, hope the wife and boys are doing great. James, if you can send me your sequence I would appreciate it, Thank You, Keith kapkirk07@gmail.com
  6. James Would I be able to adapt this sequence to my regular holiday coro LED singing tree sequence? My wife just came home and said I really need to add the xmas baby sharks song for the grandkids, I haven't heard it but you know how it goes, Moms happy everyones happy LOL. I have been trying to sequence those blinking lights and I'm not doing very well but if you think this is adaptable I could do that, not as much skill required. Thanks, if it is my email is kapkirk07@gmai.com
  7. Very good news in Orange Park/Jacksonville, we had winds and a little rain, we were very lucky in that Dorian tracked east about 50 miles off Mathews track, the hurricane winds barely reached the coast and rain was really down. Mathew we got 17 inch's rain and Dorian we only received 3 inch's rain. I don't believe we even got more than 40 mph wind gusts at my home, Mathew was easy 70 mph. Amazing how much difference in 50 miles of a track. Florida was very lucky Dorian tracked off the coast more easterly but unfortunately The Carolinas were not as lucky, our prayers to our friends there and hope you all can clean up quickly.
  8. Well Orville, I don't know about Juliette, but there are 4 disturbances in the Atlantic right now besides Dorian, looks like 2 will have no effect but the other 2 will be watched in next week or two, Dorian might move by then we hope, I know those folks in the Bahamas will sure be happy if and when it moves off, our prayers for those poor folks, the damage Dorian is doing to them is terrible. The latest info on Dorian from the hurricane center puts the probable track a little further east, and that is great news for us on the first coast. I was fearing a major hurricane was upon us and Mathew scared us enough in 2016 and we did not want a repeat or worse. Keith
  9. Orville Yes somebody else has noticed that one too, my wife is wearing me out about that year we had 4 hurricanes in Florida, she said she will not go through that again. I can't remember the names right now but that was a year to remember if I didn't have can't remember s___ itis. Anyway we are all watching the weather channel like it is a drug, told my wife I have to go in and get my 2 PM weather channel fix cause I was going into withdrawal's. Still hoping it goes farther east as it may finally be going north, at least it started at 1 MPH LOL. Keith
  10. Orville Looks like your prayers may be answered, the latest update shows 150 mph 😱, but it is now maybe turning north earlier, and with all our prayers maybe it will leave us alone, but now Georgia and the Carolinas have to worry more, I'm up in Jacksonville and this track change is hopeful but I am still going to continue cleaning gutters and watch the the track. Lets just hope Jim Cantore doesn't come north to quickly. Keith
  11. Well Mike if you like your glider I would. I really need to get out in my garage and toss radios and servos and batteries, I will not fly them with with old electronics. I think most of my stuff is nearer 30 years old.
  12. Oh I know, i'll bet the electronics are near flawless now, my Futaba Radios are 20 years old now and I wouldn't trust them in anything that left the ground, my youngest son is big time into the RC hobby but I don't get to participate or see his cause he lives and works in Kuwait. He says the radio's are great and hardly ever fail. 20 years ago we had a glitch or two but usually no problems. I remember when I got my first helicopter, I then started saying you want to fly helicopters just drive by the hobby shop and throw your wallet at it, dang things were constant maintenance, at least with airplanes unless you made a mistake they would last forever.
  13. Orville Everything is possible given your willing to pay for it, I remember putting my first basketball pole in the ground when we first moved here and i hit water at 6 inchs, and that was 1 1/2 feet above street level, I real quick made note of the high water table here. I don't think I could afford a basement here. I don't believe many could.
  14. Yep, I had that affliction too, about 20 years ago, started with a Sig Kadet with a OS .40, a bunch RC planes later I was a lot quarter scale, even bought a trailer to go from meet to meet and transport. Then when the boys left the house I transformed into long range shooting. I still have a bunch of leftovers, a 4 Star 120 with a OS 120 and a couple combat gremlins. they haven't flown in quite a while. I gave away or sold the majority but kept the 4 star cause of how easy and well it flew. My wife says I'm a 10 year hobby guy and I think she is actually counting the Light O Rama times to see when I move to my next hobby, If I had a basement I always liked model trains and would seriously consider that, but in Florida no basement so I was thinking of migrating back to one of the old ones. Unless the wife gets her way and we move to Tennessee then that will be the course.
  15. Yes i know about that recoil, my first BMG was a Serbu manufactured right here in Florida, but after a bunch of bruised shoulders I traded it to my buddy for a S/W 500 and some cash. I then got the Armalite AR 50 I have now and it is a pleasure to shoot. The weight and super efficient muzzle break make it feel more like a 243, and it is very accurate if I do my part. Trip to Manatee 1000 yard range with my buddy we shot all day, I fired 140 rounds through my AR-50 and didn't feel a thing, Greg fired 30 rounds through his Serbu and was sore as heck. Now my pocket book was sore but not my shoulder LOL. After the Serbu and age I have become a recoil less kinda guy, I really like the 6MM BR, accurate to 1000 yards and like a 22 in recoil. Ammo is a lot less too than the BMG rounds, probably less than $1 for the 6MM versus $7 for the BMG. And that price is loading your own, match type ammo would be higher.
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