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  1. Kapkirk

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    Devmike You got it, just as soon as they expand to Florida I'll treat. I remember someone told me In-N-Out doesn't expand past their distribution area because they wouldn't use frozen meat. Now I see they are in Texas which has got to be past their area, guess Texas has some cows near by. Come to think of it Florida has a few ranch's with a fresh cow or two. Hum, hears hoping. Caniac I know that steak house, used to attend training courses in Norman Ok for the post office, that is where their main training center is for mechanics and we used to go for a good steak at least once a trip. I wonder if the wife will notice if I change our long RV trip next year to include Texas for In-N-Out, OK city for steak and Nebraska for burgers LOL. Nah, she likes a good steak too. Keith
  2. Kapkirk

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    Caniac You have a good memory, I remember having a good burger at certain one or two restaurant places but just can't remember the names usually, but growing up in California there was always a In-N-Out drive thru somewhere near so guess that helped. Remember flying to California for an event and wife and I snuck out after to just have a good burger, and every time she fly's back to visit her family she will send a picture back of her and her sisters eating at In-N-Out, she does have a mean side sometimes LOL. Living in Florida since 1985 we missed In-N-Out and heard from a friend there was a In-N-Out in Gainesville, so one Saturday we drove the hour over to have a good lunch like the old days to only be disappointed the name was the same but it was not a In-N-Out. Funny what you do for a burger sometimes. Good memories, Thanks, now I want a double double Ha Ha. Keith
  3. Kapkirk

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    It means the best burger is also smeared with extra dressing, mustard and pickles, now it could also mean the fries animal style get cheese and onions. I sure miss the Double Double, grew up in California eating at In-N-Out, can't wait till next year visiting Texas to go again. Keith
  4. I use 1 1/2 rigid conduit from Lowes for our 20 foot mega tree, purchased the 20 ft kit from 3G http://store.3glightingcreations.com/20-foot-mega-tree-kit/ , they recommended 1 1/2 pipe. I have one of the 1 1/4 inch pole pins that of course won't fit my 1 1/2 inch conduit so if anyone needs one holler at me IM. Dang thing is heavy so local pickup near Jacksonville Florida would be better. Keith
  5. Kapkirk

    2018 Spring Sale

    Yes, very surprised no AC controllers sold out yet, last year only took 5 minutes for controllers to start to disappear, this year the Pixon and ELL items and now Vampire plugs. Keith
  6. Kapkirk

    2018 Spring Sale

    Got my little order too, and I watched took 8 minutes till ELL sold out and a pixel controller, all else was still on sale. Keith
  7. Kapkirk

    2018 Spring Sale

    Just got my email, not april fools, now the fun begins OH yea April 6th Keith
  8. Sad for sure, we ask friends and neighbors to not put on facebook or the others for just the traffic reason. We are averaging 100-200 cars a night weekdays and 300 on weekends, last Christmas eve and Christmas day we were over 500. One of our neighbors sits on his porch and just enjoys the counting LOL. We have had a couple bus's, but they are the retirement home kind with the older crowd and they are not loud or obnoxious, Thank the good Lord. We had the Local fire department engine and paramedic squad last year, they were a bunch of nice young people just taking a holiday break and enjoying the lights, the whole neighbor hood was glad to see and speak with them. And of course we get the sheriff deputy's all the time, just don't want to have to hire them for the traffic. We love sitting in our driveway in front of the fire pit and watching the cars and walkers, a lot of the time we get 8-10 neighbors just sitting with us and enjoying the traffic. Here's hoping it just stays that way.
  9. Kapkirk


    Hoosierdoc Same here, they quoted me $10 shipping but when they actually shipped and emailed the tracking the shipping had gone to $70, I called and they said it had to ship truck which is why the higher shipping cost, she credited me all the shipping costs so I got a good deal, just can't get them shipped so cheaply any more. Give them a call about the shipping, $19.50 isn't too bad considering but they did quote $10. Keith
  10. Kapkirk

    Wonky controller

    Have you swapped out the network cable or looked at the ELL? Keith
  11. Jozier I am sure someone with more experience will be along shortly, but I would move the ELL that is not communicating, closer for troubleshooting at least, maybe try swapping the units around (ELL's), last week I had a ELL fall behind the controller and end up in the wiring bundle underneath, was getting erratic lights on two of our singing trees, moving the ELL up solved the problem. And the ELL's were closer than your 3 houses away, ours are directly across the street. Keith
  12. Kapkirk

    Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    Thanksgiving night. But grandkids parental schedule says Wednesday night this year, They always look forward to a Turkey dinner followed by Christmas lights and a fire pit out front to watch the cars drive around looking at the lights. Lots of cars already coming by each evening to see if the lights have begun to "sing". One mega tree left and route electric to lights on 2 houses, 8 others done and will light on time no problem. Keith
  13. Kapkirk

    "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    I'm beginning to think I should have taken an extra off day now, the dang cold seems to be hanging around more, and now the wife looks like she is coming down with it, bad timing, Grandkids and family coming over Wednesday is cutting it close. But the good side is I only have a couple more trees to put up and waiting on the son to come Monday to help us haul the singing trees up on the neighbors roof and then we will be in test mode, a day early if I guessed right. Keith
  14. Kapkirk

    "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    K6ccc You must have a long distance cold, I got it also 2 days ago, kept me down for a day only, runny nose and cough thru today but was able to work on my mega tree, almost up, we have our 10 houses almost done, 3 mega trees still have to go up and lights on one house, then should be able to go live Wednesday for the grandkids coming over for Thanksgiving a day early due to parent plans. Keith
  15. Kapkirk

    1 1/2" steal pipe

    Or black pipe is also available in 1 1/2 size. Plumbing supply would probable have it. I picked up 1 1/2 inch rigid conduit at Lowes in my area, you might try Home Depot or Lowes in your area, they have them in 10 foot lengths usually. Keith