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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to LOR for great customer service again. I was taking down my display and couldn't find the keys to some of the controller boxes, I had to borrow my neighbors key to open the box's. So after not finding them in two weeks of putting things away and searching as I did I looked on google and amazon for some replacements. Nothing came up so I asked LOR and without a question or anything they sent me replacement keys priority mailing in two days. Thanks LOR, your still the best company for customer service and products IMO. Keith
  2. Okay, Christmas is over and all my props and lights are stored away, everyone is going to start updating software and switching to S5, I have one question. Is there a good reason for a S4 user to switch to S5? I never could figure out pixels and I have no plans of adding any, so my thinking is why switch. S4 has been working great for me and I assume LOR is going to continue to support S4 so why switch. If anyone could explain, give examples or educate us I would appreciate it. Keith
  3. Just our kind of people, crazy and uncontrollable, don't forget to tell them about LOR's spring sale. Keith
  4. Just saw HappyMommy hasn't responded since November, possibly she has solved her issue, at least I hope so.
  5. HappyMommy I had a similar occurrence on our last day of the show, I cycled the power on all controllers plugged into GFCI circuits and then rebooted the computer running the show and it solved my issues, worth a try I think. Keith
  6. Kapkirk


    Mike Think about swapping the controller out this year and see if it fix's it, then your good for next year, I hate taking something down without knowing the problem is fixed. I am on our last lit night tonight and had a issue where half the display was intermittent thru 4 songs tonight and was thinking oh no I don't want to take it all down with a problem. So I reset all the GFCI's and then rebooted the computer and that fixed it, I was very happy to know it was all working on last night. Keith
  7. Kapkirk


    Mr P Just like a muscle in the body, stop using it and it goes bad, the muscle on top of your shoulders also has to keep active also or it becomes bad. Now I just have to exercise the brain on how I tell my old shipmates a retired Army guy is teaching an old sea dog old tricks. LOL Thanks Army, Navy
  8. Kapkirk


    Ok now I remember the load and line, I had forgotten a non GFI outlet could become a GFI outlet when wired on the load side of the outlet, so to increase the cumulative effect we have been talking of you would wire the additional outlets from the line side to every outlet, otherwise the first outlet would handle all the load for the others and reduce the cumulative effect. Correct?
  9. Kapkirk


    Now you lost me, how can a outlet be wired differently to achieve different results?I am not an electrician but have wired up a lot of outlets and thought I knew what I was doing, now you have me second guessing.
  10. Kapkirk


    So, if I understand you correctly all I need do is put 2 or 3 additional GFCI outlets wired to the same circuit, the cumulative effect is by outlet not circuit.I see the cumulative effect being changed that way, guess I just thought it was going to be harder or more complicated. Wiring in a new outlet next to another is vey simple, and then I can plug controllers directly instead of using 3 way adapters.
  11. Kapkirk


    David I know what you mean of the smiles of all the people, especially the kids. Makes it all worth the sweat. I was out tonight thinking only one more night and a nice lady leans out her window to say thanks, I really appreciate those chance meetings. I was also thankful for a dry night, no issues is a good night. I do not like to move the power to non GFI circuits, I am going to do a little more investigating, like Joel or Rctpwrd stated, I haven't thought of the cumulative effect. I had 8 controllers on those 2 GFI circuits, all LED so I didn't think it was too much. I think I will put a wattmeter on those circuits tomorrow just to see. Maybe I'm pushing it and didn't know. Keith
  12. Kapkirk


    DLH I have been having similar problems with my GFCI outlets. Normal rain of 1/2 to 1 inch is no problem but seems we are having more than normal this Christmas, we have had 3 periods of more rain and those are the days I had to move the plugs to non GFCI outlets or go dark. One night we had 3 1/2 inch's another over 2 inch's and both those nights I lost half the house. I don't have any thing sitting in water, and no tomato cage tree's but something was triggering the darkness. I am thinking next year I was going to make more attempts to isolate the plugs from the ground. At least I have a lot of time for that thought process as we are without rain till Friday and we are going dark New Years day. Keith
  13. Well the season is nearing end for 2019, looks like we are going dark New Years Day, this year seams shorter to me, or maybe it's something else. I believe everyone on our street is planning tomorrow night new years eve is the last lighted night, though some have been dark since the 26th. We are planning a driveway fire pit night as its going to be pretty cool for us starting tonight. And it's the first 2 or 3 day period without rain so that comes into play also. I like to bring in lights when dry if possible and then into the air-conditioned garage for a few days prior to storage. Do you have any storage thoughts, I usually dry them as much as possible in garage then place desiccant packages in the bins prior to movement to non condition storage shed, seems to have worked the last 5 years, I haven't seen any storage problems. The LOR controllers go into my office in house and of course its conditioned dry air. Any more ideas are welcome. What night do you plan to be your last lit night? Keith
  14. Kapkirk

    Power source

    72Nova146 The starter package you mention is the one with the mini director included and a FM transmitter. It depends if you had intended to run your show with a computer or not. I started with the less expensive starter package http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html at $317, it has everything you need to get started at a little less cost. Of course this is only if you plan to run your show with a laptop or desktop computer. If like most of us you are going to need a computer anyway to sequence your display most likely, so think about this first. The FM transmitter will also be needed if you plan to sequence your display to music and project that music to the cars driving by to see your show, there are good ones available on Amazon that a lot of us use, around $50-60 if I remember correctly. I have been using a CZH-05 for 5 years now without a problem, but I just looked and its price has risen to $99. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003FO4UHW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 A couple things, if you wait for the spring sale all the LOR products are usually discounted to save some bucks, just sign up with them and they will email you the sale info, or keep checking back here and someone will post it. Go ahead and download there software now and start to get used to the sequencing software and you will be way ahead. Also when you purchase your starter package if now or spring sale it would help you if you get an upgraded license instead of the basic, just look at the differances and the amount of controllers you may eventually use. Welcome to the hobby, some say insanity, at least my wife says that. There is a great bunch here who will and can help with anything you need, so just ask. Keith
  15. Weig2fast4u I'm with Orville here, but I do have a neighbor who counts cars and tells us, he really enjoys that, at least till 9 o'clock then bedtime becomes more important, any way I just keep spending the time and money because of the children and most parents. I was out last night looking at the display thinking of changes for next year and a 4 year old with her grandmother walks by and comments on the lights. She is the reason for the lights, the kids hanging out the window singing to the music, walking by and watching the lights, they are the reason we do this, and I would just give it some time, people stop and comment they come by many days a week and for years and how much they enjoy the lights, keep it up and the viewers will grow each year, my wifes patients start asking about christmas lights in September and October, and then they comment for months later how they enjoyed them. She does very little decorating but takes pride in our display and street. We have been doing LOR for about 5 years I think, and decorating the street for longer, and out street has become popular and sometimes too many cars, don't try to grow too quick, you don't want to have to hire a policeman to control traffic, we are just under that and hope it never comes, my neighbor says car counts this year are down a little from last year, maybe 10-20 percent, but weekends and christmas eve we still went over 500 cars before the count stopped. The counter went to bed LOL. I believe weather had a lot to do with the lower counts this year, we have had more rain than normal, but maybe it could be other things I am not sure. We are going to keep our lights on till the Friday after new years, keep up the good work and build your display for yourself and the kids. Keith
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