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  1. Saw the same error this afternoon, 20 minutes later all normal
  2. If your friends with your neighbor to the left, I would check with them and put the Mega tree to the left of your driveway, it wouldn't take away from the house lights no matter the angle and it would more spread out your display and light up the dark space on the left. This is what I do with my Mega tree, it makes my neighbor feel like she has a Mega tree too and it really looks more symmetrical from the street. Keith
  3. For sure it is sad, and dark on our street. My friend/neighbor and I got most of our street down in 4 days, we were wore out as we had to do it without our best guy who is helping a FIL fighting something the doctors can't figure out in the ICU at 94 years old. We pray for him everyday. In my haste to beat the rain I made a big mistake and just grabbed the 48 strands of SPT from the mega tree after disconnecting and tossed them in the patio, I will be cursing that pile for hours as I try to untangle. I know better and have got to find a better way. But after I untangle that mess there will only be the mega tree pole and roof ridge lights and I can start on next years mod's. Good luck to everyone on teardown and be careful and no injuries. Happy New Year.
  4. Just went through your wind and rain, pole wasn't my problem, but the stakes holding my 10' diameter PVC conduit and bottom of light strands was being torn out of the ground, my 135 light strands are held up by 2 boat winch's, so I cranked them down about 6 foot and bungeed the strand to the pole. Solved the problem but I was kinda nervous till this evening when the wind finally got below 25 mph. Cranked the strands back up and resecured the pvc ring to the wet ground, all is good again. You would think 1/4 inch rebar pounded into the ground 12 inch's would have held better, guess it was the rain and wind together. Keith
  5. Kapkirk

    Beginner Lights

    I recommend LED lights, you won't have to think about power, a lot of the stores put their lights on sale 50 percent off, Lowes sent me an email this morning all theirs are 50% off. I use a lot of Lowes, Walmart and Kmart lights that I got on sale. With the amount of lights I have the 50% really helps. For my Mega tree I use Holiday Light Express commercial light strings purchased on their sale, which is going on now until February and we have been very happy with them, this is the third year of use and no failures. Also use their lights for all our holiday coro singing xmas trees and same, no issues. As far as Light O Rama equipment the LOR sale will be in the spring first that has the best prices, and then the summer sale is almost as good which has unlimited quantities. sign up for their sale notification to get the notification or hang out here and when the sales are on the members will let you know. As far as LOR equipment I recommend the residential starter package http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html has all you need to run a show, I run mine from my laptop, some run them from a LOR director instead of a computer. I like the PC over the director but I have no experience with the director so take that for what its worth. Only thing left is sequences, you can make them yourself or purchase, and some here share sequences, which ever way you go don't wait too long and work on them now so you are ready for next Xmas. Any problems or help just come here and plenty of good members will help you out. Keith
  6. Phil Thanks, I didn't pick up the B as a powered booster, Thanks and sorry KWT Keith
  7. Just found this on the home LOR page for the ELL Power: If you are connecting the ELL directly to a PC with no other LOR controllers connected to the PC then you will need the RS485B (voltage booster version) of our USB adapter. In general if there is a LOR controller connected to an ELL via a CAT5 cable the ELL will get power from the controller via the CAT5 cable. Keith
  8. KWT Not sure if I read your sequence right or not, but I believe the correct sequence is PC to RS485 to controller then ELL, I think you have to have the ELL plugged into a controller for power. I cat 5 from my RS485 to my first controller then the ELL out of it. I think that is correct, someone correct me if that is wrong. Keith
  9. Forgot, I am going to follow this thread, Please check back and let us know what fix's your problem.
  10. Homertown Sorry that didn't help, do you have a spare RS485 adapter? I would try that, I cured my erratic behavior similar to yours by swapping a controller this year, but I am betting it is the Cat5 connector in the controller that is my problem, will troubleshoot mine after Xmas and probably send the controller back to LOR.
  11. I am sure a couple or more with experience will chime in soon, but the first thing I would check is the cat 5 cable going to the controller. Only thing I can think of that would explain the erratic behavior. Different problems different times. Keith
  12. We use a Swann video system, been installed for near 7 or 8 years now and very happy with it. Purchased through Amazon way back then. I purchased an 8 camera 500GB system and everything needed was included. I wanted a hardwire system for reliability and it was pretty easy to install myself. No failures of any kind in all that time and the system has unlimited free tech support which I have used a few times, especially after the iPhones went through a major update or replacement. I can view the cameras thru the TV at home, the iPhones when away or just out back and not near a monitor. The one time I had the police view playback for a prowler around 4 am the deputy said he could identify the "perp" no problem if he ever see's him again so I can recommend them no problem. During the show a couple of the cameras are a little too close to overlit props for good viewing but I just swap to another view to watch the visitors. My cameras are the 700 types, if I were to purchase again they have 1080 cameras available now at not bad prices, and 2 TB hard drive would be better than the 500 gb I have now, my cameras record 24/7 to the hard drive and usually they store around 8-10 days before rewriting over. There is an option to record only with movement but I just let mine record 24/7 as I can't see a reason for other.
  13. Richard I did NOT cut I use 1 1/2 inch rigid conduit from Lowes, I used both the threaded coupling and a solid aluminum round stock inside at each pole junction, a little overkill maybe but if the threaded section failed then the solid insert at each coupling would keep the pole from failing. At least that is my plan. No issues in three years, but I did extend my tree 42" this year to use the remainder of light strings that used to lay on the ground. Now I have a 24 foot tree. I found the solid 1 1/2 inch aluminum round stock on Amazon delivered for less than $20, and drilled a 1/4 inch hole and inserted a 1/4 inch bolt in the bottom pipe to hold it at the right spot as to not slide down and not be at the right spot. Did this at each section to prevent failure as you have had, so far so good and we've had a couple good storms locally without failure.
  14. "I have invented the new way to decorate the two very large stands of bougainvillea in our yard. I call it the Lash LaRoo method. I stand well away from that thorny thing and lasso it with three strings of 50 count led C9's. To remove them I bought elbow length leather welders cloves, and leather overall's, they were on sale!" I know just what you mean, the one in my front yard I swear can jump out of the ground every time I walk near it. I can't get within 10 feet of that dang thing without dripping blood on the way to the garage. I put net lights on it a couple weeks ago and know for sure my Dr tomorrow will ask what happened to my arms during my appointment.
  15. JPat One more thing I just thought of, look at the male receptacle you are plugging into the LOR female, sometimes a spread of the male ends or the receptacle it self is at issue.
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