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  1. Florida is the lightning capital of the US, used to be the world but another country took that dubious honor Thanks very much, anyway your area down there if considered lightning alley I remember from something. 8 Gauge wire is minimum I believe, and 2 rods about 10-15 apart is best for antennas so that should work for your mega tree, I believe you could attach the grounding wire at the base then to the two rods. I am not sure if a lightning rod at the top of the pole would be better or just to the pole, I will have to check with my buddy, he used to make lightning rods and sold to the state for traffic signal poles a time back, think his son took over when he retired. But probably best to check NEC reg's for your area. Keith
  2. Jim and Mr P Ok I get it now, and I do remember now the time taken on tracks, I just didn't't put it into practice and forgot about tracks and looks like I have been doing more work than I had to. I will have to put my master back to normal and then try the tracks. I didn't move the channel like John did in the tutorial, I changed the channel number to the new number in the space for that controller because it wasn't being used for the Mega tree and that controller was near the string for that roof. I haven't finished the video yet but I will before I go any further, but I am thinking I will have to leave that string the way it is. I think I will finish one sequence and then do a trial run before I do the other 10 songs, hate to take the time to do all 11 songs/sequences to find out it didn't work like I thought. Appreciate all your expertise and help Keith
  3. Jim Thanks for the info. I understood the first sentence I can move to my hearts content. The rest has got to be a foreign language, second track? I will have to go back and watch more of the LOR videos to get what a second track is. And the sad thing is I sat in and took notes with my neighbor in a sequence class last year for 5 or 6 weeks. Oh well like they say you can lead a horse to water. Thanks Again for the help, Keith
  4. Frank, Looks very good, Excellent. Keith
  5. I am adding 7 new channels for roof lights on our street for 7 homes, so due to distance they will be coming from different controllers. In order to make sequencing easier to see while I sequence them I have changed channel numbers next to each other in the sequence to the channel of a different controller. Like unit 7.11, 7.12, 7.13, 6.16, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3. The big change was taking unused channel 6.16 from the mega tree controller and assigning 7.14 to 6.16 so it was in middle of sequence. And the roof light it controls was near the mega tree. These are all on the screen at the same time so I can sequence them easier, can you see any future issues If i change channel's in this way?
  6. Kapkirk

    CTB04PC Question

    Jim Thanks for the quick reply, I will trudge on and finish my sequencing while I wait on the LOR summer sale. I was going to pick up the CTB04PC then. Keith
  7. Kapkirk

    CTB04PC Question

    Thanks Guys I did edit my profile and I assume I am using S4 as I don't update very often unless I run into a problem. The CTB04 is not available in the drop down menu, I just told the CP a 16 channel controller, not sure if it will make a difference when I control the lights, that was something I was hoping to avoid if possible, I right click and select insert multiple channels below, I type 4 channels and it puts 4 channels in at the end. Then when I select the first channel to name etc and select device I select LOR controller and the auto populate channels window pops up but it is here the CTB04PC is not available for controller type. Do you see any problems coming? Thanks Again, Keith
  8. Kapkirk

    CTB04PC Question

    Thinking of using the CTB04PC 4 channel controller to control 3 of my neighbors roof lights, when I set it up in the sequence editor there is no provision for 4 channels, only 6,8,16 etc. Does anyone know how to use the automatic set up for 4 channels like I do for 16? Appreciate any thoughts, looking at my question now maybe I should have asked in sequence editor topic but will try here first. Thanks, Keith
  9. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Thanks all, the Arch's are sold, now back to LED LOL.
  10. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Frank Thank you, you are a very lucky man, you have a very nice family and Cheri and I enjoyed your visit, we were already talking about your family and looking forward to your next visit. And of course Bandit is welcome too, although the pool may be a little cool for him during xmas LOL. We usually do a fire pit in the driveway on Saturday nights during the light season and we hope you can make it, smores and more abound during these Saturday nights so come on up. Keith
  11. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Orville Thanks for the post, I thought of you many times through your rough times, very happy to see you back at it, you are an inspiration. But i am past the frustration, I know my limitations, and I will probably make some more arch's in the future, but they will be LED strands cause I can do them. I had a set of incandescent arch's and like the look, thought the RGB would be better but alas, sequencing is my down fall. There is a fellow from down your way in Citrus county interested in them, if he can stomach the long drive I think he will get them, if not I might be able to find a way to get them to you if your interested later. Thanks again, Keith
  12. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Default and Mr P Appreciate the thought's, and Mr P you offered some advice a while back. And another Lighter too offered help, can't remember his name right now but I messed around for a little while but like I said I am just not very good with the darn computers. In todays world we are all computer, I get by but they frustrate me more than I get enjoyment from them, I like the physical aspect of our hobby more than the sequencing, and look forward to decorating. My friend/neighbor and I decorate or help decorate 10 houses on our culdesack and we are busy with the work for a lot of the year, come November 1st we set up every day till Thanksgiving then sit back and enjoy our neighbors and work. I did think of working on the arch's sequencing more but have decided someone else could get more enjoyment out of them than I. Thanks again and really appreciate your advice and offer for help. Keith
  13. Kapkirk

    RGB Leaping Arch's for sale

    Yep, the sequencing of pixels was more than i bargained for, I got thru the singing xmas trees because of all the available sequences for sale and I am adding 7 sequenced roof lights for our neighbors this year. I am computer challenged and will get thru an extra 7 channels okay, but the 300 for 2 arch's is a bit too much. Keith
  14. I have a pair (2) RGB LOR Pixel Arch's for sale $150 These are brand new never used outside, just tested after build. Made with 2" HDPE tubing following Matt Johnson's YouTube video. Light O Rama's Cosmic Color Controller with 100 bullet pixels, they are now almost 2 years old. I have been unable and frustrated trying to sequence them so that is the reason for selling. I have over $250 invested in them and just want to make some room in the storage shed. I can't post pic's, but they are exactly like Matt Johnsons Youtube video if you want to see them. Due to shipping is really too hard, local pickup or a meet within a reasonable distance to Jacksonville Florida is necessary. Thanks for looking, IM me or post a contact if interested or any questions. Keith
  15. Kapkirk

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    Devmike You got it, just as soon as they expand to Florida I'll treat. I remember someone told me In-N-Out doesn't expand past their distribution area because they wouldn't use frozen meat. Now I see they are in Texas which has got to be past their area, guess Texas has some cows near by. Come to think of it Florida has a few ranch's with a fresh cow or two. Hum, hears hoping. Caniac I know that steak house, used to attend training courses in Norman Ok for the post office, that is where their main training center is for mechanics and we used to go for a good steak at least once a trip. I wonder if the wife will notice if I change our long RV trip next year to include Texas for In-N-Out, OK city for steak and Nebraska for burgers LOL. Nah, she likes a good steak too. Keith