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  1. Most of our neighbors instead ask when your going to start putting up xmas, my wifes patients ask everyday around this time of year has your street started putting up xmas? We have one new neighbor on the culdesack so we may get some comments, but they did say they like to decorate for xmas, but they also said they like yard work which has yet to happen LOL. We haven't started putting up yet, but the sheds are getting emptied and check of lights and props are beginning. Pretty soon the trim of bush's and tree's before the lights go up. This week I'm pressure washing the driveways and sidewalks, dang I hate wet feet. Keith
  2. Kapkirk

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    CDanna77 No pic's, the statute of limitations isn't up yet LOL. We just used 3 sections of 3/4 inch pvc and attached a rope to the pvc about 6 feet down and tossed the rope over the lamp arm to haul it up and keep it near the pole, then when about 10 inch's above the sensor we screwed long deck screws thru the pvc into the wooden pole to keep it at the right spot. Usually didn't have to readjust, the tied off rope and the deck screws kept it there thru the season. But like I said after 2 seasons the online lawyers scared us off, last year we adjusted the hanging light strings coming down from all the trees on the street because we observed kids swinging the strands and the parents just watched, we would try and explain 120 volts but it was on deaf or dumb ears. So instead of hanging strait down we swaged them into the trunks of the trees and made it so the little guys couldn't reach them. Not as good a look as before but safer for the young rascals and our lawyers can relax, I hope LOL. Or were you just kidding about the street light bypass pole? Keith
  3. Kapkirk

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    Bob Yep, we pay for our street lights too, it is a one line assessment on our electric bill, don't remember how much, cents I think but either way no control over either the light or the cost. They do get out pretty quick if it goes out and you call. Bet our costs will raise soon too. Maybe better look at electric bill soon. Jim My neighbor and I tried a couple lasers first, we never could get the lasers to cut the light out, we just surmised the sensor was pointing up and that was the reason, the LED light on the end of 25 feet of pvc did the trick, we were quite the sight trying to get that contraption suspended over the sensor for a while, our wives kept saying they were going to film us and put us on youtube LOL. Finally a rope to pull and steady the contraption worked. Keith
  4. Kapkirk

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    Good luck with the switch idea Bob, I have a street light right in front of my house that degrades our show, the first year my neighbor and I put a led light on a piece of pvc and I would plug it in during the show, worked great. Then the next year I put it on its own channel so I didn't have to remember. The third year we didn't put it up because of the possible litigation, our traffic started getting heavy because of the show and the drivers were not so smart about driving and we began to think about the possibility of accidents and the inevitable blame that would follow, so we decided that we would just leave it alone. I think we discussed this in a previous thread and the lawyers won out, at least in our case they did, but I sure liked the show better without the street light, I was never able to get anyone in the county to answer the question about a switch and we always figured it got stuck in the legal department so we just put the show on with the street light. Keith
  5. Kapkirk

    So begins another year

    Start testing light strings and run some unseen cables late October, Nov 1st roof and house lights start going up for 8 houses which will take 2-3 weeks while we are waiting on cooler weather so we can get the last mowing done before the last decorations such as mega tree's etc can be placed on lawns. With a little luck will start testing 3-5 days before Thanksgiving then the show starts Thanksgiving night. Would start earlier if grass would stop growing, Florida sunshine oh how it puts a thorn in our side. Keith
  6. I place mine on a 2x4 frame like MR. P suggested, but they have legs to place them above and behind the bush's in front of the garage wall. I just put a couple small corner brackets to keep them from sliding off the 2x4. and then attach another bracket at the top attached to the garage wall to keep the wind from blowing them off the 2x4. Real easy to make in about a half hour, and I store them behind the shed so no problems except the wasps make new nests on them so I have to battle them once a year. Keith
  7. Kapkirk


    That does seem a little high for the weight/volume of what you ordered, my order was $35 shipping but had a ctb16 controller, 500' spool spt1, pair ELL's and a few more not heavy bulky items, so I thought my shipping was in line with the volume/weight order. Keith
  8. Kapkirk

    Summer sale

    BIG News already, just got shipping notice and it was a try-for-free order, THANKS LOR, you guys are the best. Keith
  9. Kapkirk

    SPT vampire plug "in-line"

    I never was able to find them at Lowes, I did get them from Home Depot for a couple years, they were a little hard to find but eventually did and at a good price, I believe it was 100 plugs in bulk box for around $40 dollars. They shipped to store for free and were pretty quick. But last year I couldn't find them anymore even with my saved link so just went the LOR and other source route for a little more $.
  10. Kapkirk

    SPT vampire plug "in-line"

    I usually just buy them from Holiday light express during their sale, no sale right now but they aren't too bad at .65 each. Or I used to use a Dremel to do a quick neat job till I found these. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/SPT-1_Plugs.php Either way it for sure saves wire and time. Keith
  11. Thanks guy's, LOR also replied quickly that I could use in multiple too. Mr. P thanks for the link, I will give it a read. My neighbor is ordering the light linkers now, appreciate the help. Keith
  12. I am using ELL's to run the show for both I and my neighbors lights, another neighbor wants to use ELL's to run his lights, is it possible to run 2 or more different shows with ELL's in close proximity to another. I saw in the ELL instructions there are 32 possible channels but it really didn't get much more into it. So if they can be used in 2 different shows on different channels does anyone know how to assign the ELL's to different channels, and will they always remember that channel/frequency or will we have to reassign the channel upon power up every time. Thanks for reading and any help you can give, I am waiting on a help ticket but want to get some help before the LOR summer sale is over. Keith
  13. Kapkirk

    Summer sale

    No limits, all that you order will be put on order.
  14. Kapkirk

    Summer sale

    Just got the Email, sale is on 19-29 August, ho ho ho. Keith
  15. Florida is the lightning capital of the US, used to be the world but another country took that dubious honor Thanks very much, anyway your area down there if considered lightning alley I remember from something. 8 Gauge wire is minimum I believe, and 2 rods about 10-15 apart is best for antennas so that should work for your mega tree, I believe you could attach the grounding wire at the base then to the two rods. I am not sure if a lightning rod at the top of the pole would be better or just to the pole, I will have to check with my buddy, he used to make lightning rods and sold to the state for traffic signal poles a time back, think his son took over when he retired. But probably best to check NEC reg's for your area. Keith