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  1. First annotation is on the on-line store they have box's on the left, first one says TSO Signature series, next one is Showtime Central I think, any way we usually see the sale prices for a week or so prior to sale then the sale prices will become active. Not trying to stir any pot or anything, just noticed something different this sale, Not being able to see prices yet, different. I think I will head out to work on my new Merry Christmas sign to go over our street and actually be productive today, Have a great day. Keith
  2. Don Usually there is a link to the sale and the sale prices are posted so you know what to shop for, then the prices will become active the minute of the sale. And remember the first annotation on there in line store is the summer sale, been like that for my 5 or so years.
  3. A little different this sale, no sale on in line store yet and no link to the sale, guess its covid or something and they will get to it. Anyway we have a date that's official so that's good.
  4. If you can use 5 foot tall, Lowes has a plastic candy cane with the red stripe through the clear tubing and the light strings fit inside real well and are perfect for brightness, I always get them on their after christmas sales, I think I have around 40 of them now, I think they go on sale for $1-3 range. I just thought, you can cut these down real easy if 5 foot doesn't work for you. And I'll bet they are seasonal as far as availability. Keith
  5. Rick Have you looked at holiday sequences dot com? he has some non christmas stuff, I am not a rock or metal kind of listener but I believe he has something you may like, look under patriotic and the other non christmas headings he has. holidaysequences.com is the address or just google him. Keith
  6. JR Couldn't make the class, will you be able to send me the video from this week, appreciate it if you can. Keith
  7. Oh darn, sorry to hear that, I still haven't cured my microphone issue and using your video I decided to skip last nights class, I should have emailed or messaged you sorry. Really got a lot out of your first class but honestly got more from the video cause I could replay tips like your vowel rules and how to find the end and beginning of a word, my daughter in law is coming for Fathers Day dinner tonight so maybe I can get her to cure my microphone problem in time for next weeks class if you have one. I am betting your right about it being fathers day weekend and the reason for no
  8. JR When possible could you send me week 3 video, I have found the video you sent me from week 2 was actually easier to follow and make good use of your techniques cause I can rewind kind of and go over your tech suggestions at my learning speed. I really appreciate your effort and time, Thanks, Keith
  9. I am waiting on the week 2 video when you have time, Thanks Keith
  10. JR, can we use the same link from last weekend or will we need a new one? Keith
  11. I would give LOR a phone call or email, that doesn't sound right. I just received 2 very large packages of wire frame's for xmas and the shipping for both was $95. Now of course the weight of mine was near nothing, just bulky, but I wouldn't think the tree's could weigh much. Keith
  12. Exactly, great class, even without my microphone working I still made more progress sequencing the singing trees with JR's class than I thought possible, Thank You my friend. Keith
  13. I am guessing now you know, but I think this confirms LOR is headed to the pixel/rgb way of lightning in a big way, this is the first mad grab sale that I recall the ctb16 residential controllers didn't sell out, usually within minutes. They still had them available at sales end. Keith
  14. JR, didn't get my email yet. Keith- I pm'd you my email, gonna do it again rt now
  15. Just received my LOR Mad grab sale email announcement, ya hoo. Starts Friday night. What are you aiming to get at this sale, I may get a spare controller, just need to count to see if I need another spare.
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