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  1. Would love a copy, Thanks for sharing in Advance. Roverm205@yahoo.com David
  2. I would love Joy to the world and o holy night please. Thanks David Roverm205@yahoo.com
  3. Would love a copy. Thanks in advance David Roverm205@yahoo.com
  4. I have seen many ideas for mounting smart and dumb RGB strips and Pixels. But never really anything on how or where to mount floods. I have seen tests of how they look at different distances, but never any discussions on how people mount them ie. under the roof over hang or just on the ground for best effect. Thanks for all your input David
  5. I would appreciate a copy as well Thank you in advance David Roverm205@yahoo.com
  6. Can I please have a copy of your Halloween sequences. This will be my first year and wanted to start with a small Halloween show. Thank you very much Roverm205@yahoo.com
  7. I Would love a copy of both. Thanks Roverm205@yahoo.com
  8. So after sometime and many changes to the set up I want. I am now thinking about using dumb RGB for part of my display would you think that would be to much for my first year. The thing that makes me nerves is sequencing. The set up and wiring I feel good comfortable with. I have been playing with LOR demo software but I'm struggling when it comes to the RGB part of things. So is it best to just to wait till next year?
  9. I would love a copy of all the sequences please. It would help me out. Thank you for your help Roverm205@yahoo.com
  10. Well thank you all for some great tips. I was planning to start out with 32 channels just give me more options. I have already downloaded the demo lor software and been trying to get my feet wet. And you guys aren't joking on the learning curve. And thats why I love you tube. As for where I live I'm located in Diamond Bar Ca. And you I am a Ham Radio guy. So I know a lot about expensive hobbies and rabbit hole. But this seems to be one my family can enjoy with me. Please keep the tips coming Thanks David. KF6DL
  11. So after seeing a Christmas display with my kids I'm hooked. Just seeing how much my kids enjoyed watching. Got me looking into how it all works and now I'm hooked. I love stuff like this so I Went to a couple of after Christmas sales and bought some led lights enough to do 8 mini trees and the roof line. But here comes the question for all the old timers. What advise would you give to someone starting out. Now I'm not asking for what controller or what lights to buy. But what is the best ways to run cables , things to stay away from or things that just have a high learning co$t. Sometimes the little tips and tricks help the most. Thanks for all your help David
  12. Mr Morris, It seems that you are the man to ask for the Frozen sequence. This year will be my first year doing anything like this and your sequence will be much help. Thanks David and the Kids roverm205@yahoo.com
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