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  1. Would love the singing faces for Light of Christmas, if you are still offering. Email address is: coachdove@hotmail.com
  2. Anyone have the singing light bulbs as a prop file? Would appreciate it. coachdove@hotmail.com
  3. If transactions above fail through, I would like to buy 15 of them immediately for my mega tree. I can send money via paypal today. Just let me know if you have any currently available and I can send payment.
  4. I am wanting to have a donation box this year for my display, where the proceeds will go to a local charity. Has anyone tried using a site like GoFundMe or similar site for visitors to make donations online? I have a radio station and use demented elf for voiceovers and was thinking I could have a voiceover between songs that mentions the website for donations. I figure it would be a safer and more secure way for people to donate without even getting out of their cars, and without anyone tampering with a money box. I also use a projector in my display on the garage, so I could flash the website on the projector during commercial breaks, as well. Any suggestions or comments?
  5. DevMike, I followed the steps in your post (uninstalled, used the registry wipe, restarted, then did a fresh install of version 4.3.14 and got this message after clicking on the Sequence Editor icon and go through the first time setup: "Error: Path/File access error On step: Install Demos" then this: "Light-O-Rama is not correctly installed" Can't even open the sequence editor or visualizer now... UPDATE: I can get it to open if I click on the "unpatched.exe" file, but not the regular exe.
  6. I did the last minute upgrade to Windows 10 and ever since then, I cannot save any sequences after editing them. My sequences load up fine and play in visualizer, but as soon as I make a change and try to save it give me this message: "Error saving file...do you want to try to save to another file name? Detail: invalid procedure call or argument" I tried to saving it under a different name, and to different locations (even another hard drive I have installed) and get the same message every time. This happens with ALL of my sequences. When I try to create a new sequence, it tells me it cannot create an audio analysis file. Do I need to do a reinstall of the LOR software? Any other suggestions? By the way, I am running LOR software version 4.0.28
  7. Got 3 controllers, some SPT-1 wire and plugs! *Happy Dance!*
  8. Last year, they went on sale at their cheapest prices in early to mid April (around $160 last year for the DIY ones that don't require soldering, just attaching power cords). If you sign up for their email newsletter, they will let you know a week before the Spring Sale begins. Happy hunting!
  9. Earle, you are the Yoda of spiral trees! I can only hope to one day have half the spiral tree skills you have. Would love to learn from you one day. Excellent work, as always!
  10. Great job on your display! You did a lot of cool stuff with 64 channels. A couple of questions: 1)Did you use PVC pipe for your driveway arches? If so, what size and how many sections? I ask because I tried using 3/4" PVC in 3-1-ft sections and kept busting couplings, so I switched to 1/2" but ended up needing a support in the middle of each arch or it would sag from the weight of the lights. 2)Is each driveway arch freestanding, or did you connect them together with support pieces? I had to run support pieces parallel to the driveway to connect the arches, then attach the one closest to the house to the garage using fishing line and stake the ones closest to sdiewalk to keep the wind from destroying them. 3) I love what you did with the incandescents on the house siding! How many channels did you use on that element?
  11. Would also love and appreciate a copy, Sarge. Big fan of your work! coachdove@hotmail.com
  12. I have a 20' spiral tree already up that has white incandescent spirals (8 channels, 2 strands per channel) and then one channel with 16 green LED 100ct strands, and one channel with 16 red INCANDESCENT strands. Here's the problem: I used my Kill A Watt tool and found that each red incand strand is pulling .32 AMPS. With 16 strands, that puts the total draw at 5.12 AMPS. I was pretty sure I read that each triac/channel on the Residential LOR boxes is rated for 3 AMPS. So, if the red channel on my tree is only for 10 seconds or less at a time, what are my chances of blowing a triac and losing the channel? Since it's a spiral tree, it would be a HUGE PAIN to crank everything down and replace with red LEDs. Any suggestions, that don't involve starting over with red LEDs?
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied! I finally got a link to the instructions from Darryl. My tree is up and finished. Right now the guy wires are still only at 5' from center, but I plan on moving them out, one by one, once I finish hooking everything else up. We had a lot of rain and wind the last couple nights, and the tree has been fine, so far. But I'm still going to move the guy wires out to 10'. Better to be safe than sorry, especially since the neighbor parks their car in the drive 10' away from my tree (Did I mention the tree is 20 feet?) I made sure to put one of the legs facing where he parks his car, so if it falls it won't go straight for his car. lol!
  14. I did end up Using rigid conduit instead of EMP., for both the pole and the stand legs. Heavier, but much sturdier especially with the rotating 3 star topper I have on it. I anchored the 4 guy wires at a 5' radius to level the pole out. This is the same distance my lights will be from the pole, as well. Was this the correct distance to anchor the guy wires?
  15. Thanks! Good save on the rigid conduit. There is no link available when I log on to the website. Even if I go to my invoice on their site. Tree is standing now, but do I just anchor the guy wires at the same distance as the pvc ring for my lights?
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