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  1. Just a quick question. Can I load the LOR software on 2 different pc's. Would like to work on one and leave the other hooked up for the show but not sure if I can use the same license on 2 different computers.
  2. That was it. Turned my AV to music instead of movie and it's all fixed. I am trying to use MP3 gain t level out some of my other songs. Since I do not see where I can save the adjustment in mp3gain, how does it work/save the new settings. And once adjusted, do I have to reset the media file on the sequence?
  3. I know to shut off my wifi once I am ready to run my show but are there any other settings to watch? Just set up my show and ready to run it but I have noticed that if I leave my laptop alone for hours, I lose link to my controllers and have to reboot to gain them back.
  4. If they are still available. I would love all of them. Thenextwave@sbcglobal.net
  5. I may need to do that as a few of my songs are a touch louder than others but this particular song is different. Muffled and extremely low . And again it sounds perfect via the laptop speakers. Does that sound like something mp3gain would fix?
  6. I am running into a wired problem I am running into. I have my pc set up to a AV receiver and speakers. I have 9 Halloween sequences. Problem is with 1 of the files. It is baffling to me but one song you can barely hear. All others are great but one. During playback on the pc speakers it sounds the same as the other 8 but not when I run it thru the receiver. I'm searching my head. Any ideas?
  7. Hello I have new question that seems fairly easy but not finding a reference online yet. For my roofline CCB's during game days and in between Halloween to Thanksgiving I wanted to run a constant light pattern. No music. So how do you create a non musical sequence?
  8. Nope. Guess not. . On a side note. Not sure what I did but I got the colors looking right. It's as if I had to fill in the effect twice. I don't know but it worked. I have changed the network speed to the lower (recommended) speed and everything is still working. Yahoo. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Okay. One step closer. I did not realize there were different versions of ctb16pc. But yes I see G3 which is what have is ELOR capable. Yeah. I did update the firmware and it does in deed work in ELOR mode. Now I did select I believe the second to the fastest speed. Not sure if that is too fast or needed. I may bring it down a notch. But. I noticed one problem. The colors I set in PE are not even close to what The lights are producing. I know I am controlling the ccb's now as I made adjustment in color in PE and the bulbs are changing with my sequance but over all they are extremely off in color. Looks more like Easter colors Rather than Halloween. Color output works fine in SS sequences. Maybe one of these days I will run out of questions. . But guess not today. Any idea why my colors are so far off?
  10. So I change my network to ELOR in the network config/preference program. In doing so it gave me a warning that not all controllers accommodate ELOR and it instructed to go to to LOR online to check which models do and do not. I did and sur enough, the ctb16pc does not. I was going to look for a firmware update but I purchased it just last year. And since the site said it was not an option I did not try to update it. So with the network in ELOR. Sur enough, none of my controllers worked. I am assuming my ccb's did not because they were still plugged into the ctb16pc daisy chained. Would love to be wrong on this because I would prefer to not have 2 run a second network at least this year.
  11. So it appears I need an additional dongle for an additional network. And my sequences would all have to be changed. What a mess. I will be looking at xlights to see what that offers.
  12. Ugh. Not good. Yeah I guess I could just use Superstar but dang. I like the effects I created in PE. Plus I paid for the dang software at the same time I ordered the ctb16pc. Have not attempted xlights. So as my frustration cools off, how do I run 2 networks. Will that require much alteration to my existing set up?
  13. Omg. It appears my other controler ctb16pc does not support ELOR. Is there a work around this or is PE basically something I can't even use. Ugh. This is such a mine field.
  14. Okay. For the most part all is good. I can play back on my ccb's any sequence created in SE directly or sequance created in SuperStar and added to a SE sequence. Hopefully my last snag I am running into is that rgb sequences created in PE do not control my ccb's. I have followed the instructions. Create the SE sequence for none rgb lights. Save. Open in PE. Add the effects to the rgb channels. Flag it to control lights. Save. then save intensity data. i am able to see the effect in the PE visualizer again not in real life When I play it back in SE it only lights my AC lights. Ccb are dead. Any suggestions? Should this actually be asked on the pixel Editor forum? Thanks again.
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