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  1. JeffF

    When do you just stop...

    Thought I'd update this thread with a bit of good news... for 2018 I'm going to do a display for a buddy of mine at his local business(Robot City Games in Binghamton, NY). He has two huge front display windows(approximately 8'x20' each) and a huge front facade that I can attach items to or hang items off. There is also a flat roof above this that we may or may not try to get some 10' trees going on. The best part is there is a large municipal parking lot right across the street so traffic shouldn't be an issue! Finally... FINALLY!!! I've helped this friend in the past with his arcade and front display lighting(we have ~50 10w RGB floods all over the place inside) and we actually work well together. Keeping my fingers crossed this will work out well(for both of us)! Just look at this blank slate... can't wait to get things designed!
  2. JeffF

    Got all of my stuff down

    I'm maybe about 2/3 of the way down. The big items are left but they all have superstrands that need to be balled up so I'd like it to be at least 35F and sunny when I do them... makes them wind up easier.
  3. JeffF

    Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    I have been dreaming of a backyard walkthrough display... so many possibilities! You can do WAY more than a public display! We are stopping our front yard display after this year and I was supposed to take 2018 off but... who knows... maybe our backyard will be bright next year. Good luck with the new knee!
  4. JeffF

    When do you just stop...

    Heh, had a Sheriff honk at me today while I was shoveling snow. He stopped to say how much he and his family liked the display, they've been coming for years and he thanked me for doing it. When I told him I was calling it quits and then explained how crazy/stupid the traffic has been he totally agreed. LOL. He said he's come by a few times this year and couldn't believe how idiotic people were being. The whole situation sucks, I know... but I was glad someone else saw the same thing I've been seeing and can understand. With him being a Sheriff I'm sure he's also noticed this "idiocracy" in his day job. Thanks for the link. I always wondered "who" Trista Lights was. Can't believe Christmas light party buses are a thing... how stupid...
  5. JeffF

    When do you just stop...

    I definitely don't mind the setup and tear down. This year I enjoyed it more than ever... it was a bit more difficult than years past but just seeing everything once it's together is very gratifying. I would definitely like to continue to do something, somewhere. I have a friend who owns a business and I'm wracking my brain to figure out how to decorate his building. Traffic shouldn't be an issue there but the display would have to be unique since he doesn't have any "yard". And no offense meant by the "job" comment... if folks want to dedicate their free time to managing traffic more power to them! That's just not something I find appealing. I spend enough time replacing my incandescent bulbs so I couldn't imagine having to be outside 3 or 4 hours a night too!
  6. JeffF

    When do you just stop...

    I understand what you are saying but personally I feel I donate enough of my time over the 3 month lighting season(from start to finish). If I have to babysit people outside every night then yep, I'm out. Which that is the point I think we are at unfortunately. You folks that have massive traffic flow plans and volunteers to implement these plans are way, WAY more dedicated than me. I can see maybe doing this sort of thing if I were retired and didn't have a day job but I just can't be out there all the time. Not only "can't" but I don't *want* to be either. The fun part of the hobby for me is actually watching our lights. I love grabbing a few beers and sitting in my truck watching the lights and watching people watch our lights. Kids and old people are my favorite because their faces light up the same. Oh well... I can tell my mind is made up to end our lights just how I'm typing here. It seems my mind is at ease with the thought so I'm 99% sure I've answered my own question on whether or not it's time. It's been a GREAT hobby for sure and I've met some GREAT people here so thanks LOR!
  7. Lately I've just not been feeling the lights like I used to. It's probably just me but flat out, I think people are more dumb, more rude, and just overall more ungrateful now. We don't have a great location for a display but people have helped us make it work in the past. Not stopping in the middle of the road and turning their lights off is a great start but also being courteous to the constant flow of people pulling into and out of our driveway(which we encourage whole heatedly) has been a royal PIA this year. Not sure but we think our location has been shared a bunch of places even though we beg and plead with people not to do that(again, due to the not great location). It's kind of a running joke how we beg to not be popular but it's worked for us in the past so we've stuck with it. Not this year though. Right from the beginning we could tell new people were visiting the display. The amount of people stopping in the road with lights off... pulling ACROSS our driveway instead of into it(even though we have announcements and two banners telling people we love them in our driveway!)... the amount of people who park in the driveway for up to 10 minutes at a time WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF... the people coming up to our door to ask when the lights will be turned on(even though the website and banners and sometimes the 4'x16' RGB display all say the hours)... it's been a little much this year to say the least. The final straw tonight was I was trying to visit with some friends out in the driveway and I put a few songs on for them. They loved the lights and we were talking during the lights and during the darkness between lights. People started parking in the road again... parking right behind us with headlights on(mind you, this is when there are no songs playing so there are no display lights on)... etc. Not really digging all this activity I put our "Sorry, no lights tonight..." sequence on which shows on our 4'x16' RGB display. Well because there were two cars in the driveway(me and my friends) people were still stopping. We got honked at to pull forward(again, while "Sorry, no lights tonight..." is streaming across that huge display on our house). Then we actually had someone get out of their van and say "Ummmm, can you please pull forward... I have a van full of children..."(again, "Sorry, no lights tonight..." is lighting in all it's glory). This last one made me blurt out to my friends who were shocked at all the people stopping... "Yeah, and I have a few children in my house here, so "fudging" what?". This is our 10th and probably last year I fear. Our location just can't support what people have turned into. Early on in my lighting career I learned that TV news stories were horrible for us here but that was easy to put an end to. Now the problem we are currently having I can't see a way out off. People are only getting worse and I fear what they'll be like in another couple years. I posted tonight on the website that we will probably be ending the lights here for good and that in 2018 we will definitely be taking a break. I'd love to find a public location that can support an endless line of cars but I doubt that will happen... Ugh...
  8. JeffF

    Being original.

    I'm in my 10th year and I've written two sequences myself and hated it. LOL. I am totally with you on what you wrote! I am so thankful Richard Holdman shared ALL of his sequences the first three or four years he did his lights at his old house. He was also cool enough to make tutorial videos on various parts of his display. Between these two things, I felt confident enough to plan my display over the entire 2008 off-season. When the lights lit for the first time I was floored! Without that sharing that went on, I doubt I would have jumped into this hobby. I am very, VERY thankful to everyone who has shared over the years. I am not artistic enough to sequence from a blank page. I have re-written almost entire sequences but to start from nothing? I just can't do it. What's more is I try to capture other people's displays in ours. I love some of the displays I've seen over the years and it's awesome to capture a little touch of them. Whether it be with a lighting effect, or using an actual song... I totally know who I'm "copying" and it brings a smile to my face. Nobody, I mean nobody that watches our display knows where I've borrowed things from. And I doubt they'd care either since we have almost no animated displays around us. People just like to watch dancing Christmas lights and that's what I like too so I do this crazy display. All thanks to people sharing. So thank you sharers. You make it possible for us non-creative folks to appear creative.
  9. JeffF

    Santa Claus Lane Videos

    Wow, so awesome!
  10. JeffF

    2017 MaineLights.org Videos

    Thanks. It's a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. The camera is the 2.7k version as opposed to the 4k upgrade. I kept my eye out on eBay for refurbished ones and picked ours up for ~$300. Great drone... I can't say enough good things about it.
  11. Here's a Youtube playlist of the songs I've video'd so far this year. I bought a drone last year with the intent of using it for this purpose and wow... it sure is a different perspective! LOL. The stats on the display can be found on our page, http://www.MaineLights.org . Happy Holidays LOR Family, Jeff
  12. I had this a couple years and it was traced down to my communication lines running too close and parallel with channel cords. All I had to do was make sure they were separated and when the do cross power lines I cross at 90 degrees. Good luck.
  13. JeffF

    "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    I has been very windy around here too. Face burn has been had on more than one day for sure. Final push was this week since I took it off of work and after four 10-12 hour days I am finally *almost* done. Just have the spiral tree to populate(frame is already setup) and then the strobes. I always shoot for December 1st but I also always try to have enough done to give the family a show Thanksgiving night.
  14. JeffF

    "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Ugh... I'd say I'm about 35%-40% setup so far. Time is just flying this year!
  15. JeffF

    Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    Put our 16x50 RGB display up yesterday with the daughter since it acts as a simple Halloween decoration. Today I'm going to start getting stuff out of the Christmas Shed. Wire frames and mini-trees get left out for a bit so rain can wash off any cobwebs and mouse "stuff". Then I'll grab the megastrand tubs so I can start replacing burned out lights(yep, still mostly incandescent here). Will probably put the roof lights up today since it's nice out and there's a possibility of my work not cooperating with my regular display setup schedule(as in all of November).