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  1. Love your show! Thanks for sharing.
  2. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Only have the megatree and pixel grid to take down. The megatree is scheduled to be de-lighted tonight and then taken down this weekend. Slowest take down we've ever done but it's been nice not rushing. This will be our new way to take down the display. ?
  3. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Made good progress yesterday and today. It's been a little cold out, 8F in this AM and a whopping 20F around noon, but I actually don't mind that. Just makes the coffee taste all the better. Only have the mega and mini-mega left to take down... and the wiring for those has already been removed so it's basically just balling superstrands.
  4. Spiral Trees are back this year

    Great job again this year Earle!
  5. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Spent 7 hours on Sunday and 6 hours on Monday tearing down the yard and it's about 70-75% done. House is still untouched. Probably another 20 or so hours to finish.
  6. Do you happen to know a Sean Dibble? He's a friend of mine that works in a local arcade that I help out at. Just curious.
  7. BTW, I am not talented enough to sequence in a way I'm happy with. Almost all our sequences start off as someone elses and then I modify them. Sometimes it's cut and paste sometimes it's much more. I give major props(and thanks!) to all the talented folks out there.
  8. Thanks again for the compliments. Yeah, snow is 100% real! Except for the layer of ice on top... that's ice. Is Dibble your last name by chance?
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys! Here's one more...
  10. My newest addition to my show

    Hah... usually not a song I would like, but you did a great job with it! I actually found myself smiling while watching! Nice display too!
  11. Perfect answer! And the display looks awesome! NIce job!
  12. A warning has been issued against watching this video to those that like soft fades... using only a fraction of the lights in their yards... or those that don't like blinky-flashy. This was a song we wanted to do for a couple years now and at the last minute I bought the sequence fro WowLights for $29.99 and made it "fit" our display. It's my kids, my wife, mine, and a bunch of our friends favorite this year so I figured what the heck, I'll post it here. The video was taken last night during a snow and freezing rain spell. It was a last second idea so it's just me holding my LG G4 and then me overdubbing the music via Windows Movie Maker. Nothing fancy but it gets the gist of our 2016 display across. We do have a bunch of "nice" sequences but this is the only real video I've taken this year so it'll have to do for now. There are tons of pictures and a few other videos if anybody is interested in seeing more of our hybrid incan-LED-RGB-pixel-ish display here... https://goo.gl/photos/JGjaQYBh6YyoR4QMA And here... https://youtu.be/v4fnPTqZZtI Happy New Year!
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Lighting

    Merry Christmas to all you LOR people!