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  1. Hi, what do you mean about "normal lights" Do you have some link? ...and can i use CMB16 togheter with CTB16?
  2. I live in Italy and i can t find a vendor that have a outdoor light without transformer so i don t have dimmer effect. There are not led light without controller, full wave,220v anche with extension cord. From US the cost of shipments is expensive and also festive light is expensive
  3. Hi, Christimas it's ended but i m not happy with your light beacuse it s all with rusty metal trace :-( So i don t know which led buy next year, because festive light in uk it s very expansive and i can t find other light with 220v and full wave :-( You don't buy china light! Do you have some suggestion for next year?
  4. Help :-) . The mayor of my town asked me to do a show for a famous event in Italy. A big international cycling event http://www.gazzetta.it/Giroditalia/2016/en/ The place is: http://www.laroccanoale.it/?page_id=440〈=enin a side of the wall on this monument "Rocca" Do you have some idea for me? :-)
  5. :-) Great!! It worked very fine with the 40 children! https://youtu.be/6X_r_dloqN4 Next year i ll buy the second controller
  6. Hi all!!!! Yestarday i turn on the lights. Tomorrow night i have the first show with 40 child 5 years old :-) This is my firs test... https://youtu.be/EVetah1KqT4 only 15 channel (1 it s broken i used DYI ) Thank you to all for support in this year!!!!!! Michele from Venice Italy
  7. Hi, i want to try to show a sant claus video in the window with my new mini projector Do you have some video with santa claus?
  8. Hi, do you have some idea for to fix the light outside in the outdoor wall without Drilling Holes? Michele
  9. Hi, i have again the problem with channel 2 and 9. I saw that on the u4 i have 0 volt on the pin 12. The pin 12 maybe is the out for the channel 2. I checked on other pin and i have 5v when the channel is on? Maybe is the firmware problem? Or the u4 does not working fine? i checked and reflow the solder on the 28 pin processor chip do you have other suggest that i can test with multimeter?
  10. i have 2 channel that does not working (channel 2 and channel 9). I have the kit CTB16D Blue - triac and moc working fine i tried to: - connect incandescent light - connect other led light - reset board - add a c7 for a trick without success i have always 0 volt on channel 2 and channel 9. I changed the moc but the problem remains I saw that there are always 0 volt from pin 6 U10 and neutral in this 2 channels. In the other channels i have the tension when the channel is on I also review the solders...and read all troubleshooting file I need other help for check the board with the tester (multimeter) i saw that on the u4 i have 0 volt on the pin 12. The pin 12 maybe is the out for the channel 2. I checked on other pin and i have 5v when the channel is on? Maybe is the firmware problem? Or the u4 does not working fine? Have you any idea?
  11. I found the iron, i don t know the translation, "iron cooked" 5mm. It' s very good. you can fold with your hands and is very durable For connect this i ll use rivets or other small wire Then for other figures i tried with plywood 4mm (painting impregnating) and the result it's very good. I tried the correx plastic (2.5mm) but it's very weak The corrugated plastic 10mm it's very expensive
  12. Hi, with 220V and waterproof i found : http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-New-220V-98-4FT-30M-300LED-Steady-ON-Pure-Warm-White-MultiColor-String-Lights/403176_32230776527.html But i don t know if it s have the controller. I bought from this vendor other led light (not waterproof) and they have a controller with 8 effect (i resolved creating a bridge on the transistor) So...I continue to look for solutions ....seems impossible
  13. :-( All vendor can't send to Europe and for to use led light with 110v on 220v i need to know the circuit diagram. I'm looking for on aliexpress and alibaba but the quality is very poor and they want a minimal order 100 pieces...and there are many taxes
  14. Hi, i m searching a place where i can to buy again. I found festive lights in uk but missed red, green, yellow colour and not is cheap I find some led light on alibaba but the quility not is good and not is waterproof
  15. Hi, thank you too! I solved the problem, it was the R2 network resistor that it wasn t on the right orientation :-/ Thank you again for your time Michele​​​​​​
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