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  1. Anyone willing to comment on my previous post? I hope so.
  2. Thank you all for the info. I live in Martensville Sk which is just out of Saskatoon. Now I've heard many people refer to this as an obsession and I'm vary capable of understanding that! I'm now wanting to purchase not only the standard residential controllers but also an RGB controller. (I like to have all the bells and whistles on my workbench even if I don't get it all ready to go for 2015). So with that being said can someone comment on the parts and pieces required to get into the RGB devices? I need to know everything from recommended controllers to power supplies, and where to purchase from. What do I need to start? As well I see lots of talk about Ray Wu's store. Is this the place to go for RGB ribbons, modules, pixel bulbs etc? Let me have it! I'm ready to go all in and the anticipation is killing me!!
  3. Hi all, I'm very excited to be a part of the newbie group! The information and feedback I've read is awesome. My question is, since I'm planning on purchasing a minimum of 2-16 channel controllers, advanced software and either the mini director or the ShowTime central package what have all of you experienced with the above? The DIY yourself controllers require some soldering which I'm not concerned about. The card assembled package only requires installation of the channel cables. In the description for this unit it says it doesn't have all the bells no whistles. What do they mean by that? And the ready to go units are self explanatory. How effective is the FM transmitter that is included in the ShowTime Central unit? Have you experienced any issues? Am I better off purchasing the miniDirector unit and getting a different FM transmitter? If so do you have any recommendations? For all of you who have purchased any or all of the above please let me know what you think? Would you add/change/modify anything. Please keep in mind this will be my first purchase so any advice even if it has nothing to do with the above would be appreciated. One last thing......I'm from Saskatchewan Canada. How do the LOR units stand up to very cold winter? Thank you in advance for any feedback given.
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