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  1. Not trying to dumb it down too much, but the "typical setups" http://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/ really shed a lot of light for me on how to potentially build out different solutions.
  2. I'm still learning, and haven't spent significant time playing yet; but why not make multiple groups and use which ever one is convenient for what you are doing? If you want to do a chase in red use Small tree Red group Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 In green... Small tree Green Group Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 Full on... Small tree full on group Tree 1 All 3 Tree 2 All 3 Tree 3 All 3 Or whatever your looking for? I can see for 3 elements this being kind of over kill, but if 3 turns to 8 or 16 I think having multiple options for sequencing events would be the way to go. Just my thoughts.
  3. I so would have thought it was more than 16 channels, great use of what you had available!
  4. Gotcha arw01 -- Black friday for LOR goodies!
  5. Ok, thanks folks, I appreciate the incite. And LOL @ "in the spring".
  6. So I know there seems to be a spring sale, and a summer sale. I found general timing's for the summer sale, but for the life of me I cannot find anything saying when the spring sale normally is? I apologize, as I know that hidden in some post I've overlooked someone has mentioned it. So, when is the spring sale normally?
  7. Bassun


    Hi Michele --- I am a noob so take my answers and then research, but the full wave he is referring to is "full wave" vs "half wave" or 120 refreshes per second vs only 60. All LED lights actually flip on and off at a very high rate of speed. Half wave, do this at 60 Hertz, which can be noticed as a flicker. "Full Wave", as Jtomason suggested, have a frequency of 120 Hertz, and do not appear to flicker, and also dim properly. As for with or without effect, I think that becomes opinion. I personally would prefer without so that I have the most control using the sequencer. Sure I may give up on chasing lights within one singular strand, but given we are directing an entire show I would rather give up a simple "chase" for a more controled and defined pattern. RGB LED's flexible light strip is simply a strip of LED's in which you can control the color, usually via an assocaited controller. There are options with LOR to control RGB lights, but they are not your "standard" 16 channel controllers for example. LED rope light, is a differnt style of LED's. Instead of having sockets like a standard string of lights, these have lights within the string itself. Here is an example of a rope light: http://www.amazon.com/Spacing-Christmas-Lighting-outdoor-lighting/dp/B001G7HS6U/ref=lp_15704861_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1419838497&sr=1-4 and here is an example of an RGB LED Strip, which also have the leds within the strip vs using "sockets". http://www.amazon.com/32-8Ft-600LEDs-Water-resistant-Flexible-Lighting/dp/B00JYVEQ42/ref=sr_1_6?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1419838628&sr=1-6&keywords=led+rgb+strip Usually the LED strips come with self adhesive tape on the back. They can be bought for simple indoor use, or with waterproof (ip67) ratings. I use them personally on my boat and trailer. Hopefully I pointed you in the right direction.
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