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  1. I'm not planning a pixel tree just around rooflines and windows and so on. Im scared I'm taking on too much
  2. After doing some research I think I wanna go smart RGBs but with all the different numbers and products on Rays site I'm having a hard time knowing which products are which. I want something like a c9 for my roof and minis for the rest. I have 2 huge trees in my front yard that might be an issue unless I have them dropped. Is there any good floods that are RGB for trees or something? Also has anyone ever used an arch also as a marty fan??
  3. Is RBG CCR to complex for a beginner? Is RBG CCR to complex for a beginner?
  4. Thanks dgrant! Merry Christmas
  5. Will this enclosure fit the 24 channel board for RGB?
  6. Awesome. Thank you! Would you know where to get an enclosure for the LOR boards? I'm shocked they dont sell them!
  7. I'm not wanting to do RGB Strips. I'm wanting to do the strands. Are custom length strands a possibility? Where is the best place to get an enclosure and power supply? Do you order the RGBs from Ray or elsewhere??
  8. Is that a yes to all the questions i asked??
  9. I'm wanting to do a RBG "dumb" outline. Just with the bulbs and minis not the tape. I'm gonna have LOR to run it. Can someone point me to the direction of building the controllers. They sell the 24 channel which i need 2 of them, but how do you mount them and get a power supply amd enclosure?? Thx.
  10. This has been a good start as far as info for me goes. I'm just looking to start to outline in "dumb" RBGs. Bulbs and minis no tape. Every different strand requires 3 channels correct? Example= 8 strands is a 24 channel board. LOR sells the bulbs 2 strands with the controller. Can i just buy the strands and boards separately so I can have More then 2 strands on a single controller? Is there a way to make custom length strands of rbgs??
  11. Thank You crazydave.. I honestly thought you could custom cut the lengths of the LEDS. I will download the program and toy woth it.
  12. I'm wanting to purchase a few of these. is there a brand of of these 50w you suggest??
  13. Thank you all so much. What do you all suggest as a starter kit? I think I will go with 2 or 3 controllers for my set up. Ive got the ideas of how I want to decorate. I'm no electrician so trying to figure out and understand channels is what's new to me.
  14. I'm wanting to develop a show for 2015. I have tons of lights but am considering purchasing new LEDS and make custom length strands. I want to include some arches and was curious if I have 3 arches do they all need separate 8channel controllers or can I use 1 controller on all 3?
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