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  1. purchase the ready to go from the store which is easy .
  2. Advanced license or Pro software is also needed.
  3. 2015 was my first year with a light display set to music, which had a pixel tree without the star and 32 light o rama channels for house, yard. the video can be seen here a good friend did the video work for me and also made a facebook page thank you Mathew Moore and Light O Rama and Also Team Holiday Thank you for all you do and for the help that I needed to make this work .People here in Greenwood Ms could not believe what there were seeing
  4. this is the best movie by far ,Love it would like a copy please bostonpros@Hotmail.com and thank you sir
  5. would love a copy also if you are still sharing bostonpros@Hotmail.com Merry Christmas to you
  6. I have Pixcon 16 with no issues no blinking lights with this card and have ws2811 pixels
  7. I purchased the CZE-7C it said it has 7 to 1 watt, I tested it on high and can hear about a mile ,not great sound at one mile but 3 blocks away from house it works great and not having outdoor antenna.
  8. did notice the same while sequence was playing hard to see it but for sure it was there. the only thing that works correctly is the test patterns with the alpha pix.
  9. I hope you all well with your displays and myself this year at I'm new to all of this .so much to learn , and I also hope holiday coro has a fix for the alpha pix controller
  10. this is what I was trying to ask in my first post changing speed of the Network!!!!! but was shot down ...
  11. I also purchased the pix con controller I will have to wait to test.
  12. Just wondering has anyone tried the light o rama Pix con pixel controller to see if blinking lights are present
  13. Just Sent email to them . I have notice I get random Blinking before during and after the sequence, during is hard to see it but I think it is there.
  14. Same thing here with alpha pix 16 SE loaded with control panel running blink random node strings thru all 12 universes I have all nights off at end checked if I only have control panel running no light blinks only when SE is running, pc and network switch seem fine turned firewall off , Norton 360 off still lights blink. sequences from Light O Rama Store and pixel sequence from Holiday Sequence. I seen a post the person said he changed the speed of his network is this a option for the alpha pix 16 or does David from Holiday Coro need to be contacted
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