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  1. I require counselling in regards to my Christmas light addiction. HVACR
  2. Each Pixel uses .6 watts or 50ma @ 12Vdc. 100 pixel's would be 5amps or 60 watts. Use a rule of thumb. I always oversize the power supply a little as to not risk overloading power supplies. HVACR
  3. Ray Wu has RGB lights with C9 fake covers. I have some but they failed to make it into my display this year. This would be the cheapest way to go. He has lots of choices. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799/search?origin=y&SearchText=C9 HVACR
  4. I would like to have a copy please. Thank You. HVACR taco6513@yahoo.com
  5. My local ACE Hardware has 2 15ft cords for 9.99 . I have about 4500 ft of cords. My setup changes a little every year so my cord needs change a little every year. I looked at the vampire plugs this seem to be the better way for me. HVACR
  6. I have the "Advanced" licence. The information that I am reading the current licence I have will not do what I currently need. I am confused with the terms S4 and superstar. I want to program pixels. What do I need to upgrade to? Thanks HVACR
  7. There are 800 pixels on this prop. Only 2 or 3 stay red.The Power supply is also running a large amount of dumb RGB stuff. The Pixels are in the middle of the string of 100 if that helps. HVACR
  8. I have 2 or 3 pixels that stay red when the show is off. Are these pixels dead? They stay on when power is applied with no network. Just cut'em out and replace them? HVACR
  9. I roll my cords on a large water hose spool. I get about 800 ft of 15ft cords on a spool. I have 5 spools full this year. HVACR
  10. Another show comes to an end. It is sad the lights are no longer running. I had more people watching this year than any other. I think that was a successful show. Get to take it all down for storage. Going to start repairs and working on next year ASAP. Have a great new year!!! HVACR
  11. Pleasant people will be praised and obnoxious people will be tazed. Crowd control Texas style.
  12. Ray Wu. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Christmas-lights/701799_503839510.html The more you order the cheaper the freight.
  13. Soon you will master the force and become a Christmas lighting Master! Look Great! It is an addiction. HVACR
  14. Same frequency, same network speed, Line of sight....... Both are getting power? Mine failed to power up on the RS485 to computer had to power from another source. You went back and checked that both units took changes?
  15. My have a bad RJ45 jack. I had one this year. Take 12 out and bypass also may be bad jack in 13.
  16. WOW Lights has sequences that have a CCP tree sequence included with the deluxe. Just run the CCP as a sub-sequence. Lots of channels to expand to next year..
  17. I have logistics question. How are you networking this show? Crossing property lines and city streets. Just curious. Thanks.
  18. Flashing means it doesn't see a network. Should go solid when it is connected. Try the other RJ45 port. I had a bad one this year.
  19. I put the spoof "Let it Flow" in my show this year. Used the same sequence to "let it go" just changed the MP3.
  20. My first 2 shows were standard M5 led type lights. My daughter wanted different color lights around windows of the houses. Could not see doing with M5's in different colors with dunb RGB available. I added a total of 4 CMB24D controllers to my set up. Already had 4 16 channel AC controllers running M5 lights. This year I added a Pixie 8, 4 more CMB24D, and 2 more 16 channel controllers. What to do next year? Thinking of replacing some of the M5 type lights and re-purposing the 2 16 channel controllers to simple mega trees. Then add many more CMB24D controllers or add more PIXIE controllers. I have spent some time watching "Pixel Editor" videos on YouTube. I like how the program can build the show with a light template/drawing lay out of the show area. I guess my question is should I lean more into Pixels or are dumb RGB still ok to keep adding at this point?
  21. Conduct a test. Remove the 4 pixies to a different network for temporary testing and run the 13 controllers. See if the problem is still there.
  22. This rules out controllers and cable. What is different about these sequences? (patterns ect). That is a little weird. If you have more lights running during these sequences could be giving communication troubles if your cat 5 is running parallel to power wiring. Are the lights sticking on during the sequence or at the end or both?
  23. The manual says it has a real time clock on board just like your desk top. Also has a 10 year backup battery to hold time.
  24. or sinc with your computer's clock. That is how I set mine.
  25. Just have two words "Shielded Cable"
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